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  1. You're wrong, the main use would be on stall, just because it's too good for BO/Balance. It is too good that will be broken and banworthy, so Slowbro would be hit by the Banhammer in a couple of weeks. And since Regen has an "Legit" use on stalls, and Teleport as well, they would end up removing future sight to allow slowbro again. Without Future, i doubt he could be of some use by BO/Balanced. As stated by DoubleJ when they announced 1,4x sharpness gallade: "The goal of the nerfs are to weaken the species as little as possible", so TC would take away any part of the Future Sight + TP + Regen combo that make the strategy healthy and does the least amount of collateral damage to the mon's viability, and in this case it's future since Removing TP or Regen kills slowbro right away.
  2. Honestly not. Item farm in general are *** up. If you want to farm pvp items, build an team and play a s** ton of matches on ladder. Best option is Hyper Offense with 95% chance of the match lasting less than 15 minutes, and the 5% won't last more than 20 minutes. Stall kinda works, 80% forfeit within 5 minutes but some players kept there and try to play, in which cases the matches lasts 40-60 minutes. (Just boot up with an stall and if you see the opponent did not forfeited after move 15, then you forfeit instead.) If you really want to torture yourself to farm itens in PvE way, use the dex and search for mons which has the item wanted, in this case Leftovers, you search where snorlaxs appear. Then, if it's more than one, discard lure-based and search the remaining based on proximity with CP. Neither are close, you see which takes less time on tiles with potential wild encounters.
  3. Not an exclusive problem of Doubles. UU and NU is following that script. There is some mons that you has few certain answers to it, and in 99% of the cases you'll lose if you don't use them. And like doubles, you can't play gimmicks bcause you will win only 1 game with it, as any other player from that format will spectate your team and be aware of which gimmick you use. And since they rely on suprise factor on most scenarios and aren't the example of consistency... I don't play those formats but i talk a lot with an Youtuber from brazil, he plays those formats and that is his main complain about those formats.
  4. No sign of World Cup until now, and ti's already the time the preparations are set.(Thanks PSL XVI for delaying everything). My suggestions are still there. Also, i'm curious of how they will adress some issues regarding teams if they stay with the policy of 1 team per nation. Some countrys alreayd estabilished their own federations and part of the "Top players" may not be on that federation for N reasons. Idk if latam have done that, but Brazil has their own federation. Due to the Abscence of Team Brazil by their own choice, lots of the top players aren't there competing or filiated while others that are from they, or from other teams, mainly international ones, play on alts on filiated teams. Won't name examples to the teams not force them to leave. My own suggestion showed why set money bids to determine who compete is a bad idea. How they're addresing that, idk.
  5. A piece of advice for newbies on using HOs/BOs, based on my experience, is to use an "Wild Card" mon when you can. Basically, some unexpected mon, or unexpected move on a common mon. Don't abuse and place too many wilds, so the team is not weakened. You can do this to all teams, but Balance and Stalls usually take long to win, and you by placing an wild is giving up of something better for the long-term. Offensive, however, abuse that because if you kill the right mon with the wild, let's say Kill an Skarmory using an Flamethrower nite, you'll have an easier time sweeping the opponent. And due to the suprise factor, usually you're getting the kill. How do i know which wild should i use? You play with an team without one, look for things you struggle the most, and think on ways to trap your opponent that use this against you. Here's two examples: - AV serperior on an Hyper Offense. HOs tend to struggle vs Rain. So if you use an Hyper offense with serperior, the opponent most likely will sac pelipper, clicking U-turn, in front of it, so he enters with Kingdra on the next move and he'll most likely game. AV sets up a trap, if he does that, kill the pelipper with an Leaf Storm, then the Kingdra won't kill Serp if full life. Use DPulse, kills the Kingdra, then stall the remaining turns of rain and win. On past, i did that. A lof of players fell for it. - Mixed DD Nite + Scizor: Nite + Scizor core can be really hard to wall, but one mon shuts both down: Skarmory. You can't really setup either since he can roar you out, and both struggle to pass through it's high defense. However, he has an weak Sp. Def and nite can exploit it. You can use an Dragon Dance, and include Flamethrower alongside Dragon Claw and E-Speed. Use DD to bait skarmory so he most likely stays, then use Flamethrower. If he use Brave Bird, he dies. If there is rocks before on his sides, he also dies. Anything else, he either give up their 1 HP skarm, or switches out. But if you put rocks later and he has nothing else to defog, skarm is now just something to be sacked. Pair that nite with Scizor and he can clean one of the biggest checks to scizor, part of the times the only thing able to stop it, allowing it to clean out the opponent once he has the chance to setup.
