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  1. Team Mister represent Phase 4 of riolu Mr >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 9th OT Lets go phase 5 riolu!
  2. Do need to add to the normal chests that you can also optain the medals in them ?
  3. I will be level 19 in life on the 28th. Don't have time for a hide and seek. Have fun though.
  4. BangtheIII is hunting for this one too with phase 8 already oof
  5. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1l5GbTsCQwhSs5pB-DXyfF-DAUIaN09tc?usp=sharing
  6. So with this said, i could theoratically see your latios as a shiny in game if i battle you? or if you link it to me?
  7. It's actually pretty interesting to see so many shinies quite fun
  8. Ehm yeah so it happened again. Team Mr represent Phase 2 riolu
  9. Custom Riolu Encounter counter from Gilan's Encounter Counter Tool
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