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  1. This is exactly what happened, months of discussion to reach an agreement, then from nowhere all arguments got ignored and they made an unnecesary custom change, it was just wtf. Anyways this is the last post I made regardless this thing, the mon was broken af, just sitting there 2hko everything without the need of boosts or an offensive item, ignoring rocky helmet, taking no damage from most of special attack, rocks, and almost imposible to revenge kill. Around 1000 duels when the mon had like 30%+ usage, rank one at that time, 10+ years of experience and king in the north, so SHUT UP.
  2. not fast? it outspeed the most spamed mons in h.o mamos ada, dnite and breloom jolly
  3. i suck at pve and i didnt find it that hard, was fun the lures reward is meh tho
  4. is not broken coz ppl run it adamant to compensate the nerf (pvp statistics), still strong vs stall but lacks speed against offense, back to 1.5 its like buffing atk and speed which is dumb af. instead of making custom changes better remove this thing already, the adition of a gen 20 ability in our current progress was way more custom than making it 1.4
  5. aight i just filled mine with the info, lemme know if that works, you can delete camilo and misaka's one
  6. [Aw] Asgard Warriors Registered Players: enchanteur, xFlorcita, Frags, Zhiko, RealDevilLegend, zMisaka, Legendl, Godhell, lKillua, lLatios, xSTerrOr, Tawlaa, JossDjinn, Brumoso, oOKingOo Team Captain: enchanteur
  7. x2 still waiting for the "new alphas" lol
  8. [Aw] Asgard Warriors is now recruiting Who we are Asgard Warriors is the most successful team in PokeMMO history when it comes to PvP competitive play, having won over 20 team tournaments since its founding in 2012. We are a predominantly Spanish-speaking team, however, we have many members who also speak English so you may still be accepted. Requirements - To have been playing PokeMMO for at least 1 year - To be a PvP competitive player Leader enchanteur Executives Frags Zhiko Lkrenz Haazuu Arca Axellgor If you are interested in joining [Aw], please fill in the template and post below so we may review it: [ES] Traducción
  9. Tier changes in the middle of the month are way better, quite anoying always asking before team tourn if pending changes are gonna be applied
  10. What's the reason behind the buff then?? the pokemon has a solid usage, even more than magnezone and kabutops which both of them never dropped to uu, also a good and better win rate than a lot of ou mons. I don't agree with making custom changes to abilities, but as Azphiel pointed above at least this one was a success, so I just can't understand the reasoning behind buffing it, if there's one.
  11. Making custom changes to the game to balance an ability that shouldn't have been introduced in the first place is simply unacceptable. What's more stupid is the logic behind this, so if the pokemon drops to UU it should be buffed to remain at OU? what the fuck.
  12. Totally agree with this, it's sad that nowadays a match is decided like 80% by matchup and not skill.
  13. Ive been playing lately and Cune seems kinda bad for alot of reasons, the people saying it was broken dont even play, you can say wathever you want on paper but things are totally diferent when you play the thing.
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