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  1. Allowing dugtrio in the lower levels just shows hypocrisy at its finest, dugtrio does the same in every tier, trapp and kill something that weakens the other team while you get a non-competitive advantage, if we leave it in UU it will do the same, in NU same. Furthermore, complex prohibitions are the worst, we have enough to have it on movements to have to deal with complex prohibitions on tiers, not to mention that it makes no sense to allow it in UU and NU and not in OU, which is a higher tier.
  2. Lc and UT do not exist, if something happens just correct your rules when sending the duel or I don't know, but our decisions will not take into account 2 levels that do not exist.
  3. I've been arguing about the sand trap problem for so long that I don't even bother talking about it anymore.
  4. Ign: Huargensy Motivation: bench people who play badly and give people who play decent a chance kkkk, besides, i have never been a manager in anything like that in the time I have been playing and I want to try it. PSL seasons in which you participated as a player: 3 PSL seasons in which you participated as a manager: None How much will you/have you donate(d) to PSL XVI? Idk I haven't thought about it yet In any case, if I am chosen, I accept DM's in DC to do tests, so I can have them in mind at the time of the draft.
  5. Ok, it already worked for me, is there a way to change the background of one? For example change the pvp
  6. I don't know what the point of comparison is here with adv, there is no focus sash so it is more complicated to put dugtrio freely because it has a more exploitable margin of error, it has less base attack (although that is not so important), it does not have the tools to taking it onto the field as freely as there is now, and of course not having a preview of the team makes it harder for you to recognize the threat you need to eliminate. (Not to mention that you are forced to use cb so it ends up being boost bait for salamence or others). Besides, nothing there is made stronger than it really is thanks to dugtrio
  7. Damn, Rotom Nasty doesn't can vs Serpe and it's also one that they use a lot, not even Chansey or Shedinja, which are things they usually accompany them with, Hydre's most used set suffers from the same thing, Metagross and Kabutops are Trapp by Dugtrio, after all that's what dugtrio is for to eliminate those who can place sr in front of espeon, if you play trio toxic you deal with suicune, and suicune doesn't touch shedinja either so you end up losing due to pp stall between shedinja-> baton pass, manual change to shedinja again until you have to switch to suicune, bronzong cm suffers from the same thing, none of what you mentioned is relatively good against certain matchups vs dugtrio, except that hydreigon nasty does have dark pulse or flame, although nasty sub is preferred before, of course In case bronzong skill swap is too far-fetched, searching for such specific things reflects the problem a lot, druddigon can put a lot of pressure to the point of being able to leave rocks on this team, let's play it I don't consider dugtrio to be an uber by itself, but a condition for a suspect is not to be healthy for the meta, although it is not considered an uber like sd chomp or gallade could be, it does not contribute anything healthy to the meta, arena trap is anything but competitive For some reason he has been banned in smogon since the incorporation of focus sash
  8. At no point did I say that it was broken, but it is unhealthy and indirectly affects the meta from many points. Does limiting teambuilding and favoring the fish matchup much more seem healthy to you? Out of other points that can be touched
  9. Well, I think that after a long time without giving my public opinion like tc in the forum, now is the time to do it again. I will try to start from the essentials, Arena trap is such an uncompetitive skill that it limits a fundamental part of playing this, switching, there is no counterplay when dugtrio enters the field to eliminate a mon at the right time, since Dugtrio enters the field well, you know that you have lost a poke and you have no way to avoid that, some will probably say "Shed shell or shuca berry" to which I proceed to answer, Are you seriously going to sacrifice an item that is so important in most of dugtrio-only cases that you probably won't encounter in every duel? In addition to the fact that Tyra Shuca or others end up losing vs Reversal Dugtrio. The next point I will address is that unlike normal matches, from the moment you see a dugtrio on the other team you know that the victory is decided by the matchup, it is just a matter of waiting for dugtrio to come in to eliminate your wincon vs. that team. I will give an example: We have a team with dugtrio, espeon calm mind, volcarona safeguard and togekiss (other things can be added that benefit more from Tyra or Volca not being there), tyranitar can eliminate one, but what happens then? You can't let trap rocks go for free because Espeon is usually good against top rock setters, so most of those matchups are played without hazards. This is what will happen, he will drop the one who is least useful to him, dugtrio will come in and eliminate tyranitar, then he only proceeds to win with one of these because his way of stopping them has been eliminated, this only reveals that the matchup is what but it influences when playing a team with dugtrio, and that doesn't just happen with tyranitar. Excadrill, volcarona infernape, gallade etc have the same problem, they are all good against these teams but it is a matter of time before they fall against dugtrio. Next point, limitation when building, dugtrio even has a fundamental role when someone builds a team, because you know that you can't play so many things that touch the floor and are eliminated, that limits the number of combinations that you may want on your team, I don't think these teams are invincible, but if you fill many ways to counter these teams besides tyranitar you end up being weak to another form of equipment, for example rain or some offense, etc. The worst thing is that wanting to abuse these teams is complicated, taking advantage of the momentum that dugtrio leaves is almost zero, the example I will give is gyarados or dragonite, when playing it with mandibuzz or porygon they make it impossible to take advantage of these 2, the next offensive that is What happens to me is scizor, but you see that volcarona and zapdos are just as viable with dugtrio, the only way I see to be able to punish dugtrio well is with hydreigon, but volcarona is still an answer to this one, so you should pray accordingly having the right sweepers to be able to abuse dugtrio, this is further aggravated because the rock setters that can place stealth rocks vs espeon or xatu like excadrill end up being eliminated by dugtrio, which further confirms my theory that the matchup vs these teams eliminates all types of skills. The other topic I want to touch on is that the reward of playing dugtrio is much greater than the risk itself, as the generation progressed we received teleport which is a way to bring dugtrio without losing its focus sash, teleport spam or baton pass in these teams are in charge of keeping the dugtrio sash untouchable even after eliminating the threat that you had to erase, so it gives you the room for error to be able to eliminate another mon that is difficult for you or one that is weak. In addition to the fact that it can greatly influence the viability and use of some pokes, sword dance excadrill is almost invisible and can really be a good option in the meta, but why would you take a mon that only entered the field to be erased by a mole of 3 heads?
  10. I am not going to take into account the opinion of youtubers who do not even know how to review the forum, I just saw a video of one completely misinforming, on the other hand, I do not see how hydreigon without draco meteor stops being a problem vs stall, it still has taunt, fire spin, nasty plot and enough bulky to boost on many walls, the only thing that draco meteor offered was to also complicate balanced or offense, draco meteor specs is almost always 1 mon less in offense, while in balanced it can also be one less, unless you play chansey (ccof cof focus energy) or some steel, but with the coverage of flame or focus blast you play 50/50 with the chance of losing and being left without your dragon resist, not even mienshao AV is able to do wall against this one when we used it as a wall to count hydreigon, we also had the focus energy strategy that literally erases the balanced every time it is played well, etc etc
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