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  2. The margin got changed because with the previous usage statistics it caused a lot of Pokemon to Yo-Yo between UU and NU respectively. By changing the usage as it is currently thanks to @gbwead and others, the lower tiers are now a lot more stable with 'major' changes only occurring on the third month instead. Regarding Vaporeon, unless I misunderstood what you said, you're unable to pass stat changes on MMO. The main issue with Vaporeon was its combination of incredible bulk being able to handle the majority of physical threats in the tier who couldn't switch in safely in case of a Scald burn, decent special attack, its Wish + Protect combination (considering the fact that other recovery moves are nerfed) and the moveset of Toxic/Heal Bell pressuring other mons. There's nothing in the tier that has changed since Vaporeon was banned so in my opinion I don't think this should be unbanned. Milotic is a bulky wall, but Vaporeon + Wish was the main issue personally.
  3. 3,000,000 for a Shiny Tentacruel... I'm sorry this is just ridiculous.
  4. I hope you wait a very long time
  5. Sorry for the late reply, from my understanding a lot of these visual glitches are mainly occurring from spectating someone else. I've tried using that website to report issues in the past and despite having the correct login details, it doesn't seem to let me access the page which is why I report stuff here.
  6. Also apparently... Snarl isn't showing the target's stat changes on the second mon on the other side of the field (not sure if it'll show on your side) but it does still take effect Please fix all these issues and make competitive playable again @Kyu Thank you.
  7. Yes, it's currently BL2 and in my opinion would still be too strong for the meta.
  8. Realistically I think that the difference between a 2-star and 5-star raid will be widely noticeable. The main thing to consider is that it's in the testing stage at the moment so this is the opportunity for the devs to spot any bugs but mostly identify if any nerfs/buffs are needed. I have a feeling that when it's polished up, it'll be a lot more tougher with it being difficult to pull off cheesy strats, but hopefully we'll get much better rewards.
  9. Why do we always get the most interesting bugs?
  10. Sigh... First off, the Lunar New Year celebration isn't 'only' one day, so it doesn't mean that the event automatically begins at midnight like half the community believes it should... Secondly, this is probably the event they would not ever want to skip due to being one of its most successful ones. It's also a Saturday evening/Sunday morning as I type this, where many people are usually busy and would be the least likely an event release. Thirdly, as I mentioned on another post, it's likely that the potential delay could be because of the message in the change log below, and I know that if this wasn't here then you guys would be spending your time crying about this as well: Finally, they also have to add the new movesets from the Gen 9 DLC (I don't think this takes too long to be honest), and ensuring things go smoothly when the Anniversary Event releases as I know the community will start howling about that immediately after. P.S. I'm no mouthpiece for the devs, just annoying how people automatically think an event has to begin at midnight on the day and if it's one minute late they suddenly cry thinking it's cancelled etc... just use some common sense.
  11. You need to touch some grass dude, and that's me putting it nicely... The potential delay could also be because of the feature they wanted the community to trial out originally during the holiday event.
  12. I asked Rache about this and she said it was best to raise it here with Tier Council. Why do you guys currently find Acupressure not to be a problem right now when although it's RNG dependent and Quagsire fully counters it (e.g. Drapion in NU), the ability Moody was banned and it also clearly breaks the Evasion Clause making it uncompetitive? I feel regardless of how bad the Pokemon is using it (e.g. Tentacruel/Drapion) we should not be allowing such uncompetitive stuff like this - just to clarify my issue is with the Evasion boost rather than anything else. Would TC consider banning/nerfing this since it's entirely your decision?
  13. That's true but wanted to make sure as it was weird, thanks for sorting.
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