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  1. You wouldn't have found a shiny anyways
  2. I don't know what team is the best, but I do know TFBO is the worst one for sure (L tier team). Duck TFBO
  3. We chikorita stans knew our love for it would pay off eventually
  4. I don't know if I'm willing to write a 1 billion words post in the defense of Gallade, but I don't think the solution to any problem is rushing to a decision. The fact that other tiers are being ignored IS an issue, but it isn't because it's taking too long to take care of Gallade, but because there should be different people taking care of different tiers. Also the fact that Gallade defenders aren't writing so much is understandable from the fact that while whoever wants it banned, wants to see it gone ASAP, people who think that it is fine aren't pushed to post a lot about something they don't feel much towards. In addition to this, while it wasn't presented here, I have shown some little counterplay to Gallade. I'm sorry but this doesn't make sense. The "problem" with gallade is how strong and hard to switch in it is, not how difficult it is to revenge or trap. This doesn't address its "issue". Edit: I also would like to see other TC members' opinion about the subject.
  5. Hi I'm looking to sell the following: x13 Santa's Present (2021) x52 Pumpking's Goodie bag (2021) You can reach me out through forum's PMs, Discord (Bertolfoso#0158) or in game mail (IGN: Bertolfoso)
  6. This has been the case since lures were released or close to it, you can get a similar behaviour with Honey Trees when you put 3 honey on a sigle tree and get a double encounter instead of triple
  7. ------------------------------------------ Anyways for my own opinion, I agree that it is too early for this. There has been no time to adapt and see if the pokemon is actually overpowered (in my opinion it isnt). Also for this and future threads I think it would be cool if a poll was added, not to be taken too seriously, but I think it would be still be interesting.
  8. With the latest update, the statistics page was united in one singular column. While this was cool to see all the Pokemon without having to back and forth, and was probably done so that it was easier to implement the search function, sorting by win rate has become kind of useless. This is because winning 1 game with a random pokemon makes it so that when you use the sort feature, it immediately jumps at the top. While it's cool that there are people that believe in Stunfisk's potential in OU, it makes it way harder to compare win rates of OU proper pokemon between themselves, as other random monsters will be mixed together. It comes at the cost of 1 page of statistics, but 1 page of statistics comes at the cost of win rate sorting (more valuable in my humble opinion). Thanks for reading. stunfisk sweep
  9. + around 900 on alt My reaction to the change
  10. I think new legendaries should be usable only if you have donator status. People with donator status should also have a super bike that goes faster. Using your mouse to play pokemmo on pc/laptop should also be a donator status only bonus
  11. I have tested this a bit with Sawwario, and we noticed that Darmanitan-Zen looks to be coded with 30 base HP (maybe accidentally swapped with its Atk?). It stops healing (from Wish or leftovers) at 105 HP, life orb recoil is 10HP (10% of 105HP), substitute takes less than 25% of real HP.
  12. Better Call Seel (0) VS Woobat Lubba Dub Dub (0) LCOU1: DridrigoFK vs Hernjet LCOU2: Smadagos vs Shadow LCUU: Onraider vs Facursa LCDoubles: HumongousNoodle vs Sebat LCUbers: Bertolfoso vs Badbaarsito LCSS: Cali vs Huargensy MC1 LCSS: QuinnW vs CarolML MC2 LCUU: ChronoRike vs Yaritan 200k on each Seel Edit: taken by @Sebat Got paid
  13. First of all, win rate is not a valid metric to value the balance of any pokemon. Second of all, this is only half a picture, to be fair, you should also look at usage and win rate of Crawdaunt counters (especially prior to March) Now for everyone: How can you say Crawdaunt is healthy and not centralizing, when we had Slowbro, Gastrodon, Vaporeon, Tentacruel drop to NU while UU Feraligatr is on life support? It's clear that its presence has been warping the tier around it. They got completely outclassed by being water resists/immunities that are not a Crawdaunt counter/check.
  14. Do people not see a problem with the movements shifts? The tiers are so unstable, every month there is a completely different UU / NU. Am I the only one that thinks that this is not good/normal?
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