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  1. Features Lunar New Year 2024 Lunar New Year has returned to PokeMMO! This event will be available from February 14th until February 29th 00:00-UTC+0 Abundant Shrine A fortune teller has appeared in Celadon City, Slateport City, Hearthome City, Ecruteak City, and Nacrene City seeking assistance for the new year. Abundant Shrine is a 4 player co-op mission. Defeat as many enemies as possible and may good fortune shine upon you. This instance is eligible for event matchmaking. Players who sign up by themselves will be matched with other players in their language. Swarms have become more frequent for this event! Keep an eye out for Zodiac-themed Swarms featuring rare species. Abundant Shrine features a leaderboard with an exclusive vanity item for the Top 50 teams, the Nian Hood. In addition to the Nian Hood, the #1 team will receive an exclusive vanity item: the Shiny Nian Hood New Year Swarms To the lament of the festival celebrants, swarms have become more common for this event. An Old Woman nearby the Shrine Maiden has taken it upon herself to tame the unruly monsters with your help. Bring them to her to claim Mysterious Cherish Balls. Rumor has it she has a large family traveling to see her soon. Raid Battles Preview raidpromosmall.webm Raid battles are 4-player co-op battles. Challenge and defeat all 12 Zodiac Raids before this event ends to capture Shaymin Raid Dens have been spotted in all regions. It seems they're becoming more active over time. Limited-time Items The Red & Gold Lucky Dragon mounts are now available for a limited time Gen 9-3 Move Changes Endeavor, Pain Split, Feather Dance, Metal Sound, and Electroweb are now available as TMs Movesets have been updated for Gen 9-3: Character Customization Changes The Makeover Kit and Genderswap Ticket have been removed from the game Players who still had a Makeover Kit on their character have been credited with a 500RP voucher Players who still had a Genderswap Ticket have been credited with 8x 100RP vouchers Players can now talk with a Stylist in each Mart to change their basic hair, eyes, and facial hair Basic clothing can now be purchased in Marts Mystic Mirrors can be used to change your skin tone and gender Mystic Mirrors are currently found as very rare event drops. These will become more common over time. General All players now have access to an Account PC Account PCs are a special box accessible through the standard PC menu which allows transferring monsters between characters on your account This box doesn't have any fees associated Account PCs can't be used to store Gift monsters or untradeable items Currently, the Account PC can't be expanded. This may change at a later date Players can now store and keep search templates for the GTL When using the Advanced Search menu in the GTL, players now have an option to save their settings as a search template These templates are shared across PC & Mobile platforms Up to 10 templates of each type (Monster & Item searches) can be stored per-character Added a shortcut to the PC for selecting low-value monsters Gift Shop The maximum PC expansions per-character have been increased to 20 Balancing Swords Dance has been readded to the Garchomp line This move is banned in Single-battles PvP at this time Bug Fixes Fixed a lot of bugs, made a lot more Notes Raids are currently in a preview release state for Lunar New Year 2024. Look forward to their full implementation later this year
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  2. CNY 2024 will be out within the next few days. We ran into issues which were very time consuming to fix due to some new features. 恭喜发财
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  3. Changelog: 22/02/2024 Lunar New Year 2024 Zodiac Masters have been spotted nearby Raid Dens. The Masters are seeking the Zodiac Tablets handed out by the old woman curtailing the unruly swarms. Defeat all 12 to receive an exclusive event reward Bug Fixes When used against raid bosses, Curse and Leech Seed will now wear off after a few turns Fixed an issue where Flame Burst's adjacent-targeted damage would affected bosses more than intended Fixed an issue where, when using the advanced search menu of the PC or GTL, input keys would take priority over text input Notes The amount of turn-ins required to receive a tablet from the old woman has been reduced from 40 to 24
