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  1. Won't stop people from being dumb, which seems to be the main purpose of this suggestion.
  2. Yes they should spend time creating a whole IA built in GTL search so I can type in questions like "What should I invest in ?" and it answers me with in depth analysis + some link to a random patrouski video where he says I'll be a millionaire if I stack up on that juicy 1x31 magikarp market.
  3. Most ppl more or less predicted Doc and cristi last and Quinn at the top though
  4. @Imperialcan you add @branYT to blacklist (and future bet threads since this psl is basically over lol)
  5. Of course. But you don't get your pokemon back from the random guy who bought it in GTL (staff can correct me if I'm wrong). I think the only way you can get it back in this scenario is if the player who bought it is somehow related to the scammer (and not just a random sniper/ innocent buyer through trade). And you also don't 100% get some money back (the amount they sold your mon for) if that money is spent. Obviously scamming is known to be heavily punished in this game. But there are also a lot of stupid players. They always think they're not going to get caught. Idk, I also think the only people who would care about getting full alpha dex are people who already have enough relations to go for direct trades with friends/mates. I said a random number for what price such a service would cost, honestly, such trivia things shouldn't be more expensive than that. We're talking about a trade back and forth... I wouldn't offer money at all for that.
  6. Unless he sold them. You usually get money the seller got only if he still has it. I wouldn't personally risk doing a service like this to random ppl, just team mates and friends. Even if you can ban players you don't have 100% your stuff back.
  7. I wouldn't call smart risking millions per trade just for 50k-100k at best idk
  8. NU: woxiangsinile vs Pablobacas LC: Mkns vs WarwitoX 200k each
  9. They don't change until the original trainer get it back.
  10. IGN : Poufilou Accolades : As a player I've always been the best as what a manager does, always being helpful and bringing support to my team in many ways. I know very well both the old and the new playerbase of the tier, and helped a lot of new players to get into it, that will be shining this year. Fluff : I want to win and provide players the best experience of being in a team they ever had.
  11. I forgive you for the brain freeze, it happens, but any HM use, whether you have Ocarina or pokemon in your party, is the same, you have to press A to Surf, Waterfall, Dive, etc. The incentive of buying any ocarina is to not need a pokemon in your party with those HMs/moves.
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