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  1. I agree, in the end someone decided to give you a chance even without tournaments or whatever and you proved your worth. So this doesn't necesarilly makes "new players" not eligible. E: please merge my posts
  2. We could introduce something like the NBA has done with the play-in tournament. This NBA season is arguably one of the best yet because it has been mostly competitive until the very last game of the season. It gives more chances for lower seeds to compete throughout the season and stay in the fight. This would give teams a better chance while also giving the top teams a clear advantage. So basically the 9 & 10 seeds have to win twice for a chance to get to playoffs. While the 7 & 8 seeds can access directly. But the loser still has another shot of making it. Obviously this would need to be adapted to PSL format cuz of timing, but it's a nice idea imo. Maybe reduced tiers or something.
  3. Yeah, I see what you're saying, but that's a manager's job, to know who's good/bad and to investigate so that the manager can pick the best available option based on his/her criteria. At least IMO.
  4. I agree with everything but the PSL format. I believe we could make it a smaller, more exclusive event where we can see top quality in every match. We all know there are players who get drafted just because... not really because they have the level to compete in PSL. And we see evidence of that every season. I think 6 teams, 8 tiers (or less, not sure about Manager Choices either) would be fine, making the event move faster, be more exclusive, and not get boring at times like we all know it does. This would assure that only the best of the best play this event (or at least who managers believe are the best). If you're a new player you have plenty of chances to get noticed by managers before the event starts, like scrim sessions, winning tournaments, etc. Maybe it would even motivate newer players to get better faster. In this case, we could have midseason, since probably some players will go undrafted and maybe a manager can see value in taking someone from the pool to help his team or make it stronger, still unsure about it tho because it's very hard to make it work for everyone + still be fair. I do believe whichever seed is higher during regular season should get some sort of advantage come playoffs time, maybe then we could introduce MC or something else. Lineups are a huge problem, and imo they can be fixed easily with a Discord Bot, it would only take a bit of time/programming to accomplish this and it would remove a huge headache for everyone. I also like what you said about managers having some sort of activity throughout the season, it would encourage them to stay in touch and not just send lineups and go AFK the rest of the time.
  5. OU: Pablobacas vs Zokuru @GhostyRon NU: iHavsik vs Chronorike @GhostyRon Dubs: Edstorm vs iKillua @GhostyRon MC 2: YJos vs Chuckunso (OU) @GhostyRon Throwing Tyrantrum () vs () Surging Urshifus OU: qqqianx vs ForFour @GhostyRon OU: ZioMOJI vs dshadd UU: TohnR vs tykd @GhostyRon NU: xLunethx vs woxiangsinile @GhostyRon Dubs: Mislandier vs lovesinile @TohnR LC: TheDH vs Asmodeusro MC 2: DoubleJ vs ZirealCiri (OU)* Vodka Juniors () vs () Nickitis in Paras OU: Juanchoqui vs LiveLaughHate OU: JorgeFirebolt vs Azphiel UU: Forfiter vs Flacusaurio Dubs: Joalza vs Razachu LC: WarwitoX vs QuinnW @GhostyRon 200k each bold bet @CaptnBaklavai know i owe u 400k, will pay end of the week
  6. @GhostyRonowes me 400k mail it to @CaptnBaklava or, ign: lejovi
  7. Nice one man, as Incog said there are better shinies but we understand there are limitations that you don't control. GL to everyone participating.
  8. Yeah bug still doesn’t resist any of those. Just stop.
  9. bug doesn't resist psychic
  10. Straw Hat Crew () vs () Nickitis in Paras UU: Zanderson vs Flacusaurio Dubs: Jhowteon vs Akarukokuyo @CaptnBaklava LC: Skylux vs QuinnW Throwing Tyrantrum () vs () Cinderace Flame Knights OU: ZioMOJI vs Zokuru @CaptnBaklava UU: TohnR vs Umbramol Dubs: Mislandier vs iKilluactivitywin Surging Urshifus () vs () Chattering Chatot OU: ZireaelCiri vs Artofkilling @GhostyRon Dubs: Lovesinile vs Gabuchox Vodka Juniors () vs () Inazuma Eleeveen OU: WarwitoX vs Pablobacas OU: ChristianArce vs Poseidonwrath UU: Forfiter vs CarolML @GhostyRon LC: Nagahex vs Gasyflour @GhostyRon MC 1: Lachidrago vs Shellicent (UU) MC 2: Joalza vs Yjos (DUBS) @GhostyRon 1-5m Inazuma win the week. 200k each bold name. Only 1 take.
  11. take tylergrey, hasvik, edstorm
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