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  2. IGN: PoseidonWrath Time Zone: UTC +1 Discord: poseidonwrath Tiers: All Donation: 100k
  3. there isnt a single *save* switch vs that monster, im not even have the slight idea what tc is smoking to allow it, there is no Hydreigon thread were we can see some calcs or discuss. but since pvp became kinda dead nobody cares to express their thoughts tbh i remember Gb made a solid post asking one of the Devs for a answer regarding gallade but yeah they are doing their best to stay hidden and be invisable like usually tldr: abuse the broken mons they add and the unhealthy meta
  4. IGN: PoseidonWrath Tier: Randoms and Monotype Discord: poseidonwrath
  5. Team name: LaVOa Captain: ArtOfKilling Players: ArtOfKilling, PoseidonWrath, GodXebec, OU, OrangeManiac, tehkharma, Nestymore, KonBauo, CHUCKunso, QuinnW Subs: xSparkie, Sargeste, Chronorike Cheerleaders: MonkeyDMathew, Aerun, Draekyn, Luke Were still lf Subs/Players/Cheerleaders, if your interested (and we like you) dm captain on discord: kvmui or dm me: poseidonwrath
  6. It's unbelievable how the game has deteriorated after the introduction of hidden abilities. There's no stability whatsoever, and with every event, we get more hidden abilities and Pokémon that disrupt the game further. Teambuilding has never been more challenging. This game is becoming more frustrating. You just can't convince me that it's possible to build a team in OU with six Pokémon that can handle rain, hyper offense, Suicune, Raikou, Serperior, and stall. The meta is all about match-up fishing. Furthermore, those in control, and I don't need to name them, will jump at any opportunity to introduce Pokémon like Magic Guard Alakazam with Nasty Plot, which have no real counters. In Generation 5, Nasty Plot was removed, and it's frustrating to see it return here. Take what you will from this. The way the Tier Council manages things makes their existence almost invisible. But since everyone is in their comfort zone, no one is willing to speak up because they will get silenced
  7. because we have certain people derailing the threads, so yea i dont blame them for not bothering getting quoted by a person that doesnt know a single thing, gets teached a lesson multiple times, but still act like a clueless monkey. on topic tho i have seen people adapting alot with Pz, with spiritomb AV being popular. with Johto adding more stuff soon, i think it will keep him on a leash. Im also fine with Pz`s test being ended this month
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