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  1. Man, that happens always with me, i can write an essay of 85 lines, they will search and quote only what they found to blame me, even if it's just one of the 85 lines. If they don't found anything then they won't answer. (Did you see the argument about Wish TP i did on April Movement thread? Since there was NOTHING they founded to blame me they just straight shut up.) About the moves i legit forgot about QD but there didn't change the situation. Bug is literally the Opposite of Ice, is good defensively but bad offensively(Ice is good Offensively and Terrible Defensively) , just have like 5 good moves to any offense and that's it.
  2. Shedinja has 0% usage(not literally 0 usage but last time checked has less than 1%) and Eject Button is a one time use. While every other way of pivoting has 1 reliable answer to prevent it. And when i say prevent is not like: Using chip dmg to make people think on switching, and yes stop the move as a whole from being used(Ex: Volt Switch is prevented by Volt Absorb and Grounds, Teleport/Baton Pass by Taunt). Remember what i sayed: U-turn can only be Punished. About resistances, I did recall of a good resistance Bug Has, not recalling if was Psychic or Dark.
  3. Just to fix something, bug is not the worst type defensively, it's actually one of the best. Sure, it has some weakness but they have resistances and the resistances are actually good. Resisting to Psychic, Fight and Ground is excellent. The problem is offensively, since Bug doesn't had the presence offensivelly it had defensively. The only thing Bug has are the 2 best moves in Pokémon history, Sticky Web(Best tool for any offensive team since having advantage on a speed dispute is always good) and U-turn(Literally an Uncontested Pivot, unlike any other pivoting move this cannot be prevented, just punished.), and the first doesn't even exist there.
  4. Or develop an Stockfish to MMO battles, and start using it on ladder because against the high-rated players you has to play perfectly. A slighty innacuracy and he won. At least until now, an IA developed to calculate the best move in a battle is not against any rules since on ladder and on official tours for some reason Coaching is not forbidden. And only official tours, all unofficial ones bans coaching.
  5. What about a Knock Off slighty buff? Like, to 40 BP? I believe it still won't be broken, as at best it became a 60 BP with stab or item removal boost, 90 BP with both, and 90 BP already considering stab is not a huge deal. Sure, removing items is great, but with Knock off also exists Trick and Switcheroo with simmilar functions and the bonus of giving a mon a (usually) bad item. The only mon that can really abuse highly from that is Scizor, because the move will be 90 BP for him, rarely being 60, but if becames too broken we can deal with it by a single ban. It will still be the move balanced we know, and with some offenses with enough power being able to use it.
  6. Wait really? I was thinking it was because of the 6 month time limit for appeals(though that after this time the account would be auto-deleted.)
  7. afaik you can't send mail to inactive usernames. If you're able to send a mail then 100% the guy is active
  8. Another question that raised to my mind, is what happens with Nickname of people perma-banned, not by Inapropriate nickname. Are the nicks banned from being used? Or they get avaliable for use after 6 months/the appeal be rejected?
  9. Hello and Welcome Back. As said before, if your appeal is rejected then you won't recover your account but you can still play again with a new one. if you get banned again prob your IP is banned and you're not welcome(but it's unlikely to be. 6 years has passed, and you must have a new phone by now which changed your IP). Remember, do not broke the rules again, and you may be fine.
  10. And i'm still waiting for the requested Tiebreak revision. Just to put things clear to explain why in some cases an 2v4 is not losing to some side, which the system clearly believes the opposite, Yesterday i was playing and i got into a 2v4 scenario, however my mon alive was simply unbeatable by the opposing team(I was with Suicune and a complety neutralized Gastrodon, and My opponent with an Kabutops, Kingdra, Gastrodon and Pelliper.). Nothing there could break Suicune unless RNGesus helped it. For my luck i was in 20 minutes of match, because if i was in 55min, my opponent could stall out the 5 minutes left to win. And you may think: Wait, how matches on 60 mins would have someone winning in a 5v6? I explain, you can have something your opponent won't break, except using a specific mon. If you neutralize it(Making it incapable of countering your mon) without faint, then you're winning. And for that you may sack something. You can sack a Gastrodon in order to burn a Mienshao/Scizor out and halve it's damage, thus allowing some mon fully countered by him to have a chance to break through. Just an example of how the tiebreak does not make sense and could, in the correct circunstances, be abused in some way. On the second example i gave, the opponent would lose if the match wouldn't be played with timer rules, let's say, on PSL, where i can freely turn on/off time limits, there is literally no rule blocking me. Just a matter of time until you find a opening. With timer, he needs just to hold it for 60mins and win. And i'm pretty sure the tiebreak is not there to people exploit it to farm wins.
  11. Hello. The forum accounts and the PokéMMO Accounts are independent from each other. Some players do the trick of registering the same password for both, to not forgot. Go to the PokéMMO's main website, the same where you downloaded the app, and register.
  12. If wants to revise Shaymin UU, better hope for Entei stay on UU which is very unlikely. If not, you wait until may, then you can ask for their revision.
  13. Our system for shinys is already pseudo-random. There is no true Randomness in computers. The thing is we don't know the current seed we are or the algorythm used to determine the RNG, or what are the triggers to make those algorythms being executed, and if we had acess to that information, then there would be no randomness at all. Just we would wait until reach X/Y seed needed for some event to happen
  14. A simplest solution for the problem you described could be place an 10s refresh cooldown. If detected that you spam way too fast that refresh cooldown(3 refreshes in like, 35 seconds), then it could exponentially grow, which forces players to slow down. And also when you put something in gtl, it won't be listed and be avaliable to buy until 30 seconds has passed, and you have that time to cancel the listing if you mistyped it. You can hit an confirm on listing page and it would go with that price to GTL regardless and immediatly. And if you think that can kill snipe farms... That's the idea. You shouldn't earn on other's mistake. Although it aren't against the law or the Code Of Conduct, it still are an desonest pratice, for me, abuse of someone's mistake has the same weight of inducing someone to do a mistake because you ended up being benefited equally from both cases.
  15. The question i'm bringing up is one that hits me hard. MMO in some way prevents you from playing both West and East Season Finales of a tier in the same season? Sure, the time when those tours happens ain't gonna help but is possible to some player be avaliable in both tours. In this season finale, for OU, I, in Brazil, if wake up 6 AM, can be online to play East Finales 1h later, and be online some hours later to play the West Finales at 3 PM. Those times on our local timezone.
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