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  1. I didn't realise - congratulations to BSDO for their achievement!
  2. On a more serious note, Happy 10th Anniversary Aw! We celebrated our 10 year anniversary earlier this month and it's a huge achievement, great to see you guys going strong and thank you for this great event.
  3. Congratulations to everyone in [OpTc] Optic for winning our first Team Tournament An amazing family and community ❤️
  4. The main drawback to Salamence is its lack of speed (if it runs full bulk) making it harder to stop certain set up mons.
  5. What about Salamence? I'm against instant banning immediately, but I would be strongly for a suspect test. My justification is alongside possibly replacing Crobat as an excellent support mon with a great ability, unlike bat it has a better offensive pressure with either DD or specs/mixed set (not saying these are going to be threatening in the tier, hence the suspect test).
  6. Waiting for that guy who continuously complains about Blaziken to post in 3, 2, 1...
  7. Would Staraptor be UUBL if it drops down next month? Also I feel it's manageable, but I'm wondering whether we suspect test Salamence rather than outright drop it (assuming it's still below the cut off point).
  8. Team Name: Optic Team Tag: [OpTc] Registered Players: spelenn, TehAqua, evxsion, Onraider, HALOTT, Incognition, Edstorm, TehKharma, PinkWings, NecasInTrouble, Dindra, FredfHk, YJos, Skylux, blcde Team Captain: Incognition
  9. All I will say is good luck getting the hype going when PSL is coming round the corner.
  10. Crawdaunt can also be a potential option for rain - I haven't tried it so I don't know how much better it is than Kabutops (obvious down side is lacking swift swim)
  11. I feel that Yanmega + Crawdaunt are a deadly combination and both pressure several mons in the tier. For example, Yanmega's safest checks are Dusclops, Gigalith and Snorlax, all three of which Crawdaunt can deal with (although admittedly except for Gigalith, Crawdaunt can't safely switch into the following such as a potential burn or body slam para). You could include Mandibuzz, but the rocks weakness is a bit oof. I agree with Umbra that players have to either include Poliwrath or Toxicroak to have a solid teambuild with UU as it currently is. My feeling is that if Crawdaunt were to get banned in the future, then players will resume running Feraligatr. Although more manageable, players are likely to continue running Poliwrath/Toxicroak as a check which doesn't change the principle of potentially needing to include one of these in teambuilds.
  12. Sorry for the delay, this will be updated in a few hours
  13. The prices are entirely on the wider community and their business knowledge, the system is fine as it is.
  14. There is Infiltrator Spiritomb and Chandelure since the update, others are bad
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