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  1. Oltan meant May 5th next year obviously
  2. IGN: xSparkie Preferred Tiers: All Competitive Accolades: Won LCs in the past, performed alright in PSL and would have been eligible for MVP if I wasn't benched one week Discord contact: xSparkarius#4088 Fluff: I'll show you what a real captain does for his team. Preferred Manager: PoseidonWrath/WarwitoX/Queest/Cali/Kokeno Least Preferred Manager: Sebat 😼
  3. Stark Tyrants (0) vs (0) Fire Force OU: ForFour Vs zBrann UU: Umbramol Vs CarolML LC: TheDH Vs WarwitoX (taken by TwiceF) Kangaskhan's Golden Horde (0) vs My Dress Up Deerling (0) OU: ZioMOJI Vs Lifestyle UU: Azphiel Vs Onraider NU: AngeloDLZ Vs Luke Dubs: TehKharma Vs Necasintrouble LC: Gasyflour Vs KokenoCastro DPP: Zokuru Vs NikhilR OU: MadaraSixSix Vs TheLpZ 200k on the bold, void if subbed, void if a player d/c's 2m on Deerlings winning the week
  4. Cloddy Cloud Clodsires (0) vs (0) Fire Force LC: ShanQi vs WarwitoX UU: TohnR vs Pablobacas Kangaskhan's Golden Horde (0) vs (0) Absolutely Darkness OU: ArtOfKilling vs CHUCKunso NU: MadaraSixSix vs zMauri LC: Gasyflour vs Cali 250k on the bold, void if sub or d/c
  5. Hol' up. That prizepool is insane. Might have to sign up as host and pull a ThinkNice
  6. IGN: xSparkie Time Zone (UTC Format): UTC-5 Discord: xSparkarius#4088 Preferred Tiers: OU / UU / Dubs / LC (No preference) Fluff: Every year after signups, I always tell myself "Damn, you made a mistake."
  7. The hell is the point of having that None option if the field is required. What the hell gb!!!
  8. Glad to see an updated version for this meta. Good stuff Rakh, appreciate you making this.
  9. Don't worry, we'll do another revival in 10 years
  10. IGN: xSparkie Country: USA Tiers: OU / UU / Dubs Fluff: I already regret hitting the submit button fam
  11. Did they both link their mons to you @gbwead?
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