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  1. When you look at Dugtrio's most common allies, namely Espeon, Serperior, Zapdos, Rotom-W and Moltres, it's quite clear that these teams rely heavily on being able to keep Rocks off the field, so Dugtrio can keep its sash. However, this comes at a cost and leaves Dugtrio opens to several threats: Zapdos is a nightmare for Dugtrio teams. The only Volt Switch blockers are Dugtrio itself and Shedinja that Zapdos do not fear at all, so Zapdos is free momentum. Also, Pressure is a huge problem for Defogers like Serperior that will lose the pp war long term. Weezing Tspikes + Toxic is extremely annoying for Dugtrio cores since all the potential defogers will fail to do their job vs Weezing, so only the Dugtrio teams with a Gengar will stand a chance. Volcarona Quiver Dance + WoW should be able to beat the vast majority of these mons and Dugtrio itself as well. Serperior Hp Rock is big menace since the specific checks and counters used by Dugtrio teams are all weak to Hp Rock (Volcarona, Zapdos, Moltres, etc.) Sub+CM Chandelure can also do a lot of dmg vs these teams since Sub allows Chandelure to break Dugtrio's Sash while its ghost typing makes it immune to trapping. Toxic mons like Suicune CM/Scald/Rest/Toxic or Gliscor Sub/Protect/Earthquake/Toxic can really wear down Dugtrio's teams and back them in a corner. Crippling with Trick, abusing Future Sight, etc. Teams that are built properly should with an acceptable degree of prediction/effort be capable of damaging the defensive core of Dugtrio teams. However, that's no longer enough because even if Porygon, Umbreon or other walls get damaged significantly, sweepers like Gyarados or Dnite will not be able to set up freely vs Dugtrio like they were able to in the past. Endeavor is a game changer in that regard and makes the match ups vs Dugtrio significantly more difficult.
  2. That's my issue with people that want Arena Trap banned so bad that they are willing to lie just to get their way. How is Trapinch supposed to trap and delete Kabutops? Kabutops OHKO Trapinch with Waterfall and even CB Kabutops can 2hko Trapinch with Stone Edge. 81% of the Kabutops played in OU are Life Orb anyway. Riddiculous. How is Trapinch supposed to trap and delete Empoleon? 3% of Empoleon are played with Shuca Berry 3% of Empoleon are played with Shed Shell A decent portion of Empoleon carry defensive bulk to live EQ from Trapinch All Empoleon carry water coverage that can potentially OHKO Trapinch (depending on the set) or burn it How is Trapinch supposed to trap and delete Infernape? Only 19% of Infernapes are locked with either Scarf or CB. And even if Infernape was locked, Trapinch would need switch in support in order to come on the field after Infernape has already made a move. And we're also talking about a mon with access to u-turn anyways... How is Trapinch supposed to trap and delete Torkoal? Torkoal naturally outspeeds Trapinch, can tank all its attacks and will either OHKO it with Overheat or 2HKO it with Lava Plume. How is Trapinch supposed to trap and delete Tyranitar? That's probably the best match up for Trapinch and even that is not free since Ttar still hits very hard, so Trapinch needs switch in support in order to do its job. How is Trapinch supposed to trap and delete Lucario? It just doesn't. Close Combat will OHKO Trapinch and that's pretty much it. How is Trapinch supposed to trap and delete Weavile? I guess if Weavile is locked and has already made a kill with Pursuit/Ice Shard/Night Slash, in that case yes Trapinch will delete Weavile, but that mean you had to lose a mon... How is Trapinch supposed to trap and delete Magnezone? That's definetly Trapinch best match up since Magnezone is not allowed to click anything other than Flash Cannon as long as Trapinch is alive. I'll give you this one. However, it's still not even close to the same degree as Dugtrio that can switch into Magnezone regardless of Flash Cannon or not. How is Trapinch supposed to trap and delete Excadrill? It for sure doesn't switch into Excadrill, so it would need switch in support once again. However, most Excadrill are used as Suicide Leads that place Rocks and die. Trapinch doesn't really prevent Excadrill from doing its job, so even though it might delete Excadrill, it would delete it at a terrible cost. How is Trapinch supposed to trap and delete Darmanitan? Darmanitan only uses two moves, Flareblizt and U-turn. Flareblizt OHKO Trapinch, U-Turn means Trapinch can't trap Darmanitan. If for some reason, a locked Darmanitan decides to lock itself into another move, in that case Trapinch will indeed be able to delete it. Most Darmanitan never use these moves tho. How is Trapinch supposed to trap and delete Volcarona? There are a lot of Volcarona sets to go through. If an offensive Volcarona does Quiver Dance, Trapinch will get OHKO by Bug Buzz, Giga Drain, Hidden Power Ice (a boosting item might be necessary), Flamethrower, etc. All offensive Volcarona carry at least one of these moves. Choice Spec Volcarona is an even worse match up since it doesn't need to set up in order to OHKO Trapinch, but on top of that it can also simply U-Turn and not get trapped. And pretty much all of the moves palyed on a Spec Volcarona should be able to KO Trapinch with the exception of Fiery Dance (if no boost) and Overheat if Volcarona already killed a pokemon. There is also Bold Volcarona. That's probably the only Volcarona agaisnt which Trapinch can accomplish something. Unfortunetly, switch in support is still required if Trapinch wants to delete Volcarona on top of the fact that Trapinch will have to rely on a low accuracy Stone Edge and in some cases will also have to dodge a wil-o-wisp. Overall, Trapinch is absolute garbage. It doesn't have any favorable match up against any of the listed mons, except perhaps Magnezone and to some degree Ttar. Like I said many times, Magnezone and Ttar are not healthy pokemon as trappers themselves, so if Trapinch can somewhat be pseudo viable vs them and tbh only them, that's a positive not a negative. Please guys. It's easy to make a case that Dugtrio is banworthy, especially with its current tools. However, when you start making a case about AT Trapinch being viable in any way in OU, you lose all credibility and it's shameful how low some of you might go just to get your way. @VadimEmpoleon I know I am being harshed, but I mean no offense to you personally. I just hate these types of post that pollute this thread and many others. Edit: I personally disagree with this. If something is bad as in unviable, that implies to me that thing is irrelevant to the competitive scene and therefore can't be uncompetitive. If something is bad, you don't prepare for it because by default most teams will win against w.e that unviable thing may be. However, that unviable thing could have a good match up vs some key mons and that's just match up fishing. You can match up fishing with anything really. Bringing a Trick Room team vs a Rain Team, that's pure match up fishing. Arena Trap mons can match up fish vs certain match ups, but that's no different than any other kind of match up fishing. Match up fishing could be deemed uncompetitive, but that's not something specific to Arena Trap.