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  4. Changelog: 16/02/2024 Features Added shortcuts for gyms with long puzzles for their rematches in Johto, Sinnoh, and Unova Bug Fixes Fixed several client crashes Fixed a regression which caused auction filters to stop working Fixed an issue where really big marts would show less items than intended Fixed an issue where normal triple-battle bosses would apply raid boss damage caps Fixed an issue where Reflect / Light Screen had double their normal damage reduction Fixed an issue where Horde Battles' battle UI would be displayed incorrectly Fixed an issue where the PC UI could display the "+" button in an odd place Fixed an issue where colors could pretend to be selected in the Makeover NPC's UI Fixed an issue where you couldn't turn off battle particles for monsters Fixed an issue where characters, when being created, couldn't select Bald as a hairstyle Notes We're aware of an issue with the battle UI which causes desynchronized data to be displayed for HP values and slot positioning. This will be resolved in the next game update
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  5. Piss off bro, sometimes I forget stuff
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  6. Happy Lunar New Year 2024. This Year Is the Year of the Dragon! Here like last year I will compile as much information about the event as I can. Just like last year! Any and all information is appreciated greatly. I will update this post regulary with event basics and locations should we need to find anything. As of writing this right now, the servers are down to introduce the event. I will also link the changelog and patch notes when these are available. Event Basics This event sees the return of Shaymin! To keep this mythical Pokemon, you will need to participate in Raid Battles. 12 powerful Pokemon need to be taken out in Co-Op Raids to encounter Shaymin. As of the 21/02/2024 hotfix, a specie and item clause is enforced in raids. You cannot have duplicate items or duplicate species. This means one player cannot use the same Pokemon, such as 2 Typhlosions; or use 2 different Pokemon with the same item, like Choice Band, for example. Thanks to @MissSamus for pointing this out. These raids are not regional exclusive and can be found and battled in across all 5 regions! The 12 Raid Bosses need confirming. But could be the same as the Zodiac Alphas from 2023. Confirmed Raid Bosses: Lopunny (Thanks @ty76hj) Zebstrika Purugly Grumpig Stoutland Ampharos Steelix Slaking Tauros Braviary Excadrill Gyarados Ones marked in Red are currently not in the game and cannot be battled yet. Beating the boss rewards you with the respective Alpha at Lv.85 Catch swarm Pokemon and turn them in at the lady in these event areas for Zodiac Tablets. It is currently unknown if these tablets can be used to obtain the alphas without needing to raid. It is also unconfirmed what she can give to players if you turn over so many, but she can be found: Kanto: Celadon CIty Johto: Ecruteak City Hoenn: Slateport City Sinnoh: Hearthome City Unova: Nacrene CIty For every 5 Mysterious Cherish Balls you receive you will get a Zodiac Tablet. These have a unknown purpose right now. Thanks @VadimEmpoleon Shaymin Pillars are found here once you have 12x Dead Flowers: Thanks to @Rache for providing this information Kanto: Berry Forest Johto: Rt. 46 (Travel South from Blackthorn City) Hoenn: Ever Grande City (South) Sinnoh: Floaroma Meadow Unova: Rt. 1 Raiding Locations are below: Thanks to @BBAADDE Kanto: Route 7 - Purugly Route 10 - Ampharos Route 11 - Tauros (thanks @Alfalow) Route 16 - Zebstrika Route 21 - Gyarados (thanks @Alfalow) Berry Forest - Lopunny Viridian Forest- Slaking (thanks @Bestfriends) Sevault Canyon - Braviary - Island 7 Mt. Moon - Steelix (thanks @Alfalow) Mt. Ember - Island 1 - Grumpig (Need Surf, Strength and Rock Smash, thanks @Alfalow) Water Path - Island 6 - Stoutland (thanks @Alfalow) Victory Road - Excadrill (thanks @PokemonHomeless) Johto: Route 32 - Stoutland Route 35 - Lopunny Route 39 - Tauros Route 44 - Zebstrika Route 45 - Ampharos (thanks @DarylDixon) Route 46 - Braviary (Need Rock Climb) Route 47 - Purugly (Need Surf and Waterfall) Ilex Forest- Slaking Dark Cave - Steelix (Blackthorn City Entrance, Need Flash and Surf) Ruins of Alph - Grumpig Victory Road - Excadrill (Southern Entrance, Need Strength) Dragon's Den - Gyarados (Need Surf