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  2. Y yo donde estoy camilo aun no acepta nuestro destino 💔
  3. New Exclusive Sig for Appable after 4 months or so without working on sigs X) i haven't lost touch yet More information about commissions on main page.
  4. 4 fun Original Artwork by @Kmiliz: My fanart (?: Roses Time: 5h Software: Only Photoshop Progress:
  5. I will be uploading drawings over time so sorry for my asian friends who wont be able to see them since i will use discord link, i have no idea of another way to upload images here through links, if you know lmk lol also i've updated the main page. Concept Art of my MMO character but villain Gao Time: 7h or so Software: Only Photoshop Progress:
  6. gg everyone thanks for host this ~ te amo kaynine
  7. Realmente no tengo idea si el equipo sigue vivo, tenemos discord pero no es del todo público
  8. i love your work, you usually stand out a lot with your art, you are amazing and you deserve much more recognition, keep it up


    mucho level nomas

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    2. Thekingofglory


      so we found a new good maker?


    3. MustangCZ


      Also, i want to make a suggestion, does any one of you have an idea for a vanity? i could do the pixel art and then post the results on the vanity thread. It can be a character, object, myths, etc.

    4. Thekingofglory
  9. lol no wtf ... IGN: lTear Celesteon - Celestial Eeveelution 🌌 Type: Celestial Abilities: Synchronize / Forewarn Egg Groups: Field / Mineral Etymology: Its name refers to the Celestial Type and the suffix eon which refers to the evolutions of Eevee. Biology: Celesteon is inspired by the cosmic world and the beauty of the universe, this pokemon comes from the eevee evolutionary family, has a cosmic and peculiar appearance due to its birth inside a nebula, the cosmic dust/clouds and minerals that surround its body they give it a crystalline and special appearance. This pokemon has a rare appearance and is not easy to get since it can only evolve with a cosmos special stone that is still unknown. Celesteon usually wanders in a corner of the universe and taking care of those who are of the same species, its said that usually has premonitions about everything that happens in the universe and is in charge of taking care of the stars around him. 🌌 Artwork: Progress: gl every1
  10. So, this will be my last work in this place, made for a friend's bday, idk how long this process will take me but if at any time i return to the forum i will open drawing commissions for everyone uwu. For ppl who dont know the context: click here Max Quality: o/ ♥
  11. Tear


    i make a reminder that i do not do anything in the game nor am i interested in it, i was just a forum user having fun
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