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  1. Unless I misunderstood your comment, removing Crawdaunt and Shaymin does not solve the underlying issue with Porygon2 - it can switch into almost any offensive Pokemon which isn't a fighting type, most offensive mons are unable to freely switch into porygon2 without taking serious damage/risk of RNG. It can pivot out to regain momentum if needed and it's incredibly bulky overall so it fits into most/every teambuild. When Porygon2 was first introduced, most people were forced to run Gigalith/Empoleon/Dusclops in their teams. Defensive teams can handle p2, but for what it was initially designed to do defensively it's incredibly restricting for offensive gameplay, and that should not be the case for a 'defensive' mon. I will emphasise my above comment in response to what you said here: Porygon2 is not affecting how long matches are, it's restricting offensive gameplay and should be banned as an offensive uber as unlike Porygon-Z, it carries incredible bulk and can be utilised defensively and offensively. Anyway the duck will likely be rebanned so this conversation is pointless.
  2. Hey there - I've sent you both a private message πŸ™‚
  3. Thank you @KaynineXL for hosting an amazing PSL and letting me create and moderate this thread, and thank you to the other people who helped with being a middleman. 2 people were blacklisted - if someone would like me to create a betting thread for a future tournament I will keep these people on the blacklist, otherwise I will let the next person decide if they want to start with a new list. Mods please lock this thread by the end of the week to give everyone time to pay remaining bets.
  4. Boss Ploegy Incognition Executives/Godfathers Ploegy Onraider PinkWings Powerdrib Commanders/Underboss HALOTT Edstorm Officers/Mafioso Dindra Requi FredfHK spelenn TheBloo Robbinho JustaChamp HEARTEATERS
  5. I agree with the above comments - I love the Pokemon but Porygon2 should be banned from the tier. First off, this is a Pokemon that can make any teambuild look way better than it is, especially more offensive teams as it can sponge hits from several mons, return hefty damage in return with the modest download set and also pivot out safely if needed. Secondly, this thing still heavily restricts offensive play as many/most offensive mons can't switch into it (haven't calculated stuff like AV Machamp but Tri Attack can do 35-40% to Bisharp), not to mention the risk of being haxxed/RNG to death by Tri Attack spam (I've seen so many freezes when spectating UU matches). The main stuff I believe can reliably check this are: Porygon2 (lol) Dusclops Gigalith Umbreon Spiritomb(?) Bronzong Snorlax Rhyperior (AV set?) Empoleon (depends on chip damage & thunderbolt) Most of these can't do anything in return, except for possibly poisoning it which may or may not make a huge difference. As for Shaymin, this is definitely A or S tier right now - the 40% special defense drop is annoying with Seed Flare and it has fantastic move coverage to restrict many offensive mons from switching in, but personally I'm not sure if this is banworthy yet, I'd rather wait to see what happens when p2 gets banned which should definitely take priority. P.S. As always happy to provide calcs if needed to justify my opinion.
  6. Yes sure, done. If someone else creates/moderates the next betting thread I won't be able to have the final say, but happy to keep him blacklisted when I create one again.
  7. Money has been sent to @Lunarck Thank you for using me as middleman.
  8. @PKTxKharma won the bet - the money has been sent to him. Thank you both for using me as the middleman.
  9. Confirmed on the Discord between @PKTxKharma and @Luke - good luck!
  10. Part 1: TBC Part 2 Team name: Tehincog Players: Incognition, Tomaselio
  11. Received money from both - good luck! @BLimao @Lunarck
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