and Whirlpool) Hoenn: Route 111 (x2) - Stoutland, - Braviary Route 115 - Purugly (Need Surf) Route 116 - Tauros (Need Cut) Route 117 - Zebstrika (thanks @VadimEmpoleon) Route 119 - Gyarados Route 120- Ampharos (Need Cut, thanks @weedodo) Route 123 - Lopunny (Need Surf) Mt. Chimney - Grumpig (thanks @weedodo) Granite Cave - Steelix Petalburg Woods- Slaking Victory Road - Excadrill (Southern Entrance) Sinnoh: Route 207 - Braviary Route 210 - Ampharos (Need Rock Climb) Route 212 - Gyarados (Need Cut) Route 214 - Tauros Route 217 - Lopunny Route 221 - Stoutland (Need Surf) Route 222 - Purugly Route 225 - Grumpig (Need Surf) Eterna Forest- Slaking Fuego Ironworks - Zebstrika (Need Surf) Iron Island - Steelix (Registeel Room) Ravaged Path - Excadrill (Need Surf and Rock Smash, thanks @Chef) Unova: Route 1 - Purugly (Need Surf) Route 2 - Zebstrika Route 4 - Stoutland Route 14 - Gyarados (Need Surf and Waterfall) Route 18 - Ampharos Dreamyard - Lopunny Lostlorn Forest- Slaking Desert Resort - Braviary Abundant Shrine - Tauros Giant Chasm - Grumpig (Need Surf / Strength) Twist Mountain - Excadrill (Southern Entrance) Mistraltion Cave Guidance Chamber - Steelix (Need Flash, Surf, Strength and Rock Smash) Thanks to contributors and @OfficialDarku for providing what Zodiac raid boss appears at which den. Thanks to @Nekrye for the final few missing Raid Den Pokemon Video provided below by @AngryGorilla of the raid den locations Looking for some strategic guides? check out this playlist below. Playlist created by @c4v Zodiac Masters and Locations Compiled below are the order and Raid Dens you need to visit once you claim a tablet. Beating all 12 of these will reward you with the Zodiac Outfit. Beating these will also reward you with Red Envelopes. Beating the first 4 Masters will earn you 4 Red Envelopes. Masters 5, 6 and 7 will award you with 5 Envelopes. 8, 9 and 10 will award you with 6 Envelopes. Master 11 will award you with 8 Envelopes. Master 12 will award you with the Zodiac Outfit. Thanks @MissSamus for this info! Abundant Shrine Abundant Shrine PvE is back! Form a team and defeat as many enemies as possible for the yearly release of the Nian and Shiny Nian hats! Nian hats are awarded to the top 50 groups on the leaderboard. The quartet who finish the event at position #1 will be awarded with the Shiny Nian Hat. Nian appears as a boss in this mode. This PvE mode awards players with Red Envelopes and Lucky Red Envelopes. Check out this awesome guide to the event by @Alfalow, their guide walks you through the basics, including encounters. Mysterious Cherish Ball Contents So far I have seen: Huge thanks to @VadimEmpoleon for the contribution Druddigon (HA: Mold Breaker) Shelgon, Salamence (HA: Overcoat, Moxie) Ampharos (HA: Plus) Dragonair, Dragonite (HA: Marvel Scale, Multiscale) Gyarados (HA: Moxie) Charizard (HA: Solar Power) Seadra, Kingdra (HA: Damp) Aerodactyl (HA: Unnerve) Sceptile (HA: Unburden) Vibrava, Flygon (HA: -) Altaria (HA: Cloud Nine) Milotic (HA: Cute Charm) Gabite, Garchomp (HA: Rough Skin) Axew, Fraxure, Haxorus (HA: Unnerve) Deino, Zweilous, Hydreigon (HA: -) Red Envelopes/Lucky Red Envelopes? Some of the vanities featured in these envelopes are: (Need Confirmation if any are only exclusive to the Lucky Ones) Thanks for @VadimEmpoleon for a huge contribution to this Battle Axe Wyrm Worm Dragon Antlers Temporal Cape Dragon Wings (Credit to @Zahrez and @DragoTamer for these) Traditional New Year Outfit (Red Envelope, Thanks to @BatedWaif Dragon Gem x8 Earth Plate x1 Light Clay x1 Metronome x1 Riches Charm (+100%) x1 Big Nugget x1 Pearl String x1 Star Piece x1 Stardust x3 Dumplings x6 Hyper Calcium x2 Hyper Carbos x2 Hyper Iron x2 Hyper Protein x2 Hyper Zinc x2 Repeat Ball x8 Timer Ball x8 Futou TM - Draco Meteor x1 TM - Dragon Dance x1 TM - Haze x1 TM - Knock Off x1 TM - Tailwind x1 Mystic Mirror x1 Red Envelope x4 Luxury Ball x8 TM - Helping Hand x1 TM - Will-O-Wisp x1 Insect Plate x1 Items marked in Red are known to be available in Lucky Red Envelopes. Zodiac Outfit is available once you beat all 12 Zodiac Masters after obtaining all 12 Tablets. The required amount in the 22/02 update has been lowered from 40 entries to 24. Thanks @LucasLyn5 for the confirmation this was the reward Media Below is a video from @YoungCabbage explaining the event. See my post from last year: Lunar New Year 2024 Changelog, New vanities and Raid Battles Included!
