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  1. https://pokepast.es/70e3c9b76a36fb5a I suggest something like this, or change the core to Darmanitan + Serperior + Rotom, that makes it a bit easier to build since Rotom wouldn't be forced to be a scarf since he's already Darmanitan.
  2. Not really. 252 SpA Rotom-Wash Volt Switch vs. 252 HP / 0 SpD Togekiss: 92-110 (47.9 - 57.2%) -- 90.6% chance to 2HKO 252 SpA Rotom-Wash Hidden Power Ice vs. 252 HP / 0 SpD Togekiss: 62-74 (32.2 - 38.5%) -- 97% chance to 3HKO 252 SpA Rotom-Wash Hydro Pump vs. 252 HP / 0 SpD Togekiss: 79-94 (41.1 - 48.9%) -- guaranteed 3HKO Volt Switch makes the 2HKO possible, yes, but it can't be said to be a direct counter, especially if we take into account that Togekiss has access to Calm mind + Roost, and since Rotom was slower, I rule out the possibility that your Rotom be Scarf or have Discharge (Movement very rare to see in rotom by the way) As for Togekiss in general, I haven't had a chance to face a calm-minded Togekiss yet, but actually, although he's a very good man, it's possible to control him. Dragonite is possibly the best counter build, and I personally haven't seen Togekiss + Aura Sphere in a while, so consider Magnezone and Tyranitar as possible counters as well. And it also has its checks, like Weavile or even Jolteon if you dare to use it. You can even use a Milotic 252 Speed + Haze to specifically neutralize Togekiss, if you run into him too much and need to fire him. In conclusion, I think Togekiss is a good mon, but it's not "broken" as there are many ways to stop it.
  3. I see no reason for this, the legendaries do not ruin PvP, and in fact, the ones that are very broken, would make Ubers playable, so as I see it, the legendaries with respect to PvP, improve the game, not ruin it. Regarding the main topic, to implement legendaries permanently for everyone... I totally agree.
  4. IGN: DiositoSlurpuff Tiers: OU Country: Argentina Discord: Slurpuff #1863 Fluff: I had to make sure there was a good captain before I signed up.
  5. True, but if you're a new player you probably don't know what ev spread to give a lot of mons, in which case it would be best to make them 5x31 so you can change your spread when you see the need to do. Look, contrary to the previous comment, I suggest that you use a godstuff composition, that is, that you use 6 mons that are among the most used, since that way you will learn about its operation, you will learn how to handle it and you will also learn how to counter it by seeing how your first Rivals try to stop him. I also suggest using a balanced composition, ie not using 100% attackers or 100% walls. I suggest balanced to learn how to use attackers and also learn how to use walls, I think it's the best to start with. Therefore, it would be best if you made a composition of: - 4 attackers (2 physical and 2 special) + 2 walls (One physical capable of stopping Conkeldurr and one special capable of stopping Kingdra choice specs in rain) Or on the other hand... - 3 attackers (Physical-Special-Mixed/physical/special) + 3 walls (1 physical able to stop conkeldurr and other problematic physical mons again + 1 special able to stop kingdra specs in rain + 1 support such as something with defog like Rotom, something with rocks like Ferrothorn, Skarmory, etc) Your goals for having a good OU team are simple: - Have a good synergy, and that your pokes manage to make a good team covering their types and their roles - Have a way to deal with rain, sun and sand teams (mainly rain) - Have a Pokémon that targets entry hazards (I recommend one with stealth rock, although if you also manage to incorporate a Spikes or Toxic Spikes user it would also be great) - A Pokémon with Defog or Rapid Spin (I recommend Defog, but it's up to you) - Ways to stop boosting pokemon (I recommend a special wall that can take damage from boosted pokes + a physical wall with mist to deal with both types of setup sweepers). - And necessarily, a pokémon that is immune to the electric type, in order to deal with Volt Switch users and prevent your opponent from generating momentum for free.
  6. I see unnecessary Excadrill and Jellicent, a good mon that can check superior would be Weavile icircle (I also use it with beat up by Chande or Gengar sub nplot), I see 2 water types, Jellicent and Rotom Wash, so I would recommend either swap Jellicent x Cofagrigus (You'd gain a haze user on the team and thus a way to slow down Reuniclus), or swap Rotom-W for Rotom-M, and replace Ferrothorn to avoid repeating types as much as possible. One thing about your team is that there isn't anything fast enough to match up to a Scarf, nor is there any special defense to deal with Kingdra cspecs, Exeggcuttor life orb, etc. There is a huge glut of physical defenses (Ferro, Jellicent, Rotom-W), but you don't have any special defenses. Exactly the same goes for attackers, you don't have a special one (Garchomp can't be considered one, if he doesn't hit super effective, he doesn't defeat anything). By the way, are Ferro's EVs calculated for something specifically or did you randomize them?
  7. I'm going to advise you to first have the 5 mons in mind and after that consider his moveset, that way you could avoid situations at the end of the build like "Oh, I see that in this slot Garchomp cband would have been more convenient instead of this one" 'to give an example. On the other hand... I'm not convinced by a double steel core, have you considered that Magnezone complicates you too much? it's probably more convenient to stick with Scizor and see what to put in Skarmory's slot.
  8. Well... it's a thinking game, the game wouldn't be able to interpret if your opponent is wasting his time playing you or if he's just using the damage calculator to figure out if he ohkos you or if he gets ohkoed.
  9. IGN: DiositoSlurpuff Tiers: OU Fluff: Gasyflour = Sampaoli
  10. Well, that... I've been waiting an hour to evolve my Espeon, and it would make it quite easy to do these simple things, plus it wouldn't lose any sense to have different schedules by region because... Well, in the world we all have different schedules after all.
  11. Maybe everything is a strategy from staff so that we stop bothering the forum demanding Johto and the hidden abilities
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