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  1. They say IA gonna take over the world but they dont even know basics of economy
  2. The whole point of me posting in this thread is to warn of a possible issue regarding this specific feature not functioning properly. Please stop quoting me to add literally nothing to the conversation.
  3. I am aware of this but it doesn't explain the mail thing which indicates another issue at hand.
  4. Are there any exceptions to banned players from before cos the guy I want the nick of (Pouf) I can send mail to him but I'm 99% sure he hasn't been active for years and it shouldn't be possible to send mail to these players. So my guess is that they got banned a long time ago but somehow the nick didn't free itself and even bypassed the inactive status.
  5. https://discord.com/invite/JRDdk4hA Little Cup PokeMMO discord the club with info
  6. LC: Darkquiler vs TheDH 300k MC 1: Hellskream vs Smadagos (LC) 1M LC: QuinnW vs Forfour 200k MC 1: Azphiel vs Asmodeusro (LC) 200k LC: Nagahex vs Skylux 200k MC 2: WarwitoX vs BMTirpitz (LC) 300k LC: Cristi vs Gasyflour 200k
  7. If they make their own mount art isn't that fine ? There are already many vanities "featuring pokemons", is there a difference between that and showing a pokemon mount ? Cool suggestion though
  8. LC tournament in 30min from this message will be held at Lilycove contest hall ch4 hosted by TheDH 1.5M first prize 500k second 125k 3rd-4th Whisper TheDH to sign up
  9. @Kyu piss off bro refund us a heal powder!!!!!!!
  10. walk and take the time to enjoy it
  11. Hello, it has been brought to my attention that someone was pretending to be the tallest person in the game. I thought that this person didn't know me and my twin sisters standing at an average of 110 pixels (the eldest without dragon mount!). Here are pics for proof.
  12. My longest was 168k (without any shiny), my shortest was 1 (back to back shinies)
  13. You can't paint lottery tickets
  14. In previous years it was the achievement of unlocking Raikou/Victini, idk if it is the same this year with another legendary, but this strong mon appeared available in shrine after recruiting every pokemon species available.
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