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  1. Thoughts about Totodile (PTS Edition), Seth?
  2. I would love to highlight SIA, Lo, VOW, HDLM and ÁvE Edit: Personal point of view, gathering experiences from players from those teams, this doesn't mean they're better or worse than any other.
  3. Starter pokemons which are given at the beginning of each storyline are shinylocked (they can't be shiny). However those can be found in the wild, aswell as breeding them to get a lucky shiny hatch.
  4. He needs a hammer to show his dominance, I only need the power of diplomacy to solve the problems around my empire
  5. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? I am the one and only Vermilion Sovereign, you're just an impostor
  6. Shadow


    Please just stay close to the topic of the thread.
  7. Attached to xMago's reply, please add an english translation (even if it's from google) in your future posts. Añadido a la respuesta de xMago, por favor añada una traducción al inglés (incluso si es de google) en sus próximos post.
  8. Exactly, you just need to open the map and fly to the location you want, without any pokemon holding the HM Fly.
  9. Welcome gentleman! Enjoy your stay and feel free to look for a shiny Psyduck (and Porygon please) ❤️
  10. Big champ getting a sick shiny, definetely deserved PSL Champion ❤️
  11. La leyenda Tear ha vuelto Legend Tear is back Viva Past y Siwan Life to Past and Siwan
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