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  1. speed art video for team vow β˜†* Tysm for the support ! ↑↑ *β˜† team vow club page
  2. I've updated the counters so they are resized and look better :3
  3. welcome to my shop prices signature - 750k event banner - 750k gec counter - 500k team revamp - 900k to make a request, you can dm me or reply to this thread discord - halen#9925 signatures event banners shiny counters team revamps
  4. here we will display all previous work from the year 2022 until now big thanks to everyone who has been apart of the team past and present much love ❀️ TEAM SIGNATURES DISCORD BANNERS EVENT BANNERS
  5. hello, thank you for being here and happy holidays if you enjoy shiny hunting like myself, feel free to download this pack of gec counters that come with a variety of colors instructions to install are included within the .zip link to download https://www.mediafire.com/file/dwfo27grpggz1ck/free_custom_gec_themes_by_halen.zip/file ign itsoktocry discord halen#9925 link to Gilan's mod tool https://forums.pokemmo.com/index.php?/topic/137452-tool-gilans-encounter-counter-beta-available-v103-update/ good luck on your hunts and remember to stay hydrated
  6. Thank you :0 IGN (In Game Name): moonloverhalen Favorite Pokemon (Specify if shiny): LEAFEON Link to your last forum post (Can be about anything): https://forums.pokemmo.com/index.php?/topic/151150-halen-shop-open-signatures-anime/
  7. shiny hunting is like gambling except you spend time rather than money

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