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  1. It is just mind-blowing to me that the devs said "Nah we won't ban stuff anymore we only nerf" and now they won't even nerf. Seriously what is the point in a TC, what is the point in even having competitive tiers with no way to restrict anything, I truly despair at the direction the game has gone in.
  2. Lumiere & Enchanteur have the strongest teams. I think the best idea for this PSL was to build around 3 strong players who are gonna net you a win with 80% accuracy each week, and go from there (based on the pool). In previous PSL's, I think it was better to go with 2 strong players with an 80% chance to win, and build a bit of a more rounded team. This time I think managers should have switched their approach a bit. I do really believe those 2 teams are the strongest, but a lot can happen in practice in PSL vs on paper. I think people are a little harsh on the rest of the teams though even if there is quite a big drop off with the rest from the top two imo; anyone can still win maybe except 2 teams who I think look very bad (not gonna name names and put anyone down I'm not toxic!).
  3. Copied from the discord: The first play-in will be the "EU Play-In" sign ups will open in 1 hour 15 minutes And the tournament will begin in 2 hours 15 minutes If you can't make this one / missed this one, don't worry. I intend to host "The American Play-in" and the "Asian Play-in" to ensure that I have tournaments friendly for an arrangement of time-zones. At exactly 4PM BST ⁠play-in-signups will open. And 32 slots will be available for people to sign up, it is first come first served. So ensure any friends you know who want to play are in the discord ASAP. Anyone found to be signing up on multiple accounts will be permanently banned for the OUvitational 1, and any other tours we decide to host in the future. No exceptions. Here are the prizes for play-ins: 1st place: 1m + Qualification for main tour 2nd place: Qualification for main tour THE TOURNAMENT STARTS AT 5PM BST The challonge will be posted around 30 mins before the tournament starts. You will have 10 minutes after I call you before I start going for back-ups, this is not a TT. I will not delay and waste peoples time for those who can't be bothered to show up. Good luck! If you wish to join the discord, so you don't miss any sign ups or future qualifiers please join here: https://discord.gg/WEt2bMpVap
  4. I have a serious question: why do the higher-ups never take credit for these decisions? Why is it always put onto TC to announce these changes, which they didn't ask for? Why can't the devs come out and own the fact that THEY are doing this? Gallade is FINE. There is absolutely no reason to change it, what is the specific reason to change to 1.4x damage.. Which as gb said "There is no dmg mechanic in the history of pokemon battling that gives a 1.4 boost" TC didn't want healing moves to be nerfed; in fact, we were in unanimous agreement that it would be bad for the health of PVP to add them. What happened? It got added anyway. I see parallels here: the current TC clearly doesn't want this change, yet they have to present it like a politician playing both sides 'The man has chosen' 'The choice came from above us' while making a thread endorsing it as if it is the best decision possible. This system is completely backwards. There is no explanation for any of this happening; there is no sound logic or reasoning for any decisions made nowadays. TC is absolutely in free fall. @Devs, listen to the TC. It's what they are there for. If you are just going to ignore them, then remove the TC and act like actual grown-ups. Present these choices because it's what YOU want for your game, and take the backlash, as there is not an ounce of competitive integrity in this decision. Instead of forcing others to take the criticism for you as if this is a decision made with the health of competitive MMO tiers in mind, how about you own the fact this is a decision purely based on your vision for the game. It is really sad because I had hopes for the meta at one point, and now I have absolutely zero interest in how poorly it's all being handled. I have ideas for solutions, but I won't waste any time presenting them to deaf ears.
  5. The invites have been sent, the players confirmed (in no particular order) are as follows: Still missing 1 but people kept bugging me SO HERE IT IS. Other 1 will be added when the dumbass replies. Play ins begin in this next week if all goes according to plan, more announcements in the discord.
  6. Why the Gallade change? Having a Pokemon which uses physical fighting and psychic STAB moves was a great addition for OU, it was broken. It got nerfed based on the devs policy... Now it's healthy. Sure, it's not blowing teams apart like it did before but any good pilot of a decently built Gallade team will make the most out of it with 1.3x. Unnecessary change, kinda reminding me of when we added tickle to Wobbuffet and it went from Untiered -> Ubers, I can see Gallade going from OU -> Ubers because 1.4x makes its answers become a lot more shaky and reliant on living rolls.
  7. Invites are being sent out right now, I have tried to do a soft limit of 4 players per team but I believe we went above this twice, as this was just a rule so I didn't invite 10 players from 1 team and not something I was too extreme on sticking by. After the line-up of 25 confirms they are ok to play, the play-ins will be announced and the qualifiers will start. All players invited will have 24 hours to accept their invite before I move onto inviting back-up options. If you aren't invited and feel like you should've been, complaining will do NOTHING for you. I will not listen to it, qualify via play-ins instead. Complaining will just make me laugh at you. Reminder that this is a BEST OUT OF 3 TOURNAMENT, which will be played WEEKLY. It is for the top of their game in PokeMMO PVP, the innovators & highest skilled players will succeed in this tournament. Here is the discord invite for anyone who wishes to join: https://discord.gg/TVsPd3du5F
  8. Boy I do wonder why people use the same stuff in a tier named “Over Used”
  9. The OUvitational Art by lTear Are you tired of lackluster prizes, low skill filled tournaments? And a general mediocre environment? Look no further. The OUvitational will be commencing within the coming months. With a starting prize worth 80m (which is surely to rise) for the 1st place winner; we promise to bring the hype. 25 players who are considered elite, serial winners at the top of their game will be invited by myself. 6 will be able to qualify by play-ins. And 1 will be chosen by the highest donator. Totaling for a 32 player elite tournament. Rules & Tournament Explained: Discord: https://discord.gg/5B55r8jVUJ Play in #1: Date TBC Play in #2: Date TBC Play in #3: Date TBC Play in #4: Date TBC Play in #5: Date TBC Play in #6: Date TBC 25 Invited Players: 6 players qualified by play ins: Prizes *subject to change with donations* 1st Place Prize $50,000,000 + Shiny 5x31 Weavile 2nd Place Prize $12,500,000 3rd Place Prize $5,500,000 DONATORS PLEASE SEND ANY DONATIONS TO: NiceRNG
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