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  1. Just for those curious. I am not supporting the tool anymore (I haven’t been for a long time, but just putting it in writing now). I was in progress of making some updates, but… well… life just kinda got in the way. I’m starting to become an old man, hard to believe I started playing Pokemmo 10 years ago, and the responsibilities of life just mean I don’t have the free time / drive to support things like this counter anymore. If it is somehow still working for you, then that’s awesome, I tried to make the tool as robust as I could, but I’m a Finance guy, not a computer science nerd, so all the coding is just hobby work. If it doesn’t work for you, I’m sorry, I tried to make it as widespread as possible, but again I’m no master coder 😛 Cheers, Gilan
  2. I don’t know how my encounter counter still works after all this time lmfao.
  3. The GEC works by finding key words on the screen. Such as “A wild {pokemon} has appeared!” and the “Lv.” and Species name. It does not look at the HP Bar. If you make your client too small, the wording will get cut off, and if this is the case, the encounter counter will no longer function because it can’t find the words on the screen.
  4. So ChatGPT has solved a major problem that I was facing with the gui aspect of this app. As a result it has inspired me to revisit this project and make some updates. Please stay tuned.
  5. welcome back Jerry, I love you. If I was starting over from scratch, I would spend a couple days researching the GTL and getting myself comfortable with the prices of different pokemon, natures, genders, stats, etc.. Then I would figure out what has the best margins and work in supplying that. All the while monitoring new listings for deals that are >=25% underlisted for easy flip money. I’d also create a few pokemon that would help me tackle gym leader rematches, as that’s a solid source of income. Then I’d once again realize I’m bored and quit again for a few years. Then come back and find out my limited vanities made me more money passively than I could have ever hoped to actively make lol.
  6. I wrote this damn thing 8 years ago... omg I'm getting old...
  7. likely a compatibility issue with Windows 7. The app was designed for and packaged on Windows 10. Unfortunately Windows 7 is old enough that I do not plan to debug issues that arise on that operating system. bizarre that google drive download worked, but mediafire didn't. Something must have gone wrong in the installation process for the mediafire on your machine, as both have the exact same zip uploaded.
  8. Likely a java issue. Might be fixed by doing a full uninstall and reinstall of the pokemmo client (and then a clean install of the GEC), if you want to go through that hassle…
  9. Hi this is due to data corruption (most likely due to an unexpected termination of the program, i.e. powerloss of your system). The update can’t fix corrupted data, but it should now be saving the data in such a way that it can recover from such cases. Please do a fresh reinstall.
  10. Please do a full fresh reinstall of my app. I recently made an update, and I believe this issue should now be fixed. Additionally, the GEC now better supports custom strings, so there should be fewer errors encountered as a result of having a custom string downloaded (especially if it has a bad header).
  11. Performance issues are largely caused by a combination of the following: High Screen Resolution (4K or 8K monitors) Small text size in PokeMMO client (specifically your "Lv." in the battle ui is very small) Weak or Overloaded CPU In most cases, performace should be good enough that there are no issues. The exception is Safari zone encounters will not track due to text indicators not being on screen long enough for the program to capture.
  12. if it’s too much of a hassle for you then don’t use my tool. I don’t charge a dime for this, I developed it over many weeks in my own spare time, have worked through countless issues to help make it as compatible with other people’s systems as I can make it, and I have provided it for completely free for anyone to download and try to run. There’s a reason it’s called the “Gilan’s Encounter Counter”, because it is quite literally an app I developed and use for myself that I made publicly available just because. So if you can’t get it to work and I can’t help you further, then I suggest you just move on and stop pouting like a child. Have a good day. -Gilan
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