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  1. Pro tip for everyone on this thread. If you dont have any expectations you dont get disappointed
  2. @Kyu can we get a ban for spoilers
  3. Can someone check on Jonulo? I'm worried about him
  4. I beg devs remove Cinnabar mansion from the game
  5. It doesnt take an absolute rocket scientist to recognise majority of your boys votes also came from NORE or friends of his. This is how this shit works, it's always been this way.
  6. Send 10M pokeyen to @Kanzo ingame and he'll invite you bro
  7. 80 days until c h r i s t m a s
  8. I hope going by this logic we're banning all these idiots listing their shitty shinies for 800M then all the time.
  9. I think Orange would literally rather be locked in a room for a day with Daryl than host that shitshow again
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