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  1. Hosted by @moonloverhalen Co-Hosted by @Buddhalicious & @Karanomori This event is open to KPOP members only How to Participate Entry fee of 100k is required to join (mail to "KPOPbank") After mailing, sign up by replying to this post with your in-game name Bingo Information 2 team captains will take turns choosing their team members during the bingo draft Those who cannot be present during the draft will be chosen last All bingo participants will receive a temporary discord role for the event and their team Shinies must be posted in #bingo-shinies with OT & catch-date to be accepted as a valid entry Voting for team captains will begin May 29th Draft Date & Location June 1st 2024 12:00pm CST | 14:00 ART Pokéathlon Dome, Ch. 4 (Johto) Team Drafts Information Event Duration Start Date: June 1st - July 1st Event will begin the moment teams have been chosen Prize Pool $10,000,000 Pokeyen (Split among winning team) +MVP Reward ($2,000,000+ Pokeyen) Participants OFFICIAL BINGO BOARD Each team will receive their own custom bingo sheet to begin shunting After the draft, both team's will have 1 day to decide on a team name and team color RULES & INFORMATION (ENGLISH) REGLAS E INFORMACIÓN (ESPAÑOL) Good luck shunting & remember to stay hydrated ❤️
  2. TEAM KPOP Under Used OT Shiny PvP Tournament (Hosted by halenxo) Rules OT shinies only !!!!!!!!!! you can bring up to 4 pokemon 3 UU + 1 OU Shiny, or 4 UU Shinies (Bring your favorites) 8 maximum sign-ups, your spot may be replaced if you're not present prizes will be given to those who place top 3 To sign up for this event, please reply to this post with your in-game username Participants (1) halenxo (2) KanadJ (3) Buddhalicious (4) nayoe (5) Paizley (6) Immortallity (7) RZCxBlaze Substitutes N/A Date, Time, and Location: May 2nd, 2024 12pm CST | 5pm UTC Hoenn Route 118 (halen's base) Prizes 1st place: 500RP 2nd place: 100RP (+Shiny Charm) 3rd place: 100 RP Tournament Bracket https://challonge.com/shinypvp Tournament may be streamed on our team's YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/@KPOPmmo Send any donations to KPOPbank if you wish to raise the prize pool of this event good luck to all participants ❤️
  3. KPOP Free-Tier Tournament (Hosted by GoofyGirl & Halenxo) Rules 12 maximum sign-ups are required You are allowed to bring any pokemon You may be substituted if you are not present Prizes will be given to those who place top 3 Date, Time, and Location: March 21st, 2024 7am CST | 12pm UTC Cinnabar Island Ch. 2 Please register if you'd like to enter https://forms.gle/giTjhYvoi9fC927Y9 View the tournament bracket https://challonge.com/kpoptourney Prizes 1st place: 500RP 2nd place: 100RP (+Shiny Charm) 3rd place: 100 RP Tournament will be streamed on my YouTube channel and Twitch https://www.youtube.com/@halenxo https://www.twitch.tv/halenxo Send donations to KPOPbank if you wish to raise the prize pool of this event Good luck to all participants ❤️
  4. Team KPOP Presents SAFARI SHINY POOL PARTY Safari Shiny Hunting Event Members will pay a $25k entry fee to participate Prize pool will stack each day there is not a shiny captured Date, Time, & Location: Any Safari in PokeMMO Friday 9pm UTC | Saturday 5pm UTC | Sunday 5am UTC (once the team is active and a staff member is online) Rules: Must be in team [kpop] to participate Must mail $25k entry fee to KPOPbank Shiny must be found within the hour we start Shinies found before the charm ends will still count Shinies are required to be called out before catching or fleeing Shines found before the event ends, and captured afterwards are still accepted Participants will receive 25% of the prize pool if a shiny flees Participating Staff: halenxo BuddhaIicious Total Prize Pool: $1,750,000 pokeyen Entry Fee: $25,000 pokeyen Please mail all entry fee's to KPOPbank with "Safari Bounty" as the title good luck and remember to stay hydrated ❤️
  5. KPOP x GEMS Shiny Hunting War March 1st - March 7th Event Details [kpop] x [Gems] Members Only Team with the most points at the end of the event takes all *Make sure to stay updated in each team's discord* KPOP DISCORD GEMS DISCORD Rewards All participants who capture and post a shiny will receive 1 shiny charm All participants who record their reaction will receive 250k pokeyen + 1 shiny charm All participants who record their reaction while in voice call will receive 500k pokeyen + 1 shiny charm (Must reply to this post w/ IGN + catch location to receive reward) KPOP STAFF halenxo BuddhaIicious GEMS STAFF gemgirl SylvieYawn Final Score Date & Time March 1st - March 7th (1 week duration) Event begins and ends based on your time zone Point System +0.5 points: Mysterious Ball Shiny +1 point: 5x Horde +2 points: 3x Horde +5 points: Single Encounter +10 points: Egg/Fossil +20 points: Safari +50 points: Alpha (+3 bonus points: Secret Shiny) Rules -Must be apart of Team's [kpop] or [Gems] to participate -Shinies must be replied to this post with your IGN + catch location to receive rewards -Shinies must be posted in either team's discord with date and catch location -Shinies must be OT and confirmed by staff before points are received -Any egg shiny must be a new OT and bred from a non-shiny Pokémon -Shinies must be successfully caught to receive points -Prize pool will be split evenly to the winning team Prize Pool 1,000,000 Pokeyen Donors KPOPBank If you would like to donate towards this event, please send donations via mail to "KPOPbank" best of luck and remember to stay hydrated 🙏
