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  1. Refer to this post for rules on getting staff review / approval for your application. A simple encounter counter is quite easy to code across the 3 platforms. But, doing anything complex (like ignoring windows in front of HP bars, determining encountered pokemon's species, and determining if the battle is a wild battle vs a pvp battle) is exponentially more difficult. Best of luck!
  2. Usually the people who make good suggestions are the ones who don't care about getting recognition. The suggestion box only had one moment of greatness anyways, and that's when the downvote button was enabled. :^)
  3. add in mega evolutions but only give them to NPC’s just so you can taunt the players who actually want them
  4. Imagine thinking you can usurp Bestfriends as Mayor of PokeMMO, smh.
  5. nani

    1. Quakkz


      Hello Sir

  6. There is a cute charm glitch in original Pokemon Diamond & Pearl that significantly increases shiny odds for pokemon that would be affected by cute charm (like 1/4 odds), but that glitch does not exist in PokeMMO.
  7. It still works with the new updates. So if it worked for you before, it should still work now. That being said, there are still bugs in the program, but they are the same bugs that have been there.
  8. hmm, those lines don't seem like they would cause my program any issue. Is it possible you are using an old version of the GEC? This error should be getting caught in a try/except statement.
  9. ? Admin Rache! A fitting title for someone who's done so much for this game!

    1. CanadaSorry


      Congrats!! ♡

  10. try running the gec as administrator. there is no android version for the gec, and likely never will be due to fundamental limitations of android.
  11. 1. Download zip file 2. Extract to ./PokeMMO/data/mods/ 3. Run PokeMMO 4. Run GEC which will be located in ./PokeMMO/data/mods/Gilans Encounter Counter/GEC/GEC.exe 5. ??? 6. If it works, Profit. 7. If it doesn't work, PM me and maybe I will help you troubleshoot After running the GEC, you may need to right click on the gec gui app to open up the settings panel and change your language settings.
  12. Desu was the cause, obviously.
  13. mfw I should have selected 31 HP for my gift shiny ditto. LMFAO
  14. Sadge not a cool Purple Tag anymore

    1. KaynineXL


      I know... I was feeling a little hip. I should have pretended I was incompetent for a bit longer

  15. your profile picture is throwing me off so hard.
  16. I know I'm taking my time, but I cannot wait to see what the community creates in my next version of the app. btw, I really like this Riolu theme. Shiny Riolu is one of my favorites!
  17. All these names being thrown around… Who are these people? Never heard of them.
  18. Incredible announcement banner design. Particularly the font, excellent choice.
  19. most people would have uninstalled the game after the 4th miss lmao
  20. What do you like? Are there some examples of others you can provide for reference?
  21. honestly sounds like a bug. @Munya the lord of bugs, can you confirm if this is intended behavior for burmy/wormadam pokedex entries?
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