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  1. It is, that Aron carries endeavor, which can be a bit annoying considering he has Sturdy
  2. Hello there, in order to start losing points you have to be above 600 Elo, and you will lose them ~2 weeks after your last ranked match, until 600, it can't be lower than that. Hope this helps.
  3. Winners are finally here! So, first of all, thank you all for attending this contest, it was so nice having such a nice number of participants and such effort in writing your stories ❤️, and also thanks a lot to our judges @Aybel @AustinMMO @Cosmooth and @KaynineXLwho read your stories carefully and made fair punctuations and rated your stories with the right criteria investing quite a good time on it! To sum up, as said in the rules, each of us valued each story following Style, Originality and Ingenuity. Each of us individually valued each of this criterias /10 so the results would be fairer for all of you! As result, each of your stories will be valued /150. Additionally, we added an explanation on our top 4 (which i will resume to only 1 taking some parts from our judges and myself) to clarify and let you know the reason of our choices. This said, here are the winners! 1st Place @Gunthug(119/150) Some of us topped this story, and others put it near to the top. Gunthug's story was fully detailed, very nice descriptions, the narrative thread was fully well explained, and the style was just outstanding. Something which also surprised us was: what an ending, what an amazing ending to such a nice story behind it, very well thought there. Overall, the story has been extremely pleasant to read. This said, and after the votes, you're our event's winner! 2nd Place @pachima(113/150) Pachima's story was kinda different and original from the rest, if we consider the style and the voice, we will see some irony which pretty much explains the meaning of the whole story, which is outstanding! You also paid some attention to some minor PokeMMO features (even if this is not mandatory obviously) and, as one of our judges said: "who can't love pachirisu" Jokes aside, very well done! 3rd Place @PrinBruce (111/150) On this story some of us can identify with some of the ideal thoughts someone would have if you wanted to recreate pokemon in-real life. If we sum up the descriptions, with the PvP stuff which I personally can identify with, the story itself which basiclly shows the synergy and some values you could apply right now between the protagonists, and (once again) such an ending, it made it nice for us! 4th Place @bootlegs(110/150) Like 3rd place, this story can represent any of us in its protagonist: applying in-real life values to a situation you can get represented in. Once again we have to highlight the style here, how the story was coordinated, nicely done there. Easy to read and to imagine what you're reading at the moment you're in it. Congratulations! Shoutout to ScottEsq which got the same punctuation, which led us to a tie decided by 3/2 in another votation in favor of Bootlegs. Thank you so much for participating, honestly the level was so high and it was a pleasure for all of us reading your art, and I hope it was a pleasure for you either participating or reading the stories, or both! See you in another edition!♥
  4. I think you're looking something like this: Remember to add an english translation on your next post, hope this helps you.
  5. Had some in-real life stuff to do. Winners will be announced tomorrow at around 4 PM UTC time, sorry again for the circumstances.
  6. Sorry for the delay guys, but some judges were busy and they made their best to send me the marks when they could. So, apart of us 3 (Cosmooth, KaynineXL and myself) we will have 2 more judges (AustinMMO and Aybel) which also valued your stories. Tomorrow the results will be released, thank you for your patience!
  7. OT would remain in the pokemon even if the original character is deleted
  8. Appeal decisions are final and your account will remain banned. If you weren't told otherwise, you will be free to create another account to keep playing. Have a nice day.
  9. IGN: Shadow Tiers: LC OU/UU Competitive Accolades: Went 1-0 last season 😄 Discord: FDShadow#1891 Fluff: TheDH is a chad and "nice diamond"
  10. Kind of agree with this, but you can't really rely on Bronzong neither Spiritomb (it'd need to be SpD invested and with either rest or something to force him out as toxic), about empo, you're forcing it to be SpWall, but it's definetely a hard switchin in many scenarios
  11. Nah it's very cool actually, thank Kaynine for it, you know the deal already and the story behind it: Spain lost against Morocco and that was what Kaynine told me to do since i lost the bet
  12. Both are cool, but the flag is cooler than Xi
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