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  1. Under these assumptions I don't see how you can claim that PSL should add UT next season Are you gonna depend on Munya to change the pokedex to allow or disallow certain mons :'D Cause it doesn't happen every rotation
  2. UT could be cool but we would have to establish a proper tiering system just like the LC community does. I don't think we are ready to mention it for PSL yet, seeing how low the level was in other tournaments like Quinn's one (PCL ?). And no Caio, we don't mean the thing you're doing with UT we mean something that the whole community agrees on πŸ˜‰
  3. I don't think there's any good criteria of eligibility really. When I got bought for the first time I had nothing but some ladder ranking and CCs to my name, still don't have much and yet I'll be picked and play every season. I have faced the wide majority of elite players this game has to offer in my tier and went neutral or positive through each of the 3 seasons I have participated in (4th ongoing, we'll see). If you want only the best to enter, just make sure managers are "forced" to tryhard in some way, for instance involving their own money. If every manager has to pay say 20m to signup (if picked), and then you share the "manager prize pool" between managers from 1st to last at the end of regular season, they will be forced to try in the auction, and try every week until the very end.
  4. I will give you these bets once I have received money from your bets last week. You owe me 600k if my count is correct πŸ˜‰ EDIT : Received money, bets validated πŸ™‚
  5. Then I'm taking this from you as well πŸ™‚
  6. For all these players, 200k on bolded : NU: iHavsik vs Chronorike @GhostyRon Dubs: Edstorm vs iKillua @MaatthewMLG LC: Gasyflour vs Darkquiler @GhostyRon NU: iHavsik vs Chronorike @GhostyRon Dubs: Edstorm vs iKillua @MaatthewMLG LC: Gasyflour vs Darkquiler @GhostyRon UU: CarolML vs Sweetforu @LeJovi OU: ArtOfKilling vs Sannuo @GhostyRon NU: Wolfangt vs DrTylerGrey @LeJovi LC: Smadagos vs Skylux @LeJovi MC 2: ChristianAcre vs Elvesss (OU) OU: qqqianx vs ForFour @MaatthewMLG OU: ZioMOJI vs dshadd UU: TohnR vs tykd @GhostyRon NU: xLunethx vs woxiangsinile @GhostyRon Dubs: Mislandier vs lovesinile @LeJovi OU: JorgeFirebolt vs Azphiel UU: Forfiter vs Flacusaurio LC: WarwitoX vs QuinnW @GhostyRon DUBS: UT vs Akarukokuyo Tyrants vs Urshifus --> 1m on Tyrants winning the week, void if tie (500k by @EEdays)
  7. Kharma paid me 3m. I paid Josee 200k. GhostlyRon owes me 600k πŸ™‚
  8. S Tier is Dragon/Water/Steel A Tier is Ghost/Fighting/Ground/Electric/Flying B Tier is Grass/Fire/Ice/Dark/Normal/Poison C Tier is Bug/Psychic/Rock Something like that, took 30s, you put too much thoughts into it
  9. 1m Tyrants winning the week, void if tie. 200k on each of these (bolded) as well : OU: Elvesssss vs Aerun (3M bet with @PKTxKharma) OU: ZioMOJI vs Zokuru OU: qqqianx vs miloticc Dubs: Mislandier vs iKillua LC: Cristi vs Darkquiler NU: Woxiangsinile vs xJossue Dubs: Lovesinile vs Gabuchox LC: Asmodeusro vs Smadagos @Shadow LC: Forfour vs TheDH OU: ChristianArce vs Poseidonwrath UU: Forfiter vs CarolML @GhostyRon LC: Nagahex vs Gasyflour @GhostyRon UU: Lachidrago vs Shellicent @GhostyRon
  10. Whisp any staff or myself ingame whenever you are online. There's many people down to help for that
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