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  7. I have been playing pokemon since 2016 I started I had several objectives, I remember that at the beginning I only wanted to be 1st on the ladder, then I saw that there were automatic tournaments and again after I saw that there were community tournaments I personally won full tournamant (and I no longer have much fun winning this game) I met great people, friends and rivals with whom I loved playing games or talking about strategy , thank you for that I will come from time to time to watch what match to see played a little and support my friends I'm going to continue the strat but especially on showdown because I'm a lover of pokemon strategy and I don't know it well so I'm going to try to be the king on showdowd !
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  8. Changelog: 21/02/2024 Balancing When challenging raid dens, unique evolution line / unique item clauses are now enforced Bug Fixes Fixed various issues which could cause battles to display targeting errors or incorrect state data for party members Android: Fixed an issue where the game would not start on older Android devices using TEGRA processors Fixed an issue where TMs introduced in the Lunar New Year 2024 update wouldn't have icons Fixed an issue where, when forfeiting a raid while you were not the last party member, the data displayed by the game client would not update correctly Fixed an issue where raids could end prematurely if the first participant's party fainted Pending actions can now be displayed for NPC coop partners Fixed an issue where some battle frontier facilities would cause a deadlock when starting after the Lunar New Year 2024 update Fixed an issue where keyboard / gamepad controls would not work properly in horde battle targeting selection Fixed an issue where warning prompts would not display when attempting to flee from Shiny encounters Fixed an issue where Ho-Oh could faint in its first phase immediately if certain types of residual damage were applied
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  9. This is a patch that changes ALL the battle backgrounds in game to ones shown in the video/screenshots. This also comes with the No battle ground mod by @efeburc Download: Night Beach Sunset Beach Galaxy Park Video: Screenshots: Night Beach Sunset Beach Galaxy Park Installation: 1. For PC users: Download xdelta: https://www.romhacking.net/utilities/598/ For Android users: UniPatcher from the Google Play Store 2. Open xdeltaUI.exe 3. For the Patch file select the appropriate game version patch (White Patch for Pokemon White and Black Patch for Pokemon Black) 4. For the Source file select the ROM you use to play Pokemmo with (it has to be an unpatched USA rom of Black or White [5585 Pokemon Black/5584 Pokemon White] or else the patch will likely not work) 5. Output file name it and make sure to add .nds at the end of the filename > click Patch. 6. Open Pokemmo's LOGIN Screen > Client Management > Black/White Rom > Select your patched ROM> After selecting your ROM Pokemmo will close and the mod is now installed! If you load into game and still don't see the background, look in Pokemmo settings Video section and see if "Show Battle Background" is checked. Screenshot below The mod is safe to use, you will not get banned for using it. You cannot use two different backgrounds at the same time. These are imports from Black & White 2 battle backgrounds (from the Movie mini-game). I would like to give special thanks to @cloo for their documentation/publication/general help. @efeburc for their No battle ground mod/publication help. Lastly @Smooge for shedding light on Battle background modding and getting me started on this journey. I'm currently working on getting fully custom battle backgrounds in game and provide a guide for it but until then enjoy these imports I've selected. 🙂 If you have any questions you can post in the thread or ask me on Discord: guaychow
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  10. Thought sharing this here would be cool, as it's a very special occasion to me. After 31st Single enc shinies and +500k encs in total. I finally found my Secret, i remember being so excited about getting one when they were revealed back in June of 2022, as i by that time i was already doing single encounter shunts, so i anticipated getting one relatively quick. But oh dear how wrong i was. That initial feeling kept growing with time, as i was seeing more and more people getting them at so few phases, sometimes that number going a bit high, but none of them going higher than 10 at most cases. While i was here trying my hardest to get one, without a single result, at some point i accepted and kind of remained hopeful that at some moment ("eventually" as i said) i was going to find one, even if it would take months/years, it was bound to happen at some point, as long as I kept trying without stopping, which is pretty much the essential for any shiny hunt. Given this was almost a two year journey, thinking about how many shinies I found throughout that time, the amount of times i got happy to found a shiny, but slightly disappointed it wasn't Secret (minus on Safari, i'm glad those weren't). If you ask me, I was expecting to go double overodds Secret, as it had become the standard for me to joke about not getting one, sarcastically stating everytime "next one would be for sure". What i wasn't expecting that the last time i said that, it would be actually the next one, and i couldn't be happier, after thousand of hours grinding, doing encs, getting phase through phase, i finally got one, and on top on that, on one of my favourites Unown letters. It has been around 4 hours since i caught it, but i'm still speechless, i can't believe i already have my first Secret Shiny, and this journey for it made it this special.
