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  1. Inazuma Eleeveen () vs () Cinderace Flame Knights OU: syxkl vs miloticc @GhostyRon NU: iHavsik vs Chronorike @GhostyRon Dubs: Edstorm vs iKillua @Bertolfoso LC: Gasyflour vs Darkquiler @GhostyRon Chattering Chatot () vs () Straw Hat Crew OU: ArtOfKilling vs Sannuo @GhostyRon UU: Nestymore vs lovenimeiyitian NU: Wolfangt vs DrTylerGrey Dubs: Gabuchox vs Godxebec MC 1: iLatios vs Fefeco (NU) MC 2: ChristianAcre vs Elvesss (OU) Vodka Juniors () vs () Nickitis in Paras OU: Juanchoqui vs LiveLaughHate OU: JorgeFirebolt vs Azphiel MC 2: UT vs Akarukokuyo (DUBS) 200k per Bold.
  2. even with both Jovi and GhostyRon, Tohn owes me 200k
  3. Straw Hat Crew () vs () Nickitis in Paras OU: Sannuo vs Azphiel @GhostyRon UU: Zanderson vs Flacusaurio NU: Drtylergrey vs DrewQ @LeJovi MC 1: Elvesssss vs Sargeste (OU) Surging Urshifus () vs () Chattering Chatot OU: ZireaelCiri vs Artofkilling @GhostyRon NU: Woxiangsinile vs xJossue Dubs: Lovesinile vs Gabuchox LC: Asmodeusro vs Smadagos @TohnR MC 2: Xiabanwanwan vs Wolfangt (NU) @GhostyRon Vodka Juniors () vs () Inazuma Eleeveen OU: ChristianArce vs Poseidonwrath NU: Tawlaa vs IHavsik @LeJovi Dubs: UT vs Edstorm @LeJovi LC: Nagahex vs Gasyflour @GhostyRon 200k per Bold Edited 1 minute ago by DoctorPBC
  4. In order to prevent those, "the enemy of my enemy is my friend". Ask a trustable staff to vouch for a possible givaway, transaction, etc so they won't be able to ban you. Fun comes when you can't trust to be protected if you do those giveaways by your own, but you need the ones who can ban you to guarantee you won't be banned haha
  5. they can't be perfect, after all
  6. Cinderace Flame Knights () vs () Chattering Chatot NU: Sweetforu vs HayaQL Dubs: iKillua vs Gabuchox MC 1: Hellskream vs Smadagos (LC) @Godhelll Nickitis in Paras () vs () Surging Urshifus OU: Aerun vs Zireaelciri OU: LiveLaughHate vs Dshadd NU: Konishiwa vs xiabanwanwan LC: QuinnW vs Forfour MC 1: Azphiel vs Asmodeusro (LC) Vodka Juniors ()vs ()Straw Hat Crew OU: Jorgefirebolt vs Elvesss UU: Lachidrago vs zAnderson NU: Tawlaa vs DrTylerGrey @Pcoookie LC: Nagahex vs Skylux @Godhelll 200k per Bold.
  7. long story, but it is a joke regarding a previous psl edition
  8. No need to correct you, you're right 😄
  9. Good old tactics, they never disappoint
  10. Inazuma Eleeveen (0) vs (0) Chattering Chatot UU: PoseidonWrath vs Nestymore Dubs: YJos vs Gabuchox LC: Gasyflour vs TheDH (500k) Nickitis in Paras (0) vs (0) Cinderace Flame Knights OU: Aerun vs Whated Surging Urshifus (0) vs (0) Straw Hat Crew OU: ZirealCiri vs Elvessss @GhostyRon NU: woxiangsinile (500k) vs DrTylerGrey Dubs: lovesinile vs GodXebec @GhostyRon 200k per Bold except TheDH and woxiangsinile (500k each).
  11. IGN Shadow (200k, if you sent the cash to Lunarck already ignore this message)
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