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  1. we asked for it some time ago, nothing was even said. Drop haxorus, let's have fun.
  2. Btw why's it so hard to make TC discussions available to everyone? We have to beg TC members to share their opinions lmao, what the f is that about? Literally takes 5 minutes in discord to create such a space.
  3. definitely take this guy's advice.
  4. Don't bother, devolpers lo. don't care at all about the PvP scene. Good suggestion tho.
  5. LeJovi

    Selling NUs

    Yep, sold. So was the houndoom. @BaliAds
  6. LeJovi

    Selling NUs

    Its either hannahtaylor or mine Listed it on gtl you can search it up easy idr the exact price
  7. LeJovi

    Selling NUs

    listed all of them on GTL
  8. I agree with everything here, except with the part that these pokemon "reliably" check Porygon2... Nothing reliably checks Porygon2. This mon is extremely centralizing and cancerous and should be banned asap.
  9. So I think these days have been enough already, P2 should not be in UU
  10. shoot me a message ill sell for any reasonable price. all movesetted and ev'd. IGN: LeJovi Discord: Rafs#2002 Scyther Jolly 31/31/30/x/30/31 Nidoqueen Calm 31/x/31/31/31/31 Bronzor Calm 31/x/31/x/31/31 sold 300k Tangrowth Bold 31/x/31/30/30/31 Escavalier Adamant 31/31/28/x/28/31 Sharpedo Adamant HA 31/31/30/x/30/31 Sharpedo Lonely HA 28/31/28/31/27/31 Qwilfish Impish HA 31/30/31/x/30/31 sold 755k Sceptile Timid 30/x/30/31/31/31 Charizard Jolly 29/31/27/x/24/31 Hitmonchan Ada 26/31/29/x/30/31 Azumarill Jolly 28/31/27/x/27/31 Braviary Jolly 29/31/27/x/19/31 Golbat Jolly 31/30/31/x/27/31 Primeape Jolly 29/31/29/x/27/31 sold 325k Manectric Timid 31/x/30/31/30/31 Electivire Jolly 28/31/30/x/28/31 blaziken jolly 30/31/30/x/31/31 Alakazam timid 30/x/30/31/31/31 Clefable modest 31/x/31/31/31/31 Typhlosion modest 31/x/30/31/30/31 Typhlosion timid 30/x/30/31/31/31 sold 700k Absol Jolly 31/31/27/x/27/31 Drapion Jolly 30/31/31/x/30/31 sold 700k Houndoom Hasty 30/31/30/31/30/31 sold 1m lilligant timid 28/x/29/31/28/31 rotom timid 31/x/30/31/30/31 sold 700k
  11. Kangaskhan's Golden Horde (4) vs (4) Stark Tyrants OU: ZioMOJI vs ForFour OU: ArtOfKilling vs DoubleJ UU: Azphiel vs Mkns NU: MadaraSixSix vs woxiangsinile Dubs: TehKharma vs Imabetheverybest LC: Gasyflour vs TheDH DPP: Zokuru vs BlueBreath UU: TheNavarro (Wallarro) vs UmbraMol
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