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  1. Lolwhat we can’t even get a shiny Pelipper now. Absolute joke @Kyu @Desu please fix this prize madness once and for all
  2. Team Name: The ugly and the worst Player One: DocPBC Player Two: Pottina
  3. Team Name: The ugly and the worst Player One: DocPBC Player Two: Pottina
  4. @[email protected]@branYT https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s5Bovzmb6HI&feature=youtu.be ghey embed link... go watch it on YT
  5. Almost as irrelevant as Gabuchox because I forgot to shit talk him too Patience grasshopper
  6. Well everyone, ladies, gentlemen and cheating firedogs. This is it for me as a PSL manager and Beedrills this season. I just want to thank a few people as we bow out. KaynineXL: Pathetic season from u tbh, you begged and begged me to sign up as a manager to make your season interesting, and then when I try to make it interesting you get butthurt and ignore me for 6 weeks. Nobody gives a fuck about your dumb excel spreadsheet, nobody used it and it was a dumb idea, but you got all butthurt until I gave you a fake email. For real the most boring host. I carried the drama this PSL, if you host again I hope you do better. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_68_C8AOGJY Pablobacas: Cheating firedog. The most pathetic cheater manager I have ever seen in the 10+ seasons I have played. I hope you know you are only in playoffs because you cheated a weak system. I look forward to you being eliminated in playoffs, fkin clown ass team that lucked and cheated their way to the playoffs. Quinn: Admittedly, you won the draft. We had a lot of the same targets but I backed out because I knew the NORE clowns wouldn't give AF if they played for me. One of the few managers I respect for playing the draft well and having a solid season. Cristi: You ghosted me on discord and the forums, but fair play... glad someone was bad enough to finish below my team of clowns All the other managers: Well played, you're all uguuheads for not trading with me to fix my admittedly stupid ass draft. Nagahex: For an ass player you talk an awful lot of shit, when you're ready to stop being a clown and put your money where your mouth is im ready to fight. 5m wager me vs you Brann: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bgJ_1WuhUig RDL: You aren't a real devil, you aren't a real legend. You're a clown ass Spanish kid who thinks he is good with a name that sounds like it was thought up by a toddler. Cringe Rest of the firedogs: Cant wait for you clowns to play an extra week for nothing, nobody remembers the losers only the winner. And as a 5 TIME PSL WINNER I will always be better than you. Now time to shit talk my players PoseidonWrath: You talk a big game for someone that helped me make some clown ass decisions in the draft. I know full well I had no fkin clue who most of the players were and my draft was shite, but your suggestions to get you some teammates were just ass. Godxebec rofl, Behemoth clowned hard during the 1 game he got for me too... then u tried arguing because he is top of UU ladder with a 55% win rate he should play. Like buddy dont ever manage. Also I definitely overpayed for a guy who can potentially go 4-3 Sargeste: I'll be honest, I thought you were gonna do well. Slap you in UU and NU and watch you shred people as a beginner in PSL. Boy was I wrong. You played like a fkin clown most weeks. My biggest mistake this PSL Aerun: 2 credits, 3-3 record... honestly not bad. One of very few shining lights for me this PSL... you had some clown ass throws that cost us a playoff spot though Mathew: We all know you got coached in your LC win, otherwise thank you for being a willing bench player, keeping wrath on a leash and general memery. Minaccia: I should have let quinn get you, the writing was on the wall when I, a predominantly doubles player slapped you around before the draft in DPP over multiple games. I dont know where you get off calling yourself a good DPP player, because you got lucky with your wins and destroyed with your losses, some of the dumbest plays I've ever seen. GodXebec: I admit, I wasn't going to sign you. The plan was to draft myself at the end but wrath insisted you were good. Well well well clownxebec you can't blame RNG for your horrific record. Your team builds are a joke. Your winrate is a joke. And as a doubles PSL manager I should have just signed myself, we would be in playoffs if I had. Brumoso: Great record m8, definitely a value for money player. I look forward to seeing more of you in future tournaments xSparkie: Nice of you to show up towards the end of PSL, you turned it around after a few close losses at the start of the season. Just a shame you started winning when Minaccia started losing, so you two clowns cancel each other out Wolfangt: For a 15 credit player, you weren't value for money. You had a few good wins but just generally got outclassed by other players, nearly had you traded before the other managers wised up early on. Lovely guy tho xXBehemothBladeX: Fuck me that was the worst OU game I have ever seen, you weren't up to standard in PSL and wrath being upset I traded you says more about how shit the rest of the team was tbh Aldahirririririririamez: Honestly the worst trade I made this season If I missed anyone, its because you weren't memorable. Clown ass season, getting banned by gbwead for no fkin reason last season was a blessing in disguise. I look forward to never doing this again
  7. Confused how @pablobacasisnt top overall when he plays multiple tiers each week
  8. Kangaskhan's Golden Horde (1) vs (2) Sweet Child O'Mime OU: ArtOfKilling vs iMat OU: ZioMOJI vs Juanchoqui OU: Azphiel vs AlphaxStriker Absolutely Darkness (1) vs (2) Cloddy Cloud Clodsires OU: CHUCKunso vs shuiqing OU: Lunarck vs ShanQi OU: zLumiere vs Queest Beedrilled (3) vs (0) Fire Force OU: Gabuchox vs Heichicoda OU: Brumoso vs CarolML OU: Aerun vs Pablobacas Stark Tyrants (1) vs (2) My Dress Up Deerling OU: ForFour vs Luke OU: Mkns vs Elvessss OU: Facursa vs LpZ
  9. Add Ledwis to the ban list pls. Refusing to pay up a 200k bet he put on iMat, pretending he doesn't speak English
  10. First dubs tour in weeks and it’s a non shiny disappointing
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