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  11. For those complaining about the 'insane grind': Yes, that was a problem, that's why it was reduced. We copied the numbers without really thinking about it from Christmas, and that was our mistake. It should have been reduced a few days ago, but the major issues from this update took several days longer than expected to fix, and that pushed back any further development for the event itself. For those complaining about 'compensation': Sorry, but no. Your reward is more cherish balls, which you already got. For those complaining about how it's not good enough: Yep, I agree, but we were constrained for time due to the aforementioned issues. Unfortunately this event's development went on too long and we started running into scheduling conflicts, so we pushed what we had. It'll be better next year. For those complaining about Male/Female costume splits: We'll make a female-oriented one next year, but one of the core design decisions here is trying to make all clothing wearable by both character genders. This is how the game's always been. Since our artists' "bandwidth" is limited around events, that lends to costumes which try to look good for both genders.
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  12. first egg hit of the year 😄
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  13. I dont rly post here that much but days like this dont happen often. So yeah another shiny Turtle joined Mr family today. With this one we are slowly but surely getting closer to completing the turtle family. Turtwig obviously next!!!! And ofc i couldnt have done this without my Mr family so: Mr>>>>>>>>>>>>> Mr rares >>>>>>>>>>>>>>
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  14. I'm sure of what I'm saying, because I measure nothing more and nothing less than 49 pixels!!! (Hat pilars + Red Lucky Dragon) I'm the tallest person in PokeMMO because I measure just like a store!! AND ALMOST AS TALL AS A LIGHTHOUSE!!! I'm so tall that I find visual bugs with every step I take. Can you outdo me? I'm sure you can't.
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  15. Hello, it has been brought to my attention that someone was pretending to be the tallest person in the game. I thought that this person didn't know me and my twin sisters standing at an average of 110 pixels (the eldest without dragon mount!). Here are pics for proof.
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  16. #32 OT Following @jonulo steps.
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  17. realmadrid1809

    Make Mods Great Again

    Hey there, longtime PokeMMO enjoyer and active member of the client customization community here. I'm part of the Archetype team which is responsible for the theme and counter of the same name (and contributor to several other mods). Like for every other Pokemon game the demand for mods is very high in the PokeMMO community. However despite this there hasn't been much development in this area of the game in recent times. As a matter of fact there have been several regressions that affect our ability to make mods, which have not been fixed in years. While modifications are supposed to prolong a game cycles and increase the enjoyment of the game, these recent developments have sucked out all the joy for me and many other mod makers. As a result I would like to highlight some of these shortcomings that could vastly improve the experience of the whole community if fixed: Themes: Sprites like the type icons used to be part of themes. They were separated in one of the recent big updates. Not only does this make the installation process more complicated for endusers (can only have one sprite atlas at a time; location isn't as clear cut and straightforward as themes; constantly gets overwritten during updates) but it also makes maintaining a theme hell. Updating now takes hours instead of minutes because the whole atlas shifts around if only a single icon was added. These icons should be part of themes, while stuff like particles, that constantly gets updated cause of new additions can be its own thing. Theme support for android (and now ios) has been a desired feature for a long time. It is currently only possible to edit the mobile theme on pc cause editing it on phones would require repacking the apk. Native support for modifying the battle backgrounds + platform are also commonly requested features and would make these mods safer than the current implementation of patching the rom. Music: On many systems ogg files cause constant stuttering during gameplay (literally every step). This can be solved by using wav files, but since these are uncompressed you get HUGE mods. Another thing people are desperately waiting for is loop point support for non-midi files. There are basically no midi music mods. Not having loop points makes it necessary for mod makers to create super long music files instead, which makes the music mods even larger in size and causes more stuttering once again. Battle Sprites: Probably the most popular mod type. It is