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  1. Quizá lo mejor sea establecer los premios desde el inicio para incentivar a los teams a participar
  2. Stall en ou was always equally viable, I don't see the problem with that... The problem here I think could be the lack of information, it would be useful to know if all the current meta pokes will be HA in this update or not, but it's something that I hope it will be fixed in time before the November changes.
  3. But let's see bro, what other ways are there to count other set of conkeldurr besides physical walls actually? I took 2 examples out of many that could deal with Conkeldurr assault, because that assault set is lackluster here. Positive points: - Good bulk - Good coverage Bad points: - Much lower offensive capacity (Unable to use Flame Orb or Bulk Up). - No Power up punch to deal with this. It could be interesting to start a discussion, but I see it too much, Conkeldurr Assault here is, compared to his other sets, somewhat trash.
  4. The amount of pearls received is only per species? Or are there also variables like total amount of IVs or amount of x31 in a species? I would appreciate a detailed answer. @Kyu
  5. What I think would be interesting to talk about now would be Rhyperior mainly, and possibly Ttar and Metagross (Both singles and Dubs)
  6. In fact Conk without flame orb or bulk up, it's trash by comparison
  7. If I have to say what I would like to have, it would certainly be the totality of HA's without the need to breed again But if I have to base myself on my experience as a player these years... I will say that they will put 2 vanitys and that's it
  8. I find it useful, simple. It would make it easier to find natures for new players and general.
  9. Sure, let's make the item untradable to screw people with no time or desire to complete the dex! 😄
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