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  1. Weekly reminder betting thread is here
  2. Just à reminder if anyone wants to bet make sure you join the betting club.
  3. Take all strawhat bets skylux and xebec I take for 500k
  4. must join the club to bet
  5. Welcome to the PSL Betting Thread Relevant links: psl-xvi Donations The purpose of this thread is to centralize all bets relative to the Before making or accepting a bet, please read the Betting Rules of the Club. List of trusted Middlemen for this event: Me - MonkeyDMathew @Imperial - Incougnation @Shadow - Shadow Since this thread is in a Club, following the thread is strongly suggested to get notifications
  6. I already have my draft planned but if anyone wants to prove they deserve to be drafted and wants me to draft them you can message on discord:monkeyDMathew I have also contacted most Chinese players but if I did not contact you. Just mail me in game and I will get a hold of you
  7. GN:Umbramol TimeZone: GMT +3 Discord:umbramol Tiers: UU Fluff:i Wanna Be a Beautiful Princess
  8. IGN:Lovebaibai Time Zone:GMT+8 Discord:lovebaibai Tiers DB/UU donation:soon
  9. IGN:Kanzo Time Zone UTC+3 Tiers: UU/NU Discord:Kanzo4886 - he is banned from forums so asked me to sign him up fluff: CR7>Messi
  10. WTS/WTT 1 of my Kyu hat for mostly Pokeyen/rp and Cosmetics you can mail me in game or on forums with offers ign;MonkeyDMathew, you can also mail or ask @Terresa in game or on forums.
  11. Updated @ArtOfKilling- updated @GodXebec Grats on his shiny Hariyama added @Axelgor Grats on your 20th shiny Meta - updated @Nestymore grats on his shiny Politoad - Added @Latiosrol
  12. Added @Axelgor - Grats on your 25th official Axellgor - Total 25 There is Poison in the Air Qualifiers: Qualifier #4 ~ 1st Place Axellgor PokeMMO Autumn Showdown Qualifiers: Qualifier #2 ~ 1st Place Axellgor PokeMMO Summer Ball Qualifiers: Qualifier #1 ~ 1st Place Axellgor [OU] The Sand Legend [UU] Escape from the Crystal Tunnel [NU] The Hunger [OU] Gross is Meta [UU] Focus...Now Fight! [NU] Ghost from the North [Doubles] The Guardian of Meteors [UU] The Beetle's Flight [OU] Imagine Having Blades For Hands [UU] Band Of Brothers [NU] ThunderRat [UU] Cyber Bicolored Doll [OU] The Bad Bishop [UU] A Tournament Sprouted [UU] JoJoltik's Shocking Adventure [NU] Rumble #1 [NU] Rumble #31 [NU] Rumble #5 [NU] Leaderboard Tournament #2 [NU] Girafarig in the Wild Doubles Seasonal Stevens big steel doubles - qualifers #1st place tournament winner first place Total - 3 Under Used Season #6 Finale - East ~ 2nd Place Axellgor Never Used Season #13 Finale - East ~ 1st Place Axellgor Under Used Season #14 Finale - East ~ 2nd Place Axellgor Added @DvGv - grats on ur first official and shiny DVGV - Total 1 Doubles Street of Rage Added @Nestymore - Grats on your first official shiny NestyMore - Total 1 NU Sting Like A Beedrill! Updated @ArtOfKilling - grats on your 2nd and 3rd shiny OU the great wall of fire OU spin it to win it added @Latiosrol Latios - Total 5 The World Destroyer Legend: Qualifier #7 [OU] Flyweight Fight Master [UU] Consuming Your Happiness [UU] Ready for a Brave Bird? [UU] A Healthy Soul In A Healthy Body Never Used Season #4 Finale - West ~ 1st Place Latiosrol Added @Brumoso Over Used Season #13 Finale - East ~ Brumoso Added @Chimi Under Used Season #3 Finale - East ~ 1st Place chiminapio updated @GodXebec = grats on your first shiny Doubles catch these hands Doubles Season #12 Finale - West ~ 1st GodXebec updated @Wallarro grats on your 17 official Ou battle by the candlelight
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