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  1. If chinese people didn't have problems participating in the official tts, I'm sure they would be #1 in the historical table, this is the bad ending tambien hagan una tt donde prohiban a los mexicanos y colombianos, pasa piola
  2. foro de mier no mantiene las fotos, arreglen su wbd bumpito patricio
  3. debi tomar un vino quizas una vcerveza
  4. IGN: lTear Time Zone: GMT-5 Discord: tear6 Preferred Tiers: All of them Fluff: Siempre llego a semis sin jugar y si juego pecheo todas las finales Donation: @xLuneth encargate
  5. Long time without seeing this place so im going to upload stuffs again i did this one yesterday also, i've updated this post because image links were broken
  6. Ok this is becoming a bit problematic, i think we all prefer that in future events authors attach proof that their work is original, such as a sketch or something related to the process. Idk if the author of that drawing has any proof, if so, it would be great, nothing can ensure if it is real or not. me, at least, have never seen him participating before.
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