  6. -KPOP Valentine's Day Event- 3v3 Randoms tourney Happy Valentine's day everyone! Remember to always show love to your friends and family, but more importantly always show love to yourself 💗 Date & Time February 14th, 2024 9:00 AM CST - 10:00 AM EST 20:30 India - 17:00 France - 11:00 AM Venezuela Location halenxo's secret base Tall Tree east of Mauville, route 118 Surf pokemon required (+1 repel optional) Rules This event is open to kpop's friends and family Top 3 winners will receive prizes Items are allowed to be used The tier will randoms tier in a bracket style tourney First stage evolution pokemon only Prizes 1st place: 500k pokeyen 2nd place: 250k pokeyen 3rd place 100k pokeyen How to sign up be online anytime before the event starts we'll send a team message to see who wants to join :3 good luck to all participants ❤️
  7. Team [kpop]: 2024 Shiny Bounty !! (Jan 25th - Feb 25th) Welcome to Team [kpop]'s second shiny bounty! **For 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places, players must use screen recording software such as OBS Studio while encountering their shiny as video evidence and to be featured in our upcoming shiny hunting montage! :3 Start Date: January 25th 2024 @ 12 PM CST --> Timezone Converter <-- Location: Everywhere & Anywhere Duration: Until February 25th 2024 @12:00 PM CST or Until All Shinies are Found Rules: -Must be in Team [kpop] -You must be the OT of the Pokémon -You can only submit one entry -All shinies must be caught within the event time -You must link your entry to any kpop staff member in-game -You must link your entry in #shiny-showcase of the kpop discord -You must show video proof with your encounter of each shiny - For mobile players, screenshots are acceptable This event is funded by @moonloverhalen If you wish to raise the prize pool or help us create future events, please mail donations to KPOPbank never feel like you have to do this, but if you want we appreciate it a ton ! ❤️ ❤️ Bounties & Rewards 1st Place Any Shiny Alpha - Alpha shinies hatched from an egg will not be accepted 1,000,000 Pokeyen + 1 Shiny Charm 2nd Place Any Secret Shiny - Secret shinies hatched from an egg will not be accepted 700,000 Pokeyen + 1 Shiny Charm 3rd Place Any Egg Shiny - Egg shiny MUST be a new OT and bred from non-shiny Pokémon 500,000 Pokeyen + 1 Shiny Charm 4th Place Any Shiny from Petalburg Woods - Only single encounters are accepted 250,000 Pokeyen + 1 Shiny Charm 5th Place Shiny Dewgong - Seel can be accepted as an entry 100,000 Pokeyen + 1 Shiny Charm Bonus Shiny Shaymin - Only available throughout the Lunar New Year event 1000 Reward Points + 1 Shiny Charm good luck !! stay hydrated and happy hunting ❤️
  8. TEAM KPOP FASHION EVENT KPOP FASHION CONTEST RESULTS ^^^ OPEN HERE TO VIEW RESULTS ^^^ You must join our club page in order to reply to this post. This event is open to all members of the kpop discord Join here: https://discord.gg/aCDRgkn69p Judges @moonloverhalen @MightyMichele @Crueldad @ItsMeMarc @gaboidk Date & Time January 25th (12:00 AM CST) - February 25th (12:00 AM CST) Time Zone Converter To submit an entry Reply to this post with a photo of your outfit (must follow our club page) Rules Only 1 entry is allowed per person You must submit your own submission Image editing is not allowed You're allowed to have as many people in your screenshot as you'd like You are allowed to edit your post or change your submission before the contest ends Prizes will be sent to the person who submitted Expensive vanities will not give you an advantage, so please use your creativity! Submission Template: Title: IGN (In Game Name): Submission (Includes screenshot of overworld) Submission Example: 😱Prize Pool😱 2,000 RP 7 Day Donator Status 6x31 Alpha Eevee (Choice of Nature) x75 Mysterious Poke balls, Great balls, & Ultra balls 1st Place 1,000 RP 7 Day Donator Status 25 Mysterious Ultra Balls (2023) 6x31 Alpha Eevee (Choice of Nature) 2nd Place 500RP 500k Pokéyen 25 Mysterious Great Balls (2023) 3rd Place 500RP 500k Pokéyen 25 Mysterious Poke Balls (2023) Honorable Mentions 500k Pokéyen Donations: 7 Day Donator Status @Crueldad 1,000,000 Pokéyen @CaliKingCorey To raise the prize pools or extend the number of places, send any donations to KPOPbank Español
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