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  1. The prize has been completed, please enjoy a little preview. Walk: Others: This item also has Multiple Styles, with a constantly sparkling version if you like to look flashy. This can be toggled off with the "use" button. Good luck and happy hunting!
  2. Win trading is against the rules. If someone told you otherwise, they were mistaken. When we don't punish for it, it's typically due to a lack of evidence proving intent or a clear pattern of behavior. There are a number of legitimate reasons why a player may forfeit a match, so our evidence standards are high to minimize the effectiveness of malicious reporting against innocent players. We will not be allowing practices that harm the competitive environment when supplied with sufficient evidence.
  3. They were temporarily banned due to a bugged interaction which doesn't affect the non-damaging versions. They will be unbanned once the issue is resolved.
  4. There have been a few questions about why scoring is being handled the way it is. To clear things up a bit, the event is structured in a way that allows us to score shinies using only information visible from our end instead of reaching out to 1500 players to prove the legitimacy of their entries. We're not willing to rely on screenshot evidence, we're leaving no room for cheating in this event. We can see the OT shinies caught within the event timeframe (if they're still on the registered character), their rare attributes (secret/alpha), and verify whether or not they were bred from shiny+shiny parents, but we can't tell where they were caught, their encounter methods, their original levels, or which evolution stages they were at. This is why we opted for evolution line-based scoring with no bonuses for eggs, single encounters, or safari catches. We can't verify this information without contacting players individually. Mysterious Balls were allowed due to their finite supply, the low rates of rare species within them, and the method's similarity to reviving fossils. They may give a few teams a minor head start but are unlikely to significantly affect final scores.
  5. Although it's cute flavor, the unfortunate downside to this is that it would punish players for wearing what they actually want to wear as they would be missing out on the gameplay bonuses they'd get from a themed outfit. If we implement character buffs someday, we'd probably prefer to have players earn them through gameplay instead of making customization feel worse.
  6. Moves that call other moves like Copycat and Metronome can't be selected by Sleep Talk, this is how it works in the original games too.
  7. Raids are my current priority, but updating randoms builds to the current state of the game is very high on my to-do list afterwards. I can't offer an ETA, but it hasn't been forgotten.
  8. You're just unlucky, nothing you've been doing can reduce your shiny rate. The only way a character can become shiny-locked is if it spends an excessive amount of time hunting before doing any story content.
  9. Forum and game accounts are separate, you can create a game account here: https://pokemmo.com/en/account/
  10. You received 20m from a Chinese RMT vendor on 19-06-2024. We deal with gold sellers frequently and know what they look like, this player was not your friend. They were funneling money from bots to customers, some of which have also admitted to purchasing it. We don't ban players for giving or receiving in-game assets, the circumstances around them are the part we focus on. We have no reason to believe that what he gave you was genuinely a gift, nor did you provide evidence in your appeal as you claim. Attempting to mislead other players will not help your cause.
  11. The real issue is that you're quite underpowered, type matchups aren't enough to overcome this. If you evolve one or both of your first stage mons, you'll likely have a better time. Your cap is 35 at this point in the game so there's plenty of room to grind past something your team isn't prepared for on arrival. Part of the design of each gym is to teach you how to use each type by showing you how they can cover their weaknesses. You can still benefit from super effective damage, and resistances can still shut down a portion of a leader's team, but it won't always carry you to a win on its own. Truant is quite easy to play around by switching between your ghost and steel type on its attacking turns too.
  12. Safari catch rates are the same as the rest of the game.
  13. This is a known issue with UI scaling settings unfortunately. It should be resolved in a future update.
  14. Wonder Guard's effect was weakened due to how effective it was in a variety of cheesy AI abuse strategies which were detrimental to the health of the game. The alternative requirement for each strong postgame trainer to have 5-6 mons that can deal with it is unreasonable when designing battles, so we opted to nerf the ability instead. Without a significant AI rework, it won't be returning to full strength. The restriction doesn't apply in PvP where it is still infinite.
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