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  1. The reason that we don't allow permanent ownership of "uber" legendaries like Zekrom is the impact they would have on difficulty balancing. Some legendaries are so powerful that they would warp the game around themselves, and banning them from PvP would not resolve this at all. When it comes to the most difficult postgame content, PokeMMO is a strategy game in disguise. You have hundreds of options to choose from which bring something unique to teams built to handle that difficult content. Choice is emphasized and important as each mon is better at some things and worse at others, giving you a reason to prepare and use different teams in different situations. If content difficulty is balanced under the assumption that players are all using the strongest legendaries, it becomes too difficult for players who don't have them. If it's not balanced around them, it becomes too easy for players who do. Both of these outcomes are extremely negative for the game as it strips away the value of choice. You would always auto-include them to play anything optimally.
  2. Banned characters are the ones whose names never become available again. If a character is simply deleted or changes its name to something else (this seems to be what happened in your case?), its old name becomes available for anyone else to use. You can't get it back if it isn't yours anymore.
  3. The character holding the name you wanted wasn't on a banned account. If it was renamed or deleted (either by you or automatically in a wipe at some point due to little or no playtime or assets), the name was freed for someone else to claim. The answer you're responding to was in regards to banned characters, whose names never become available again.
  4. You received 50m from a Chinese RMT vendor on 27-03-2024 and another 20m from a completely different Chinese RMT vendor on 01-04-2024, both of whom were funneling money from bots to customers. We deal with a lot of them, we know what they look like. Some of the other customers banned alongside you (from a variety of countries and languages) have also admitted to purchasing in-game currency from them, or have received additional "gifts" from other vendor accounts. We don't ban players for simply receiving gifts, even large ones. The circumstances around those gifts are the important part, and although we may not be able to dive into your bank history, we have no reason to believe these trades were legitimate. Attempting to mislead other players here won't help your cause, you simply got caught.
  5. We chose to allow duplicate legendaries because restricting ownership to only one would be arbitrary and would make the game worse instead of better. Most of these species are competitively important and versatile to an extent that warrants the ability to own multiple of them to fulfill different roles. With regards to the lore: Each legendary canonically exists in many different regions across many different games. The Kanto birds can be caught repeatedly in a single save of Let's Go. Several others have been confirmed to exist in multiples in the anime, including the Johto beasts. Legendaries appear in the various Battle Frontiers + Battle Subway. There are multiple of each per location and with varying (canon) natures, they can't all be the same one. The link posted above by @Akshit is also a good reference. This all demonstrates that most minor legendaries aren't actually one of a kind, so we're simply treating them as extremely rare species. We don't intend to change this stance.
  6. It doesn't have a full set of walking sprites, so no. Even if this weren't the case, one of the benefits of the current follower implementation is its ability to motivate other players. Seeing someone with a rare and impressive shiny or obtainable legendary is often a reason that a player might choose to hunt for their own, which they can then show off with pride themselves. Rare and special followers mean something to other players due to the immense amount of effort put into obtaining them. For that reason (among many others), I'm really not a fan of the idea of equipping followers that you don't actually own, especially when it's something as big and flashy as an uber legendary with a lot of lore behind it.
  7. Allowing permanent ownership of something as powerful as Zekrom would be unhealthy for the game. It would immediately be banned from competitive play and would be extremely dominant in PvE settings too. It's quite a bit stronger than the other legendaries and mythicals that have been released thus far.
  8. We consider suitability for OU to be a good indicator of whether a species is suitable for the game at all. If a legendary is too overwhelming for the tier containing the best regular mons, that legendary is also extremely likely to outcompete them in PvE. In a game which heavily emphasizes team customization, balance between options is important to allow players to effectively utilize a variety of them. When uber legendaries are almost always the best in their roles or good enough generalists to compensate for a lack of specialization, there is little reason to use anything else once you've got them. We're willing to make some minor concessions for doubles when a single move is the issue with an otherwise reasonable OU mon (and that move doesn't break it in PvE), but introducing something new that is immediately and forever banished from standard OU play is a balancing failure which indicates that it shouldn't have been implemented. Many uber legendaries would be banworthy in the current doubles format too. I'm not a fan of arbitrary restrictions on where and how you can use something that otherwise behaves like everything else you own, it isn't good game design. If we ever make uber legendaries available, it will likely be temporary ownership rather than allowing them to be permanently kept. We'd prefer to avoid base stat modification as their battle performance is a large part of their identity. It's also confusing when they don't live up to a player's expectations when using or facing them. Being unable to withstand a powerful super effective attack really doesn't mean anything. 252+ Atk Choice Band Beedrill X-Scissor vs. 0 HP / 0 Def Mewtwo: 366-432 (103.6 - 122.3%) -- guaranteed OHKO
  9. Raids may be the obtainment method for some legendaries in the future. For which ones, you'll have to wait and see.
  10. Although possible, it isn't good design to permanently give you something that you can't meaningfully use. We might consider Shaymin-Sky for PvE (and maybe doubles) at some point as you can re-enable it for OU by reverting it to its base form. We'd prefer not to implement entire species that will instantly and forever be banned from singles PvP though.
  11. The issue with implementing the strongest legendaries in a permanent form is the impact they'll have on PvE, not PvP. We can ban overpowered species from competitive play, but can't (reasonably) ban them from the rest of the game after making them available for capture.
  12. It's a package deal with Latios, which is threatening enough that it would be unwise to drop them before the other legendaries and HA mons with positive matchups against them have been introduced to the tier. Both will likely come someday (with close monitoring in PvP) but it's unlikely that it will be soon.
  13. The legendaries we'll be allowing players to permanently obtain are the ones that are balanced enough for standard OU PvP. We don't intend to ever make "uber" legendaries obtainable in an unrestricted form as they would entirely warp the game around themselves. If content difficulty is balanced under the assumption that players are all using titans like Kyogre, it becomes too difficult for players who don't have access to them. If it's not balanced around them, it becomes too easy for players who do have them. Both outcomes force their usage on the vast majority of teams in order to play hard fights optimally. The possibility of an ubers tier isn't worth the damage their permanent availability would cause to the rest of the game, although we might consider temporary ownership of them sometime in the future. Speed Boost Blaziken may be on the table at some point with its ability banned in singles PvP due to the exceptions made for Draco Meteor Hydreigon and Swords Dance Garchomp to allow them in PvE and doubles. This isn't a guarantee though, it would only come after after extensive testing has been done to ensure that it doesn't affect PvE balancing in an undesirable way.
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