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  1. https://forums.pokemmo.com/index.php?/topic/73556-uu-tier-discussion-request-thread/
  2. Just to add, it's also something not needed at this point, since the mon can simply be put in UUBL. Those sort of nerfs are a last resort for stuff deemed broken in OU.
  3. Team of the Year concept started in 2019 tho?
  4. Won team of the year 2019 and 2020, cup of the year 2020 as well... I hope these are rectroactive @Darkshade
  5. I'm expressing mine when I gather enough data for it, I don't want to make a decision based on 2 weeks of meta development. It has nothing to do with it being time-consuming (although, it is), but if you expect only people without any real lives to be in it, then you're out of luck I guess.
  6. Yo. Do you charge egg moves if it's like 1 or 2 max?
  7. I'd like to highlight this just to make sure: - You get paired with a friend. - You don't really feel like carrying on with the tournament (There's just those days when you think you feel like joining a tournament, but get bored of the game midway through it). - You forfeit. - Your friend doesn't really agree to that, but whatever it's not like he can stop you from doing it. Is that match fixing?
  8. A wallbreaker like Nidoqueen is exactly what NU needs right now. The tier is just a borefest with people spamming the same stall core Quagsire Clefable Bronzor Sableye Altaria Filler. And Vaporeon the Uber Defensive is dropping too :') It's worth testing something that might make this tier more enjoyable to play. If it ends up being broken against every other playstyle, it gets banned.
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