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  1. Please stop posting on my thread if you want to make VGC usage or set up a rule set for MMO then please do so elsewhere
  2. There is a whole thing discussing this back somewhere on page 1/2 alot of players had concerns revealing EV spreads that they had worked hard to customize and build. I agreed so we decided to keep them secret this does allow the sneaky individuals/cheats to change their EV spreads. We strongly encourage people not to, due to competitive integrity…. But ultimately until a better system is implemented by devs it can’t be helped if calcs don’t add up from different battles (IE a Salamence under speeding Hydreigon one week, then out speeding it the next) then we can catch that player. otherwise we are revealing pretty much all the info you would get from a standard VGC game on the handhelds. Edit: if your EV spreads are any good they shouldn’t be getting customized regardless
  3. Unless someone else is running VGC, I appreciate you making usage but I will not be restricting mons in my tournaments unless something is inherently broken or OP. I also wont be deciding it based upon usage, as you can see from your graphic some mons are more commonly used, but none of them are outright winning everygame
  4. It has come to my attention Kharm also got screwed over by the moveset error from @lKillua last week. lkillua thank you for your honesty regarding using a move you initially did not select. @PKTxKharma @lKillua the week one result has been reversed. Let this drama be a warning/heads up to everyone else, make sure the stuff you are using is the same as your pastebin. And for future seasons make sure you send in the correct movesets
  5. @lKillua @EricTheGreat I can see the drama has finally happened. I am going to be as fair as possible here The rules from my original post were quite clear, no changing movesets, EV spreads etc and if you were caught deliberately changing you'd be subject to punitive action. Ikillua, I understand you pleading your case over discord. However you have 100% edited your discord message to me with your team, as I straight copied and pasted your information into the pastebin (and given it was the second move on the Bronzong spreads, its not like it was clipped off in the paste). When you saw a mistake you had made prior to week one involving your excadrill not having earthquake, you messaged me and we fixed it before anyone played. Since battles have begun in week 1 I have not allowed anyone to change movesets or spreads, as @Xigbar can attest to. Regarding your other message on discord "why would I do a relaxed zong gyro without a special attack?". The simple answer is trick room, the lengthy answer is I dont know but im not here to question your sets or spreads. It is also not my job to double check with everyone if a mistake was made with specific moves, as a competitor it is your job to have your team ready and correctly movesetted. I am sorry that you did not see your mistake prior to now, however given how strict and how clear I made the rules regarding this tournament I cannot bend them because of a mistake made on your end (not mine as your whisper conversation with Eric implied). I am led to believe that only the first battle of the best of 3 has been played. And that given that I believe this was a genuinely honest mistake. That battle will be an automatic forfeit for you @lKillua, but I will ask the two of you to please arrange a time to play the second battle (and potentially the third) ASAP. The bronzong must follow https://pastebin.com/VEFKibZm
  6. Just wanted to make a post to elaborate on the group stages ending, as its about a week and a half away. Just given there is the possibility of some weird stuff occurring with ties in the standings and there being 19 players. There is a chance that we get a couple 3 way ties. It could get pretty weird depending on how things go in the final week. I am using the following as a loose guideline for everyone to try and have something to aim for. 3 wins - You win the group, get 1m, move to the final tournament with a possible bye round 1 2 wins, 3 way tie - You split 1m with the other 2 in the tie, guaranteed to play round 1 2 wins, 2 way tie - Head to head record wins the group and 1m, both guaranteed to play round 1 2 wins, no tie - Guaranteed to play round 1 1 win - Regardless if there is a tie/no tie, you become a reserve for the final tournament. Depending on numbers you may be required to play an elimination game against someone else, win the elimination to make the final tournament 0 wins - You are out Given I cant guarantee how the standings end, I am waiting until after the final week to guarantee anything further.
  7. https://forums.pokemmo.com/index.php?/profile/149124-lkillua/
  8. Guys part 3 is dungeons... we have been waiting for over 5 years since devs announced dungeons. Part 3 aint coming for another 5 years so stay calm
  9. Week 2 is now a go, you have until 9pm EST 08/08/2022 to complete your matches Group A Realdevillegend vs Kepzal Sebat vs Nagahex Group B Tehkharma vs GabrielAZ Ericthegreat vs lkillua Group C Edwardinho vs KokenoCastro DocPBC vs Badbaarsito Group D (2) Gabuchox vs BYE FREE WEEK Akarukoyuko vs Jhowteon Group E AaronRC vs Yjos Neblinamist vs Mediomuerto Good luck all! And remember, its the same team for the whole tournament!!! No switching!
