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  1. To get the baby Pokemon, they need to be bred with Incenses. They're available for Purchase from the Slateport City Market for $9,600 each. Each incense will have to be given to the parent to make the baby. And like other items for breeding, will be used in the process. Example: Female Snorlax holding Full Incense breeding with a Male Snorlax will produce a Munchlax.
  2. Name: Elizn Team Tag/Name: Êlec Order: Animated Sig Desired Colour Scheme your choice (matching the pokemon would be great but you know best c:) Additional info: could i be cheeky and ask for 2 pokemon on the sig? Shiny typhlosion and shiny pachirisu. Maybe have the pachirisu on ty's head or something (friendly vibes lol) Also could you do the glitch effect thats on my current sig? LOVE the effect and would love it on a new sig Please hmu with the price c:
  3. Best of luck Tear c:
  4. Sure c: How many do you have that need training? If you want to mail them to me (IGN is same here) I will start them when I log on next c:
  5. 5 more hours to claim a free EV train for my 6 month celebration.
  6. Aside terrible shifts I think I can still do my 6 month shop event :D yay On the 17th ONLY. I will train 1 Pokemon per person completely free to celebrate 6 months of my shop since I opened. Make sure you DM me here that you have sent a Pokemon for me to train. Ill complete them as and when I can. Thanks guys, here's to 6 more months of training ❤
  7. Yes, and as a Shiny Pachirisu owner, i'm tempted to do so.
  8. How? My Smeargle doesn't die. False Swipe (Self-Explainatory) Assist (^) Soak (non damage, could then use it to catch Ghosts) Heal Pulse (Transformed Dittos will heal you)
  9. Seeing these egg hatches gives me inspiration that Shiny Cyndaquil is coming, and hopefully soon xD Fastest Screenshotter in the West??! Faster than me Nice Shiny 😄
  10. Smeargle would work as well, since it can learn more or less anything in the game
  11. Its been confirmed Johto will be coming, we just dont know when. Hopefully sooner rather than later.
  12. If not for everything, at least the Pokemon we have HA access to right now
  13. Have to post this lovely Hitmontop I just completed. 5x31 with some rather nice particle effects onto it
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