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  1. imagine not running mixed venu +2 0 Atk Life Orb Venusaur Earthquake vs. 252 HP / 252 Def Tentacruel: 325-385 (89.2 - 105.7%) -- 37.5% chance to OHKO
  2. There's probably one other piece of advice that could be given and that I'll advise to use in future once you've found your fundamental staff team and that's implementing a mentor system, similar to official staff but on a smaller scale with their own mentor chat etc. you can use it for pve/pvp/multi-languages or by team roles of Officer > Executive > leader, the choice is yours . This not only encourage growth & strengthen relationships amongst every team staff or members but also helps building a strong structure for the team & purpose, I've had fantastic success with that, however finding that balance can be difficult. if you need any drafts for anything that i mentioned, team staff or official let me know and I'll happily provide examples. good luck! ❤️
  3. Key points: Make a team club. Recruit on Forums/Social media platforms/Official MMO services (Discord, In-game) Build a trustworthy foundation of team staff establish what you'd like the team's primary focus to be, whether that's pve/pvp etc. Enable support for any members whether you do that by discord bots or various Team staff time zones Ensure you & your staff are always hosting events, rewards don't have to be huge and your imagination is the only limit. (I'd recommend for new teams to start basic uguu events similar to official events, easy to follow/easy to host) Rinse monthly inactive members, whilst continually promoting your team & discord, to get the name out there. Keep your team/community aware of the changes to the team, whether that's big or small. (basically treat them as a equal, they deserve to know) Set up a application form for new members, i recommend Jotform! Have proper resources available at a click of a button, for example PvP with Pokepaste, Showdown builder/calculator, Team bank for donations/lending services. Asides that, it's important to remember that at least %50 of the people you started out with won't be there later & don't get discouraged if you keep recruiting to only find members going inactive after they finish regions or after a few weeks, keep pushing you'll find the fundamental members eventually that'll keep the team together. (perhaps they'll come back someday to be active again) Speaking from experience I'd prefer not to have a staff team, but it's understandable as a new leader. Last but not least, remember not to run yourself down to the ground with making & improving the team. ❤️
  4. IGN: Previously Kupokun, now it's xGula ? Preferred Tiers: All. Competitive accolades: I bring hype matches that either make a lot of players rich or very, very broke. Discord contact: Lone&TamedWolf#5842 Fluff: got accused of being coached for previous LC matches, happy to be a lab rat for my team to test theirs. Preferred/Least Preferred Potential Manager: Go monkey go, also new pictures of pet when?
  5. i said it in discord, but i do believe more hand layer cosmetics would be something worth investing into considering the success of the torch. I'm sure it will be a toss up opinion if they were to re-visit old ones like Scythe like i mentioned prior and have a hand version of it, however do think we need more of those to maximise customization.
  6. so boys, do we tell him the difference now about doubles or later? ?
  7. gratz to all the winners, enjoy your presents. and thank you seth & fixed for hosting! ?
  8. damn our hero is getting defeated by the likes of eviolite & toxic stall, how dare they do that to mr satan! ? if only we had kings rock flinch,, right caio?
  9. if you add cursed body in with that mix, i'll settle with a yes.
  10. my man, Tork isn't just a weather setter much like the other setters. if you played any of the official/fan games or tiers you would know that weather vs weather is universally known, may the better player win. Heracross + Darm can't mix, Especially sun teams. Just like Meltdown explained, Hera is suitable in rain teams. i know this because i've run it in rain to deal with Jelli/Cofa/Reuni with some support of the team, while not limited: helps put pressure on intimidate/ opposing weather setter mons, fun fact tork is one of the setters that can force heracross out, the rest either die or too slow without item or stat drop specifics/modifications.
  11. Merry Christmas to all of the staff & the community, here's to 2022! ?
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