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  1. Can't say for sure, nobodies mentioned them and its still early. In the past there was some trepidation over the possibility of zam falling iirc, and rhyperior I think caused problems last time it dropped but I have no idea if thats changed now or not.
  2. Anything you have specifically in mind?
  3. Short thread this month, based on 4.36% movements at the time the discussion thread was made. Moving down from OU to UU: Rotom Mow - Usage based. Discussion thread:
  4. We will be sticking with policy, they will remain in the tier until next month at least, 4.36% cutoffs are still in effect for the duration of the season.
  5. We have a policy of not changing movements once the thread is posted, if tier council wants to intervene and move these up via usage we can consider it but there is a very limited time to do so as the month is switching over very soon. It would require a normal vote and a majority of them going for it. I'll be doing movements probably in like 2 hours to make sure I don't cut into the next month.
  6. Actually it would be the month after the next but as stated at the beginning of the season we will be going with easier cutoffs while the new changes settle into the tiers.
  7. Suara does good music, but this season is the adaption of the best of the current 3 games, they completely blew season 2 but I have high hopes for 3, its cut a lot out but its been good so far.
  8. You'd have to remove the usage of everything that happened before the 12th so you'd need numbers, Even knowing total and % doesn't necessarily give an accurate representation as each .0x% can potentially represent multiple numbers depending on how much total usage there was at the time. And no, I'd actually rather not use it. This has been something that was announced 2+ weeks ago, if it was something anybody particularly felt strongly about, it should have been brought up at the time of the announcement so we could have potentially made preparations to pull that data. Even with preparations it is a fairly time consuming task, at this point its too late.
  9. You not am not doing that kind of manual work, and unless you have screenshots of the tooltip for every single mon it doesn't even matter.
  10. And no way to obtain that usage.
  11. UU's usage is invalid as we moved up 3 very impactful mons mid-month and it is not an accurate representation of the tier as a result, we will not be using it.
  12. 4.36 to move up or down, only using OU usage for this cycle as stated during the mid-month movements. Down to UU from OU: Rotom Mow No other changes via usage, anything else need discussing? Movement{s} will go live Sunday.
  13. Now that I've been informed what this is and that you got me good, you are my new favorite player.
  14. We will be doing a early movement this month(and discarding UU and NU usage at the end of the month), and move the following pokemon up in tiers based on their current usage: To OU from UU: Torkoal Venusaur Serperior To UU from NU: Espeon All effective immediately, feel free to discuss these changes in the above movement discussion thread that has been linked.
  15. Thats nice, you should try and get everything that was catchable in 2012 now, assuming that list still exists, including the event releases.
  16. Having people for each tier only works if we have interest in people joining TC to focus on each tier, a fair amount of the time we struggle to maintain the 6 members we have, and i think to focus each tier we'd be looking at a minimum of 3 per tier like it used to be, so 9 total(No doubles representation?).
  17. Ehh. Idc which of the two we discuss in as long as it stays in one place per subject, maybe I should start locking monthly discussion thread when month officially changes over?
  18. Not going to happen unless this change happens in the official games.
  19. Time to tighten the security on the chansey cage again. Jose keeps sneaking in
  20. Base on 4.36% movement points. Moving DOWN to UU from OU: Torkoal Moving UP to UU from NU: Absol Zoroark Quickbanned to BL2 from NU due to gaining their Hidden abilities: (Been done in game for a week or so now) Feraligatr - With Sheer Force, most of Feraligatr's viable moves have become significantly more powerful, in addition to negating recoil from Life Orb. Already an extremely scary sweeper without it, its Hidden Ability pushes Feraligatr over the edge. It will be monitored closely in UU as well. Serperior - With Contrary in combination with Leaf Storm to combine a powerful move with a +2 special attack boost, a great speed stat, and good bulk, Serperior can very easily snowball. It has been determined that it's too much for NeverUsed to handle, and the Tier Council will keep an eye on it in UU too. In addition for the following season all months will have a cutoff of 4.36% to move either way to help things move to the tier they should be in quicker. Moving "UP" to NU from Untiered: Sceptile Ludicolo Poliwrath Scyther Seismitoad Lilligant Pikachu Moving to Untiered from NU: Braviary Magmortar Vanilluxe Discussion thread:
  21. I unfortunately cannot sort that out, but interestingly, similar %'s in UU but it has a much lower winrate. I'd have to look back at their ban reason but i don't think it involved usage, If it was then me at the time of that ban was stupid.
  22. I greatly respect everybody who post in this threads thoughts on the matter but this is how we have decided on doing it. That doesn't mean something can't be banned mid month if its too much of an issue in the lower tier, but if its not an issue, I don't want to start banning on theorized usage either.
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