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  1. Most of the actual UU/NU playerbase that we had just quit because too many changes going on that makes any team you build unviable within a few weeks That leads to people feeling they are wasting their time learning knowledge that will not be useful in the future The rewards for all ladders are quite bad and it would be cool to get a bump to those, but it's not really the only issue
  2. Blatant lie @Zokuru Feraligatr's most effective sets lose (or at least can lose) to every other water threat and as you mentionned there are plenty in the metagame Blastoise on the special side is a completely different type of mon checked by different stuff than what Crawdaunt/Sharpedo/Feraligatr are, so sort of can't compare the 2 of them Blastoise on the physical side is not problematic in any way Would you be so kind as to name mons that can offensively check Crawdaunt that can't offensively check Feraligatr since you're claiming it's easier to offensively check Crawdaunt as far as I understand ? I see potentially Rotom Mow that would fear DDance + Icepunch from Feral but doesn't fear setup from Crawdaunt as much, but that's about it. I would actually claim that more mons are able to offensively check Feraligatr due to its much weaker Aqua Jet, should refer to Azphiel's +2 jet calcs for that aspect
  3. Good thread, should ban. Don't think there is much to add to the OP
  4. lol yea let's make the tier a total coinflip by allowing 10 uber offensive mons why not
  5. Also how come the same council that wanted to ban Feraligatr just a few months ago is now tolerating Crawdaunt, a mon that has the exact same set and 150% of Feraligatr power to the point that Feral has been fully replaced by it and its usage dropped to the ground ... When I argued about possible answers for Feral with Poli & Toxicroak then I got argued back by a lot of people that they were at best shaky answer and not that good in the metagame, but now we have this powerhouse allowed and it's completely fine ? I'm still looking for a coherent decision there
  6. Wasn't Staraptor quickbanned to OU when it got its hidden ability in the first place? Nobody ever argued it would be any good in OU, the only reason it went is because it was too good for UU. I don't even wanna talk about Salamence
  7. Funny that when you google "OpenJDK Platform Binary" the first thing you see is someone asking why it's using 100% of CPU :'D But this launcher is open source so doubt it's a bitcoin miner, it's just performing badly
  8. We got a lot of new ones recently, Golem today too. They said "~60 lines" we didn't even know if it was 60 exactly or like 64 or if it was 60 counting the existing ones or 60 new ones xD I guess we'll never know when it's really over πŸ˜„
  9. Because the price of the mon on the market is related with the amount of money required to breed said mon As you may know, you need to spend items "power braces" that cost 10k each to transmit IVs. Their value isn't purely speculative, if the value goes bellow the cost of breeding one, people will buy these and stop breeding more because they are not worth crafting, hence the offer will decrease and the demand is roughly constant (because there are always new players that need to buy new competitive pokemon, even old players keep making more and more competitive pokemon with specific techs) Also the way to "consume" mons is quite simple, and is the same process as vanities. When some account goes inactive, all of their belongings become dormant for an indefinite amount of times hence are not available on the market anymore, or when the active players are holding onto theirs. That's the same effect with mons like Gengar, once you have it you don't have any more reason to sell it unless you drop competitive, or some update brings a new ability that makes the old 5iv pokemon unviable. That happened recently with the Hidden Abilities and you can see if you look close enough that the Pokemon like Gliscor or Sharpedo that got great Hidden Abilities are now much cheaper than they used to be (for the non Hidden Ability 5iv pricing) because people want to get rid of these to make the new version of the comp πŸ™‚ But overall the pricing of competitive mons fluctuates more around 800-950k. If you are paying 1.2 million for a Gengar, you are not looking at the right place
  10. Shiny Bisharp (egg) > 12 pearls Shiny Floatzell, Rhydon, Tentacruel, Durant (Hordes) > 4 pearls
  11. Rename this thread Caio's and Gb's irrelevant discussions thread πŸ”₯
  12. Might revive the tier discussion thread πŸ™‚
  13. Nah I use 6 lvl 100 comps all fire or dark type and beat the easy mode without much issues to get my Paladin's Shield Of course you need some basic understanding of what the boss does but it wasn't that tryhard. I call it fair The hard mode requires specific strategy and team composition but that is only natural, my main issue being the amount of consummables required and the amount of RNG there was to farm it consistently with most popular methods I've seen.
  14. This guide doesn't specify but you need all 4 regions done for Spiritomb to appear Great work with the locations otherwise, I spent soooo much time with the Sinnoh visual bug that makes it look like the path to Mount Coronet is blocked Edit : 10/11 it appears wisps are still available even if the Pumpking battle is closed
  15. You put the same IVs for totally different prices, this is very confusing
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