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  1. I haven't entered the game since 2 or 3 months but if I remember correctly, u just right click on "mysterious gem clusters" in ur bag and press "use" or something like that, then a new window will pop up where you can combine a type boosting item such as charcoal with 1 mysterious gem cluster which will equal to 10 hidden power fire gems.
  2. I'm not sure but u could use this website to check : https://calc.pokemonshowdown.com/
  3. No, it can't unfortunately. Nature herbs can be used on unowns and shaymins, but gracideas can only be used on shaymins.
  4. But would gracidea flowers be used to increase the IVs of other legendaries? Gracideas sounds like it would be only useable for shaymin right? since it's shaymin's flower. So it would only be useful when shaymin releases again, and I don't think that would be worth much since most people already have a full iv shaymin from the last event. Correct me if I'm wrong pls, this is just my opinion.
  5. I would also like to know this. If any mod coud confirm, pls do.
  6. F.. if it makes u feel any better, I've seen a lot of people make this rage powder/ memento mistake for shiny hoppip, and rage powder mistake for shiny amoongus. So you're not the only one that lost a shiny hoppip/amoongus. Just start shunting again for pokes and be prepared this time :D, I'm sure u will find another shiny soon.
  7. I believe it would be a good idea to release exclusive alpha johto starters on the opening day of Johto.
  8. It would be nice if they could release the alpha versions of another set of starters for the 11th anniversary.. (Along with Gold/Ethan or Ruby/Brendan etc. version of 'the original you' boss)
  9. its ok to use WTB in this case imo. Even if it is not ok, there is NO NEED AT ALL to start getting abusive. But , there will always be toxic ppl who just want to see the world burn (speaking from personal experiences of receiving abusive messages myself), and imo, the best reaction is to just block them (and report them if u want to). They are not worth your time. If you reply to them, they will just drag you down to their level of stupidity and beat u with their experience of stupidity.
  10. I am using Gilan's encounter counter and I want to watch a show on the same computer I'm playing on. So Pokemmo is on one half of the screen and the show is on the other half of the screen. However, when Pokemmo is half screen, for some reason, the encounter counter seems to stop counting. Does anyone know how to make it work even while it is half screen?
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