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  1. Hey, thanks for offering but I don't do leveling to 100 unfortunately. Not worth my time. However, I suggest checking out @Gurbb's levelling shop. I've ordered from him before and he's been pretty good. If you're fine with lvl to 50, then mail em over lol. 30k for each mon for both evs and lvl to 50. I'll get it done by the weekend.
  2. Bump 🙂 Also, added a discount for bulk orders. 5+ mons: 10% discount 10+ mons: 15% discount
  3. Time to get completely flamed for this suggestion 😫 Have you ever played one of those idle games? Almost every single one has a subscription based "assistant" that would take care of your idle farming business while you sleep. Bring that to this game. Having to keep alarms at odd times just to water these plants is just tiring asf. For a small monthly fee, let an assistant take care of that. You can configure when it gets to water your plants. This suggestion is only for watering. For planting, this would need manual intervention like we have now. Its a win for the devs, win for the berry farmers, win for the consumers. ❤️
  4. Everyone would be happy if they'd just block him over here like I did several years ago. He'd just be talking with himself. 😄
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