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  1. I have some thoughts about this. Nerfing sharpness means that every strong ability added onwards will have to be reworked to make it fit in our "old bad meta" which is the same as playing a modern good looking game on an old computer, you have to nerf the graphics to run it. If we want to improve the tier without making too many custom changes we have to do it in order, which mean avoiding making a random jump from gen 1 to gen 10. In this case setting a gen limit and add all the abilities availables to that point would be the right way, if the meta is good we keep it until the next mon introduction (new regions), if the meta sucks then we move one gen onwards to get abilities from there for a possible fix. Right now we complain about mongus, gliscor but we dont even have things like magic guard Zam, which is a way lower gen ability and isnt broken as sharpness but its also effective against those. I believe the less invasibe solution its just removing (or ban) this 9th gen ability the same way it was added, and add the abilities availables till a more reasonable gen to see how the meta develops.
  2. Sableye and sala wall are overall non viable, unless you make a very specific strat for them or something, thats the reason they belong to lower tiers. At the end of the day yea you can wall it with these mons, but overall your team will be weak because the slot you are using to cover only one threat could have been used to stop three or more over used stuff. Bringing in non viable stuff to keep a broken mon isnt a good solution.
  3. Gliscor, amongus is good, and boring af, but adding something broken to combat it wasnt a good choice, that's a 9th gen ability, which our current mons can't handle.
  4. When will we get a solution for this mon, losing due to failing to guess the lottery number vs this thing its getting boring, and switching playstyles bc gallade only allows one shouldnt be an option. Tried bleye, leaf does over 50%, also gliscor just to find out that one guy was using a.vest ice punch, this mon is just too strong to even tried to scout his set, every switch is losing a pokemon if you dont guess correctly. You are suppose to control strong mons with rocks, rocky helmet, his own recoil dmg, etc, but this one doesnt give a fuck about anything. some people just spam psycho cut to not take rocky.h dmg, it hits hard even on resists, so at the end you lose your recovers or you lose a mon triying to predict. Duels are 6v6 , one pokemon deciding the outcome of a whole battle its just stupid. I dont usually post here bc the tc has been accurate balancing things, but this one for some reason is taking to long.
  5. I agree with that, I never said it's the only thing we should look at to ban something, it is just one of many factors to take into consideration when suspecting a mon, also another good factor is playing against the potential broken thing to see if its broken, in which I also agree with you when you say that you don't know since I do play alot ou and you don't.
  6. You answered yourself. Like you said, rotom, chomp, etc they can do everything, while gallade having none of those qualities and being predectible as you said has higher winrate that all the mons you named. Also, 1% charizard usage doesn't mean anything.
  7. this thing is broken, vs ho theres no problem, you will always have the tools to deal with any broken sweeper, but all scenarios must be considered, vs balance or stall theres not a single "ou" mon that wall this thing, this one is a different version of the old sd chomp, chomp had speed, this one has bulk, and thats better vs slow teams, and the worst part is that priority moves cant take it down, at least vs chomp u had ice but against this thing what. Id say sd with sacred, ice, psycho covers most of the tier.
  8. la pau se la come translation: pau is cute
  9. Sick stuff, I hope the champ with the moustache make a comeback
  10. No Kanzo, Zhiko, or Facursa, they have been playing events actively lately, others on the list doesn't even log in. Dissapointed with the picks tbh
  11. No dubs coz we made it 3v3, there's no other reason, is not even up for discussion, so dont waste your time, if you dont like then you know what to do.
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