  10. Group A (1) Kepzal vs Sebat (2) (1) Nagahex vs RealDevilLegend (2) Group B (2) GabrielAZ vs Ericthegreat (0) (0) lkillua vs TehKharma (2) Group C (1) KokenoCastro vs DocPBC (2) (2) Badbaarsito vs Edwardinho (1) Group D (2) AkaruKoyuko vs BYE FREE WEEK (0) (2) Jhowteon vs Gabuchox (1) Group E (1) Yjos vs Nebilnamist (2) (1) Mediomuerto vs AaronRC (2) Week 1 updated. Please make sure this gets done within the next 6 hours I am at work tonight, so posting the bracket for week 2 a little early!
  11. I have a plan in place for this scenario don’t worry
  12. I was waiting for this question to pop up Going to keep them in effect for this season. I understand it’s not like typical VGC where the rules are removed. However a lot of the counters to sleep/evasion don’t currently exist. When we have a meta with more HAs and potentially legends (maybe next season?) I’ll remove those rules
  13. round 1: Kokeno round 2: DocPBC round 3: DocPBC GGs @KokenoCastro
  14. Oh... me vs Kokeno in about 20 mins. Verm 4
  15. Week 1 matchups: You have until 9PM EST 2022-08-01 (little under a week) Group A Kepzal vs Sebat Nagahex vs RealDevilLegend Group B (2) GabrielAZ vs Ericthegreat (0) (2) lkillua vs TehKharma (0) Group C (1) KokenoCastro vs DocPBC (2) Badbaarsito vs Edwardinho Group D AkaruKoyuko vs BYE FREE WEEK Jhowteon vs Gabuchox Group E (1) Yjos vs Nebilnamist (2) Mediomuerto vs AaronRC Please arrange to have your battles done, remember the rules on page 1 and to read over the cheating part. Winners please post your result here.
  16. Hey everyone. The group stages have been randomized. The groups can be found here https://challonge.com/x6a64ujh Honestly, getting this ready has been painful as fuck. The amount of people that can't follow a simple request is simply unreal. For those that have missed the basic information (such as abilities) I have chose them for you. If you don't like it then you had your chance. I have added the team previews to a pastebin link next to each player. We have 19 confirmed signups that have sent their team, their fee and signed up here. I will not be waiting for anyone else. This does mean there is 1 group of 3 (congratulations to the 3 in that group, you get a free win and a bye week) Group A: RealDevilLegend @isi1993 https://pastebin.com/JDFRF3Tv Kepzal @Kepzal https://pastebin.com/aMam7p71 Sebat @Sebat https://pastebin.com/DW0ZeYyJ Nagahex @NagaX https://pastebin.com/ptviAdth Group B: TehKharma @PKTxKharma https://pastebin.com/ZwNbdbJi GabrielAZ @GabrielAZ https://pastebin.com/NqxAWKx3 Ericthegreat @EricTheGreat https://pastebin.com/v4fxa3x5 lKillua @lKillua https://pastebin.com/VEFKibZm Group C:. Edwardinho @Edwardinho https://pastebin.com/99dp52kd KokenoCastro @KokenoCastro https://pastebin.com/YS9fg56H DocPBC @ meeee https://pastebin.com/pCtZATn2 Badbaarsito @Xigbar https://pastebin.com/CQz9rapA Group D.: Gabuchox @Gabriel20 https://pastebin.com/teHw7sPN AkaruKoyuko @Akaruyo https://pastebin.com/AqATpM0C Jhowteon @JhowCrazy https://pastebin.com/bYGV9CYP BYE WEEK - Group E: AaronRC @AaronRC https://paste.ee/p/bBEhj Yjos @YJos https://paste.ee/p/dx9kv Neblinamist @Neblinamist https://pastebin.com/MTQ4r4At Mediomuerto @Amnesys https://paste.ee/p/0dRXl
  17. And 6 people have not submitted their teams (or the one person on discord who sent me literally 4 pokemon with no info). You have 12 hours @[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected] (for mislandier)
  18. Bracket is going to be delayed a day. People sending stuff in not the correct format (IE screenshots) has really slowed this down
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