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  1. We're bringing Shaymin back down, why not, but for sure we'll run into exactly the same issues as when he was banned a few months ago. Seed Flare's SpeDef drop will still remain problematic. It's good that Yanmega stays in UU, he had no place in NU. Regarding Dugtrio, something should need to happen, especially since recently Dugtrio's movepool has ridiculously increased by gaining an inappropriate access to Endeavor, among other things
  2. Hellskream vs DoubleJ 800K on myself
  3. MC 1: Hellskream vs Smadagos (LC)(300k) NU: Tawlaa vs DrTylerGrey(300k) LC: Nagahex vs Skylux(200k) Dubs: Mislandier(200k) vs Yjos @skyluxNG i take thhoses
  4. MC 1: Hellskream vs Smadagos (LC) LC: Nagahex vs Skylux take them both @Shadow
  5. MC 1: Hellskream vs Smadagos (LC) MC 2: WarwitoX vs BMTirpitz (LC) I take thoses two @CaptnBaklava
  6. Nothing is planned to be done in UU about PZ or Entei ? Also, Empo leaving the tier gonna make many pokemons harder to deal with, like CM Sigi, Ninjask, PZ, etc etc
  7. OU: ZioMoji vs Juanchoqui 200K UU: Mkns vs JasonSparrowX 300K NU: Facursa vs Tawlaa 200K Nickitis in Paras vs Cinderace Flame Knights NU: DrewQ vs Sweetforu 300K Surging Urshifus vs Straw Hat Crew NU: Woxiangsinile vs DrTylerGrey 200K @joaogrilo hi you still owe me 200K (IGN : Hellskream)
  8. Imo only Polar Bear and Porygon hats looks good btw gg for having reach them all xD
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