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  1. Golden Anniversary: 2 carbos 2 sludge bomb 2 hurricanes 1 bug outfit Happy new era land of cool af updates.
  2. xD no stress. I added all the key words here so people had a spring board to mod the game, have fun dudes ?
  3. Sooooo u go to the location at the time listed on the post. You catch the designated pokemon= rotom(for +5 points added to your submission ) or gastly. You have 1 hour to catch them and then 10 min to submit to a hosting staff by whispering them by link a single pokemon. 1-3rd is based on highest ivs and 4th is based on lowest iv submission. You get to custom make a rottom if u win 1st and the reward points for other places are rp vouchers(the donation kind ? ). Techno also noob.
  4. Ayyy metronome, have fun everyone ? I will come by to cheer people on. Thanks for the event MP! ~And thx 2 all da hosts
  5. I stand by that @Rache that is still the funniest line I have seen in an update.
  6. I think I saw ya in game and said good job ? Again congratz
  7. Ayyy Puuky & Syphre looks great hope you get loads of attendees ?
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