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Club Rules & Guidelines:


General rules that apply to all clubs:

  1. Do not make threads advertising your guild club on the forums.
  2. All club titles must take the following format only, [Tag] Team Name. Example: [GM] Game Masters. Any further information you would like to make available to non-members can be put in the description.
  3. Do not require a registration fee upon joining a club (asking for donations is acceptable, though).
  4. Global rules stipulated in the Code of Conduct still apply to all type of clubs. 
  5. Malicious behaviour committed by a player moderator will result in removal of moderator status permanently and forum issued penalty.
  6. Discrimination based on gender, sexuality, religion or race will not be tolerated.
  7. Bullying and harassment of any user is strictly prohibited.
  8. If a Club is inactive for more than three consecutive months it will be removed. All content inside the removed Club will be deleted and if you want to create a new Club for that guild you can do so, but you will have to start from scratch.
  9. A Club's privacy settings (Open, Closed, Private) may only be changed once every 4 months.
  10. Each Club is allowed one service section. In this section, members of the Club can open their individual shop threads or create a single merged Team Shop where the Team sells its members’ items. This can be decided by the team owner/leaders.


Open Club Rules:

  1. Arguments/ traded insults that break the global rules are not permitted. Guilds are encouraged to remove any posters from their club that causes conflict.
  2. Discrimination based on gender, sexuality, religion or race will not be tolerated.
  3. Inappropriate images/videos are not acceptable in any form and they will be removed.
  4. Derailing or spamming a club’s topics is not acceptable.
  5. Posts written in languages other than English are required to have an English translation appended to the post.


Closed/Private Clubs:

Due to the nature of these clubs, a laxer style of moderation will be enforced. Global rules still apply and extreme cases of posting violations will result in staff intervention. No content of a pornographic/graphic nature may be shared at any time.

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