hindered by having multiple screens where scaling the sprites doesn't work, e.g. the pokedex and the field move popups. Another problem is that the sprites are anchored to the middle instead of to the bottom. As a result mod makers have to add huge variable empty spaces to the gifs and offset the sprites in the text files. This creates further problems though cause as a result particles and pokeballs go through the floor. Another minor problem is that while the default sprites have random starting points while modded sprites don't. This is noticeable during hordes where modded sprites will have 5 pokemon cyclinc through the animation at the exact same time like they were mirrored. Follower sprites: While ds regions correctly scale follower pokemon depending on the png size, you can only have set size in gba regions. Large pokemon look comically tiny in those regions as a result. Also one of the updates in the last years caused followers to "float" in the ds regions. They are a couple pixel higher with a mod than they are without a mod. Menu Sprites: Using anything higher than the default resolution causes the pokemon menu sprites to go out of bounds. However since the menu sprites are scaled up on mobile systems it makes them look extremely blurry. It would be nice to have the option to deviate from the current resolution (36x36px) while still fitting the borders. Tile and npc sprite mods: These 2 areas used to be moddable too. Enabling us to do tile and npc sprite mods again would allow these users to completely overhaul their game feel by redesigning the reason or using higher res versions. I am aware that the devs have other priorities and adding everything stated here is a huge undertaking. This is only an attempt to highlight the deficencies in one very popular area of the game that has constantly been neglected over the years. The current trajectory makes me worry that the mod maker community will decrease in size. Expanding on the mod making functionality would attract more users and extend the playing time of the existing user base. Sincerely, a fan of the game
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  18. It's fascinating that I encounter the second tallest person in PokeMMO, but this forum is about the tallest, meaning, me.
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  19. keep the party going!!!! 94 OT jonulo
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  20. longest egg hunt i've had so far but finally got it 53.7k eggs done MR RARES>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
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  21. 2 Shiny Gaveler✨ in the same horde from a teammate @VSanto.
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  22. Your friend was banned because he bought $10M gold from an RMT vendor on February 5th (he promptly spent it on 2 comps and a bunch of Mysterious Balls from the Christmas event). I guess, technically, that's not an item Don't buy gold and you won't have any problems 👍
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  23. phase 7 for shroomish 58500 single encs MR RARES>>>>
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  25. #31 OT Phase 1 of Staryu 6k encounters
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  26. From Mysterious Cherish Balls
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  28. Munya

    [OU Discussion] Dugtrio

    As of today the vote on Dugtrio is concluded, it will not be banned with a split vote 3:3.
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  30. OT 45! 102k dry ;-; Catch 8/11 for shiny Unova team
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  31. Mr>>>>>>>>>>>>> back in the shunting groove
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  33. 95 boxes ( 8 per day ) 5780 eggs
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  34. "Honey... I lost the farm!" IGN: Brimcatcher
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  35. 26k encounters, 2nd phase (i phased on golbat)
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  36. I never ever complained of this game cause i always had fun with it, but let's just say something really grinded my gears during this event, the matchmaking system for raids, the main thing is not people playing with bad mons or with complete wrong team i do understand that not everyone checks the information about the raid boss, but my hatred is referred to the people going AFK and not reciving any punishment, i had to throw 5 runs because people would quit, a simple solution would fix all of this, giving a penalty system that all games do have, now explain me why after 3 PATCHES no punishment system for people going afk, the sad part is that all my friends quit PokeMMO so i have to rely on the matchmaking system. My main rant is this i get that my opinion may be strongly Subjective but i wanted to have an answer or some opinion in regard to it
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  37. Phase 5 shroomish 53.5k single encounters. It hurts that the shroomish is literally right there dawg.
