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  1. After weeks of high-quality matches, the PokeMMO DPP OU tournament has finally come to a close. Congratulations to the winners! 1st Place Queest @queest  2nd Place Skylux @skyluxNG 3rd & 4th Place Huargensy and Luke @Huargensy @Luke Thank you to @LeJovi for helping to organise and host the event, alongside everybody who donated and participated. We received a much higher turnout than anticipated (56 players) with the event running smoothly and successfully. We will plan to host tournaments in the near future for PokeMMO players interested in getting into the Smogon scene with a chance of featuring in a Smogon spot for PSL (ORAS/Gen 6, ADV/Gen 3, etc) although there is currently no ETA - Stay tuned!
  2. Apologies I haven't updated this for the last few weeks: Round Two Razachu vs Queest (ACTIVITY) NagaHex vs Xigbaar JorgeFireBolt (ACTIVITY) vs Mike ArisTheFang vs InsightSpaghetti NecasInTrouble vs Aerun LeJovi vs Mickzl FrancoFts vs Shadow Onraider vs Luke Toxicz vs YaserAl PoseidonWrath vs drewq ZioMOJI vs Incognition Huargensy vs Alesic BlueBreath vs XiaBanBanWan Proszz vs Skylux Quinn vs Lachidrago Flacusaurio vs ArtOfKilling Round Three Queest vs Xigbaar JorgeFireBolt vs InsightSpaghetti Aerun vs LeJovi FrancoFts vs Luke YaserAI vs PoseidonWrath ZioMOJI vs Huargensy BlueBreath vs Skylux Quinn vs Flacusaurio Round Four Queest vs InsightSpaghetti LeJovi vs Luke YaserAI vs Huargensy Skylux vs Flacusaurio Semifinals Queest vs Luke Huargensy vs Skylux Final @queest vs @skyluxNG
  3. I feel Blissey should at least be suspect tested, it seems like it'll be more of an issue than Porygon2 (even though it has less base special attack) due to the high amount of HP and Special Defence. It'll be interesting to see if a CM set can work in the tier but early days to just theoryise.
  4. Team Name: Solemn Promise Team Tag: [VOW] Registered Players: Incognition, NagaHex, Sargeste, Pottina, COCHETAS, DaveSnake, AgnCunha, Thralls, RohMartinez, Razachu, RealDevilLegend, SweetForU Team Captain: COCHETAS
  5. Take Pablo, COCHETAS, TheDH, myself, Skylux, Chuckunso
  6. I just wish that the staff members would be more transparent about changes in the game instead of just subtly implementing stuff like this without any warning. Obviously, this situation is completely harmless, but there are other recent situations such as being shiny-locked unless you reach certain parts of the game, or really old situations like the misleading shiny rate. Unlike events and other features which I understand is different because they may take longer than planned to implement or to be a surprise factor, but things like this just shows that the devs need to get someone experienced in PR since it has to take them being called out by the community to clarify/resolve issues.
  7. Ever since the CNY event finished, I keep getting disconnected around 10 times a day minimum in the space of only a few hours. Just to confirm, I'm not AFK (as in the screenshot below) and I have a good internet connection, so was just wondering who else is experiencing this?
  8. In reference to the messages above
  9. Remove dug to dismantle those disgusting stall teams and add regen........ makes sense. (no regen please)
  10. Keep Gallade please (Also thank you for banning Dug AT) ❤️
  11. Very open to match manipulation, which to be honest is still the case in other ways anyway. 5 turns isn't necessarily a very long time either.
  12. Round One Horriii vs Queest NagaHex vs Gasyflour Kanzo vs Xigbaar Mike vs MendeeZ ArisTheFang vs iloveyoubro CaptnBaklava vs InsightSpaghetti (ACTIVITY) Aerun vs Repposh LeJovi vs Gunthug Sebat vs Mickzl ChronoRike vs Shadow Onraider vs cluelessmagnet Luke vs Fabrixexe YJos vs YaserAI PoseidonWrath vs fvkumean Allira vs DrewQ OliverXLz vs Incognition Azphiel vs Huargensy Zokuru vs Alesic XiaBanWanWan vs Mkns Proszz vs ShadownGMK Skylux vs SweeTforU Lachirago vs NikhilR Kokenosaurio vs Flacusaurio ArtOfKilling vs Sergio aguero The following players have received a bye into round 2 Razachu JorgeFirebolt NecasInTrouble Francofts Toxicz ZioMOJI BlueBreath Quinn Anyone can still join the Discord above if they would like to spectate. Also to note if this is successful future tournaments may happen featuring different tiers.
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