  6. Once Raids are being on game. but unless they stick with the promise of anniversary event, which is very unlikely, october at best.
  7. Wait, Vespiqueen wasn't on the SV titles, so how some mon gets that move?
  8. I did read that. Luckily i'm out of that trouble.
  9. If there is a set time to register and you post within that time, you should be able to play. If not, goodbye. i remember the TT i registered in time(5 minutes to miss), i was told that i was almost 1h late, but when Bear reviewed and noticed the mistake they gave me the spot. On the main thread the time was set, on the registration thread as well.
  10. Fine. May they request an Screenshot, in order to verify the time their ins were posted?
  11. Since on the Registration Thread i'm not allowed to post anything but the register, i'm asking there. One of the teams, i can mention if an staff asks, has sayed to me that they did the enter register to event after the time was open, minutes after, and their entry was removed with 0 notice. May i ask why, because i didn't see anything innapropriate with their name, etc...
  12. Knock off in MMO isn't a big of a deal. Yea, you lose your eviolite but for most mons, isn't affordable to use the move since Knock has 20 BP damage. That also make the move a bit predictable, since you know that offensive mons like Weavile don't have it, so you has to be careful about knock only in tankier mons like Ferrothorn. Honestly a bigger problem is 100% trick users, they are far more common, but for chansey and blissey they are a pain because both get crippled by hold choice items. So, you can't compare both either.
  13. Okay, let's bring the advise. - For Vanilluxe, i think you should go with an Second Ice move. I particulary like Frost Breath. 60 base power move, but it always crit, so it's effectively an 90 BP move, same as Ice Beam. It has 10% miss chance, but because it lands crits 100% of the time, it always ignore opponent's raised stats for damage, so no CM setup trying to negate the dmg, boost himself and win right away. For last moveslots, i would recomend some coverage and sadly the best you have is HP Electric and Water Pulse. - Wartotle if this team had been built 6 months ago could be justified, but nowadays Wartotle has no place in this team, since Blastoise is avaliable in Never Used. Keep the set but swap Wartotle with his evo, give a Leftovers, if needed adapt the spread and you're good to go. - Rest i'll leave up to other players
  14. According to what i've read, Future Sight shouldn't receive boosts from the User's held item nor any ability boost, if the user has leaven the field. And people above sayed that Life Orb also are bugged with that interaction: Can you confirm if that interaction i've read is the supposed interaction? Also, probablly other held items like Expert Belt/Psychic Plate had this problem.
  15. TIebreaker follows 3 confirmed criteria, i'm not a DEV but i can answer: Criteria #1 - Most mons alive. Criteria #2 - High % of HP left of the alive mons Criteria #3 - High PP Left of the Alive mons Criteria #4 - Coin-Flip(50%-50%, i've tested it, even assuming both players don't do anything on a battle the system tiebreaks in some way, and the one that best explains is this one.) And unlike smogon: a) There is no Tie or Tieproposal. b) The limit is far lower c) We cannot Skip animations. Which makes far more easier to stall, since 150 turns stalling is enough to reach limit(On Smogon the limit is 1000.) and you can't at turn 40 say: "Oh, this match will take a sh*** long time to finish, let's tie and save us both time." Also, you explained perfectly what Gallade does, can you please explain to the hive-minded people that so they shut up when i'm talking gallade is not an issue? I believe he is not broken but i'm honestly tired of carring this discussion, just want to stall be under control once they ban this mon, which i believe will happen at some point.
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