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  38. really undeserving of this but WE TAKE THOSE SIXTH PHASE AT LOSTLORN WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MR RARES>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
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  39. Season 16 NEW: A shorter, more action packed season NEW: Managers are NOT allowed to play, but will have more ways to support/interact throughout the season NEW: The auction is gone, draft style format that spreads the hype out over a draft week. No longer requiring all managers to be present at a given time NEW: Salty suite returns, drama is encouraged NEW: Advantage chips/Manager power plays to be earned NEW: Underdog fund ADJUSTED: The top 4 teams go to playoffs instead of 6. ADJUSTED: 6 Managers will be handpicked, two manager spots will be sold for additional prize money REMOVED: Showdown tiers REMOVED: Extensions REMOVED: Weekend substitutions Welcome to the General Thread of PSL Season 16. The PokeMMO Super League (PSL) is a team-based event where the best competitors face each other weekly to claim a grand prize. Players will be draft-selected by one of eight managers of the season and integrate a team that will aim to win the PSL crown. Once the teams are formed, the competition begins. There are two phases to the event: the regular season and the playoffs. Based on their performance during the regular round-robin season, each team will head into the playoffs single elimination bracket with some advantages or disadvantages. Each week, managers will submit a tier-based lineup of players that will face an opposing team’s lineup. The PSL 16 tiers are: Host Players Draft Managers Competition Regular Season + Playoffs Lineup Activity Wins Trading Donations NEW: Advantage chips NEW Rules No spoiler to make this clear to everyone. There will now be a substitution deadline of Thursday at 23:59 EST. No substitutions will be allowed after this window (outside of the emergency sub chip detailed above). Managers it is your responsibility to ensure that your player has submitted availability and will fight to ensure this is not an issue Disconnect rule - In the event a disconnect occurs, one of two things will happen - If the disconnect happens in preview or during round 1, the battle will restart with both opponents making the same selections. - If the disconnect happens during round 2 or later, the disconnected user will receive a loss and no rematch will occur. NEW: Salty Suites
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  40. No, it's not fair because people farmed those tablets due to sheer FOMO of what the tablets could give. The Cherish Balls are not a compensation, they were the baseline. Reducing them from 40 to 24 this late into the event without compensating those who grinded them thinking they'd miss out on some secret reward otherwise is a massive disrespect. Nothing new here, though.
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  41. And the 2x Mr>>>>>>>>>>>>>
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  42. That Gabite swarm in Johto the last night brought a surprise... First shiny!
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  43. 1st phase elemental monkeys / snivy, 46.3k encs
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  44. OT > 20 13.861 encounters ^.^
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  45. I don't believe that Dugtrio nor Arena Trap are broken. Dugtrio teams that we commonly see are teams that have major flaws which are totally exploitable. The problem lies in the playerbase not adapting their teambuilds to Dugtrio+Magic Bounce and in the difficulties that some players have to properly play against this archetype. I can totally understand why one might think that Arena Trap has an uncompetitive aspect, even though I don't think so. However it seems absurd to me to say that Dugtrio is too strong for the tier. Even though Arena Trap undermines a fundamental aspect of Pokémon that is switching, there are ways to play around it such as hazards or not letting your most important Pokémon getting chip damage to Dugtrio's range. Positioning is key against Dug. Also, the players must give themselves the tools to play around these Dugtrio teams. If you have "0% chance of winning vs Dug+Magic Bounce" from team preview, then your team is the problem, not the Dug+Magic Bounce team. Each team, as solid as they can be, will inevitably be weak to a certain archetype because a perfect team does not exist. Just like HyperOffense teams, rain teams or stall teams, Dugtrio teams are an archetype that are also part of our metagame. As I said earlier, these Dug teams have major flaws. Weezing, Togekiss and Chandelure are usually excellent against these teams. Zapdos puts some great pressure and is an example of a Togekiss counter that doesn't get trapped by Dug. There are Stealth Rock users that are totally viable that beat Serperior and Espeon and that don't get trapped by Dug, the best example for it being Hydreigon (Check @Ziiiiio's detailed post on Tuesday 6 for more examples). I believe Dugtrio limits the Dugtrio player's teambuild as much as the opponent's : this is why the vast majority of players are forced to use a Magic Bounce alongside it. Others will chose to play 2 or even 3 defoggers in their team. I think it's a huge commitment in the teambuilding process in order to make use of a Pokémon that has no defensive utility whatsoever. The fact that Dugtrio only works in very specific teams is partly what makes this Pokémon healthy despite its ability. If any change were to happen, I would prefer Dugtrio's base attack stat to be reverted to 80. However I don't believe that a nerf is truly necessary.
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  46. IDK if this one is Cataloged, but here is ! Form shiny Unown
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