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  1. Art by @Tear and @Lumière With the new introduction of the first batch of hidden, I wanted to make a post to be able to share sample teams for those people who are new and would like to enter the current meta, I want to emphasize that it is an initial post. You just need to click on the pokémon icon to go to the paste link. You are free to contribute teams if you want them to appear as sample teams.(Depending on how suitable it is for the meta, it will be verified to be added, better if it is with some description) Most Simple Smurf Team Alternative by @Lumiere----- Double Frog Rain Team Alternative by @Lumiere ----- Rain Crawdaunt by @Huargensy ----- Ditto Offense by @SweeTforU----- Most Advanced Semi Stall Team with Sableye by @queest----- Balanced team Weavile +Lucario by @Huargensy-----

  3. Chandelure shiny, color orange/black
  4. Raising the knock off power is the worst thing that can happen to the current competitive
  5. The real question is why do they use wobbuffet in the first place?
  6. Crobat will go up to OU and it does not matter if it contributes positively to UU, it is a mandatory change to go up by use, if it is seen that something is broken in UU without crobat it should be analyzed and if it were considered a threat, banned from UU
  7. It is not a thing to stay, we all know that it will increase due to use sooner or later, Crobat will be OU sooner or later and we have to see what will happen to UU when that happens
  8. Not using Serperior with hp fire should be considered blasphemy
  9. I guess it's good for people who like to play untiers to have this type of discussion, although I'm not sure if it will be well received, but at least the idea is good
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