  3. Trapping is not problematic if you can't do anything to the mon you just trapped. Trapinch and Diglett are harmless in OU. There is nothing uncompetitive about them.
  4. AT is not relevant in NU and, even if it was relevant in NU, it would still have no impact on whether or not AT should be banned or not in OU.
  5. Wobbuffet was not broken, it was Untiered actually.
  6. Wobbuffet was unbanned in February 2019 once team preview was implemented: Wobbuffet moved down to UU in April 2019: Wobbuffet moved down to NU in July 2019: I can't find the exact timing Wobbuffet gained Tickle, but it was around August 2019: Wobbuffet went from NU to OU in December 2019: Wobbuffet was banned in May 2020: It's very evident that Tickle was the main reason why Wobbuffet went from Untiered to Uber. I was TC at the time, I voted to ban Wobbuffet and, if it wasn't for Tickle, no one in TC would have ever voted to ban Wobbuffet: The decision to nerf Shadow Tag instead of just removing Tickle from Wobbuffet was imo completly overkill. As disgusting as Wobbuffet may be, it would be very useful in our meta in order to punish the following cancer mons and cancer strats: Gallade Chansey Wish Passing to heal an entire team Amoongus and potential Slowbro abusing Future Sight + Teleport or simply Spore at almost no cost because of Regenerator etc. @DoubleJ, @Huargensy, @Axelgor, @Lumiere, @Azphiel & @FlacuSkye Please ask devs to remove the uncanon Shadow Tag nerf and simply remove Tickle from Wobbuffet, so it can go back to being Untiered and being useful on rare occasions.
  7. What's the reasoning in 2024 to keep a mon that was untiered by usage banned when it would be quite useful vs Gallade and regen mons like Slowbro and Amoongus?
  8. Mons get banned based on facts, not assumptions. The fact that Diglett is not NU or UU by usage is more than enough to demonstrate that it's not something to be concerned about.
  9. Absoutely not, this is so untrue imo. If Dugtrio gets banned, Diglett will try to take over and will fail miserably. It would not even be close to viable. Diglett has already access to Endeavor and doesn't see any usage in NU or UU, so why would it suddenly be banworthy in OU. People hate AT so much that they will blindly believe anything that will justifty an AT ban. There is no justification or argument that can justify such a ban. There is 0 issue with AT. Dugtrio is the only pokemon with AT that is deemed problematic. Not Trapinch. Not Diglett. Only Dugtrio.
  10. Tag: Sia Players: gbwead, mkns, cmawesome, zokuru, smadagos & thedh
  11. I personally no longer care about the recovery pp nerf; it is what it is. However, your point about gems is imo very good; if devs want to follow the new gens as much as possible, why are gems still at 50% and not 30%. It's not like 30% gems are going to be broken and therefore we should keep them at 50%. Nerfing recovery pp while keeping gems at 50% is very inconsistent imo.
  12. TC never made an announcement about it. It was announced in a changelog. That's why most of us are assuming it was a devs decision and TC had nothing to do with it.
  13. Looking at the January 2019 UU metagame, Yanmegga seemed very difficult to stop as well and yet it never got banned: Most of these mons are NU today. Sure, NU doesn't have Crobat and Snorlax, but NU still has Gigalith, Mantine, Milotic, Golbat, Cryogonal (btw @Imperial you calced Cryogonal with 70 base hp instead of 80), etc. I'm very confident Yanmegga will be unhealthy, but that's not a reason to ban something without testing it out.
  14. I rarely agree with Pachima, but I do this time. This is the only part I believe to be misrepresented because I don't think Dugtrio deletes a significant portion of the format when you look at the most common OU mons 1 by 1. I want to stress out something important; if there is a problem, it's not AT or Dugtrio, but indeed the combination of both. AT by itself is not banworthy, just like Wonder Guard on Shedinja specifially is not banworthy. Since bans are never permanent on PokeMMO, I think if something gets done about AT+Dugtrio, we need to consider the potential nerfs. I think banning AT or nerfing it does not make sense since the ability is completly fine on Trapinch and Diglett. Reducing back Dugtrio's base attack to 80 like it was in the past would be imo completly cannon and authentic to the original games. I'm personally fine if TC determines Dugtrio+AT as banworthy. I think there are good reasons to vote for or against that ban. However, I truly fear the nerf that will come afterwards and I really hope people will push for the attack stat reduction and not something else. Every single pokemon in OU that Dugtrio traps will be affected positively by an attack stat reduction except for Magnezone and Ttar that I mentionned earlier and that's a good thing.
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