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  1. fui secuestrado por la elite por saber muchas cosas

  2. Descansa en paz amigo Fibraxxxx. De parte de nosotros esperemos que te encuentres en un lugar mejor donde siempre te mereciste estar. 25/12/1995 - 09/05/23
  3. Pokémon of the March month 2023 Okayy soo the court has spoken, here we have the results of this month, thanks to the participants for joining again ♥ , as always, i will send the prizes very soon within 24 hours, we are waiting for you all next month ~ 🥇1st place: @Floruwu We liked the adaptation of jirachi in her character, she looks very cute and we love the design, one of the favorites without a doubt, the proposal was very original, she knew how to keep the essence of the pokemon in the character! 🥈2nd place: @Alaniz We love this entry because it looks beautiful and focuses 100% on the character, it looks very satisfying and the background is great, it blends very well, it reminds me of an LoL icon, it's something i'd use as pfp lol. 🥉3rd place: @Arara We liked this entry because it has a crazy idea, it's a streamer jirachi!!, the drawing is very clean, we liked the colors and the overlay in the image is simply great, looks so cute ~ 💝4th place: @lallo17 This one also has a cool idea, he combined 2 pokemon and it has a scary vibe or something like that, we liked the lighting and details, good job!! 1st,2nd and 3rd place have a place in the hall of fame of this publication, congratulations ~ Pokémon of the April month soon
  4. Okkk soo the deadline has come to the end! but feel free to continue publishing or editing your entry until tomorrow where we will give the results. Good luck everyoneee ~
  5. i dont participate i just came to leave my grain of sand
  6. Remember that only 1 week left, wonderful artworks so far X)
  7. Golden magikarp with 30 hours or so, i remember that i was fishing and i got it at the 2nd encounter, 2x31 10m ez
  8. IGN: Torpi Tiers: All but dubs Discord: Torpi#1656
  9. [Lo] Romantic - Team Tournament February Champions 2023 Time: 13h or so Software: Photoshop Was fun to draw, i haven't done a tt poster in a long time, thanks for the opportunity @queest ♥ Progress:
  10. Kangaskhan's Golden Horde (0) vs (0) Stark Tyrants OU: ZioMOJI vs ForFour 300k OU: 300k ArtOfKilling vs DoubleJ UU: Azphiel vs 300k Mkns NU: MadaraSixSix vs 300k woxiangsinile Dubs: 300k TehKharma vs Imabetheverybest LC: 300k Gasyflour vs TheDH DPP: Zokuru vs 300k BlueBreath UU: TheNavarro (Wallarro) vs 300k UmbraMol @Latiosrol paid also @Tawlaowes me 300k ign lTear
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