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  1. Hey, Munya, do you often watch anime?

    How about the steins gate

  2. I've implored people to make a thread, nobody has yet.
  3. Yoyos typically don't happen anymore though do they? I definitely recall 2 months where nothings has changed so I neglected to even make a post for them. Big changes happen at the seasonal change for sure but thats kind of by design so that each season is different. If we wish to revisit some of the %'s people are open to discuss it, i just yoinked most of them from some smogon tiering process thread thing whenever we started doing seasons.
  4. When they are updated a thread will be made at that time, speculating now is pointless as we do not know when that will be.
  5. Things change, and I also don't have to read one of seniles books to try and figure out how a ban procedure should take place anymore. I am always open to testing Electrode again as I never had an opinion on it being banned or not in the first place.
  6. Wasn't quickbanned it was put where it was believed it would be via usage almost all of those were if not all of them. A quickban would follow the procedure of having a thread with no pre-defined time limits on it so it could be as short as a day informing players that a ban is likely imminent for it so they can communicate on the matter if they so desire.
  7. I actually asked the same thing in the TC discord even though people here weren't immediately jumping on to ban it either. Though I wasn't as confident in my question as you seem to be.
  8. Nobody has said anything yet but its still early in the day. It is one of the ones below the cutoff, if that ban needs to be re-evaluated then we can, but nobody has mentioned it. All of the following BL mons are below cutoffs just to get it out there
  9. At least one TC member has asked to BL raptor, told them to make a thread for a quickban if thats something we need to do. I do not have the capabilities to do it, and i doubt its in the current framework for usage, but I'm sure its within the possibility to be added eventually.
  10. My statement is still true, also keep in mind only ~1000 of those would be needed to drop it below the cutoff.
  11. Theres definitely somebody on this very forum that does it just because you say that lol
  12. Still using 4.36% cutoffs till the end of the season hopefully we should return to the norm next season. To UU from OU: Ludicolo Salamence Staraptor To UU from NU: Golbat Gligar Sableye To NU from UU: Wobbuffet Quagsire I could also upon request post the BL/BL2 mons below cutoffs if its perhaps time to re-evaluate anything, if not I'll just discard them.
  13. No idea, Azumarill just appeared a day or two ago so may still be more.
  14. Not sure since that probably falls into mechanic?(I know nothing about the move actually changes but not sure what else to consider it) change instead of outright gutting a pokemon of a move. Its something that's free to be discussed for sure.
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