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  1. The following changes are now live in game: Quagsire to UU from NU Shaymin to UU for a test, thread soon hopefully. Yanmega banned to BL2, so nothing really changes visually in game for that one.
  2. Its not being touched unless someone who previously voted against banning it changes there mind/asks for it to reasonably have the outcome change and or the end of the season.
  3. As it currently stands Shaymin will be retested in UU and Yanmega will be quickbanned to BL2 at the start of the next month.
  4. There's currently a vote going on in regards to Yanmega If it ever drops below usage movement cutoff sure, but it hasn't.
  5. He said that everybody assumed, not that it was fact. Before this tangent goes any further lets please not derail the topic.
  6. 1. Make an argument for why it should forgo testing. 2. Its already in the tier unless you mean testing it in UU, if not then you need to convince TC that its banworthy.
  7. First month, 5.5 up to go up, 3 down to move down. To UU from NU: Quagsire - 6.81% usage in UU To NU from UU: Yanmega - 2.91% usage in UU There is also an ongoing vote(will be concluded at the time tier changes go live in game in a few days) to retest Shaymin in UU.
  8. The tier council position has been filled, sorry for the somewhat late reply, @FlacuSkye has joined the team.
  9. nope, its at 3.77, needs to be below 3.75. Nope, 4.6, need to be above 4.75
  10. Going into a new season, 4.75% to go up, 3.75% to go down. Usage at the time of this post dictates movements. To OU from UU: Empoleon - 6.14% Usage To UU from OU: Salamence - 3.32% usage Bronzong - 3.73% usage Mandibuzz 3.23% usage To NU from UU: Blaziken - 3.6% usage Moltres - 2.14% usage Gigalith - 3.66% usage Zoroark - 3.66% usage As usual, discuss whatever in the tiers you think needs discussing. We are also looking for a new TC member, if you have an open application please reply to it to renew it or send a new one if you haven't before.
  11. I feel like we are starting to stray a little too far from the topic of MMOs OU, lets reel it in some.
  12. As of today the vote on Dugtrio is concluded, it will not be banned with a split vote 3:3.
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