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  1. In my opinion i feel like Shaymin is annoying, but not banworthy. Yes seed flare is a strong move but people forget that its biggest weakness is A the miss potentional and B it cant spam freely seed flare because of its low PP. And like it got mentioned before, Shaymin is holding the dominating water mons and if we ban Shaymin ppl will complain about the strong water meta again. With the add of Johto we might receive new HA`s that can work vs Shaymin as well.
  2. Team Lava - Team lava is an active English speaking competition team, comprised with players from all over the world. - Competitive Environment - Active team that joins TT (Team Tournament) - Weekly scrimmages with other teams to develop our players/ team tournaments - Active team chat/discord and voice chat - Team lava is a team that focuses on player development. This means you will receive excellent guidance. Requirements - Be mature and respectful to others - Must be active in game/discord - Competitive player Boss MonkeyDMathew Co Leaders Kriliin PoseidonWrath Executives DrTylerGrey ArtOfKilling KaynineXL Aerun Terresa Endiii SirOzwald xSparkie Repposh GodXebec Meltdown Are you interested to join Team Läva? Fill the template below and contact: MonkeyDMathew
  3. hopefully the finals between madarasixsix vs ZioMOJI would get scheduled in silph co bcs of the crash what happend during the tournament
  4. Tbh i made this thread to see if there are certain things we forgot to mention to handle gallade or some people that can hard defend it in order to stay. Seeing this thread almost 3 weeks open, i havent seen anyone solidly defended gallade. i also agree slowbro/tangrowth wont do a thing to gallade as well if potentionally their HA are added. there are many solid arguments to nerf gallade by removing its abillity but nobody has yet to counter argument those.
  5. Team Name: Loava Players: PoseidonWrath, ArtOfKilling, ZioMOJI, GodXebex, KokenoCastro Sub: xSparkie
  6. What is this? This thread is being opened to discuss the abillity Sharpness, that is being added to Gallade making him a powerhouse destroying both defensive and offensive pokemons. About Sharpness: Sharpness boosts the strength of slicing moves used by a pokemon with this abillity by 50%. Moves like: X-scissor, Slash, Sacred Sword, Razor Shell, Psyco Cut, Night Slash, Leaf Blade, Fury Cutter, Air Slash, Air Cutter and Aerial Ace are affected by it getting a boost. Important note: since the new move update gallade has been quickbanned to OU, but its abillity is getting monitored by the TC. Calculations: VS Offensive: VS Defense: Personally i think Gallade`s abillity is a monster but feel free to discuss in this thread, Give us your input and discuss!
  7. What is this? This thread is being opened to discuss Vaporeon being added to the NU tier by usage. Vaporeon has fallen below the 4.36% cut-off allowed. Vaporeon will be considered for a possible ban to Borderline 2. About Vaporeon: As soon as Vaporeon dropped to NU by usage, its presence in the tier has been felt. Currently, ranked as the 11th most played pokemon (13.56% usage) with an impressive 57.61% win rate, Vaporeon seems to be thriving. Thanks to its enormous 130 HP base stat paired with a respectable 95 SpDef base stat and a good 110 SpAtk base stat, Vaporeon - commonly played as a wall - can easily afford to invest most of its EVs in Defense. This stat distribution allows Vaporeon to wall off a good portion of the physical and special threats in the metagame simultaneously. On top of that, Vaporeon’s Water Absorb ability could be seen as a great asset in the tier. Out of the 40 NU pokemon by usage (above 4.36%), 11 are water types (Cloyster, Vaporeon, Mantine, Quagsire, Azumarill, Tentacruel, Slowbro, Qwilfish, Sharpedo, Slowking & Lanturn). Thanks to its ability and typing, Vaporeon is usually not directly threatened by these pokemons while being able to threaten most of them on top of the rest of the tier with a potential burn from Scald. When it comes to its movepool, Vaporeon is quite predictable despite having a lot of options. When it’s played as a wall, Vaporeon is almost always played with these 3 moves: Wish, Protect and Scald. The last move varies a lot based on the teambuild, but it’s possible to narrow it down to these common options: Toxic, Haze, Calm Mind, Heal Bell, Baton Pass, Ice Beam, Roar, etc. Therefore, we can expect Vaporeon to provide a lot of support to teams, but this comes at the cost of being susceptible to Toxic and potential set up mons depending on its set. As a reference point for whoever might be unfamiliar with Vaporeon, here are some some sample sets. Defensive/Support: Offensive: Support: Important note: A lot changed since the last time Vaporeon was NU, it did not have access to Calm Mind, Recovery Moves had 16 PP, etc. The tier council suspects Vaporeon might fit some Uber characteristics and/or is unhealthy for NU. Your input on the matter would be greatly appreciated. Personally i believe Vaporeon is to much for NU, although I look forward to the discussion. Give us your input and discuss!
  8. Nidoqueen has been quick banned by a mayority vote. The Tier Council deems that Nidoqueen fits Offensive Uber characteristics and will be removed immediately from the NU tier. The ban will take effect after the upcoming NU tournament, 24 hours or less is just not enough time for people to prepare.
  9. What is this? This thread is being opened to discuss Nidoqueen and its dominance that it will bring in the Neverused Tier (NU). Overview: Nidoqueen is a underrated and a surprisingly versatile Pokemon. It's a great fit on balance, stall and HO teams. Its movepool is quite versatile and dangerous with access to both Stealth Rock and, notably, Toxic Spikes. On top of which its typing makes it resistant to Fighting/Rock type moves and immune to Toxic, Thunder Wave, and Volt Switch making it an incredibly formidable pokemon. Its decent bulk paired with the above can let it survive some hits from alot of Pokemon. Some examples of its Sheer Power: Personally i believe Nido is to much for NU, although I look forward to the discussion. Give us your input and discuss!
  10. No comment Jolteon/Milotic finally dropped after many years, so its deserved to see how they will do. Ditto can be good in every tier so thats interesting for him to drop, thought he will be popular in OU Salamence is something im not sure about. We got a milotic/empoleon now to pressure it, and ofc the usual mons that handled it before like umbreon. so imo it can be tested Nido should be instantly banned and not considerd to drop. Its movepool +sheer force is to insane and it will completly nuke the meta Some examples: Gastro/Tenta/Zoro i dont mind. Vaporeon should be a interesting one, i see people complaining about him being a really uber defensive wall. Well i disagree. we have mantine for example completly denying it. Clefable. AV eelektross. Slowking, Lanturn, Sceptile, Ludicolo Altaria etc etc etc i can continue all day. Its forced to run Toxic to win vs such matchups, but then it wont have Haze/Healbell which is kinda a core moveslot for Vaporeon. Cloyster imo should get tested, we have alot of mons that dropped that can wall it, and ofc certain mons like Slowbro/Quak denying Cloyster to set up. I do believe it will be played Choicebanded which can be a good set on him.
  11. Imo from what i see Pory2 still seems strong. Looks like we have to say goodbye to it if others dont defend its position
  12. People underestimated the graveyard (including me) Deserved win for proofing us all wrong. GG
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