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  1. Nothing else needs to be said, shaymin should definitely be banned from UU. Will it open up discussions for other pokemons that might be unhealthy for the tier? More than likely. But that is not shaymin's problem, that's simply one of the consequences of having an incomplete metagame + poor development decisions for PvP.
  2. LeJovi

    Dubs Comps

    Selling these two dubs teams https://pokepast.es/a07c92ec3af37978 Trick Room (pokepast.es) Every mon is perfect, movesetted and EV'd. DM me if interested Rafs#2002
  3. Randoms isn't worth the time unless you're just trying to have fun IMO. Might aswell try a real tier!
  4. Gratz to lava! Btw @Bearminatorthe bracket shows Aw winning the TT.
  5. Looks like that. Literally worst rule I've ever seen. πŸ˜‚
  6. Was your last name by any chance ProfesorEinstein? Cuz these "rules" are just as bad
  7. It certainly is. Thank you! 🀝
  8. I guess you guys just have something against making a banner for NORE. Got it.
  9. Canadians being Canadian exhibit 101 You're soo nice lmaoooo
  10. Great tourney but why would you post it 5 months before? Most people don't even know what they're gonna be doing in two weeks lol
  11. I'm not one to argue or post on these type of threads but imma just put my two cents out there.. The real problem is we don't have a completely developed meta-game.. not that Gallade, Vaporeon or Scrafty are "OP". On top of that, the current tiering system is just flawed (as gb, pachi and others have explained countless times) yet there's nothing being done to solve that. We can complain and argue all we want, but banning some moves and nerfing abilities every time a pokemon gets introduced to our meta-game is just unhealthy, it sets a bad precedent and is kinda stupid tbh. Same scenario with pokemon yo-yoing from tier to tier every month. It's like putting a band-aid on as a temporary fix instead of solving the problem from the root and fixing it for good. And we have been doing it for a while now. I truly don't care what happens as this is just a game but it's quite sad to see people providing countless solutions and nothing being done about it. Like, why??? TLDR; Devs need to care more about the PvP community. TC needs to be empowered more. Tiering System needs changes.
  12. And how is that fair? Only teams from 2022 onwards count? C'mon. Staff gotta be better than that. (not directing this to you but to staff themselves)
  13. Nope, still need to answer the following:
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