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  1. so... can we make them 100%?
  2. use https://support.pokemmo.com/ for this
  3. With progress not being saved, will finding shinies not be possible, or still possible and not transferable?
  4. I was wondering if anyone could explain how the great marsh encounters/areas work. I've spent a lot of time hunting their for Safari Week and it seems the encounters shift/shuffle with each in game day and it also seems some encounters are just not available on certain days. Also the dex as pokemon like Wooper listed as "Very Rare" but with the percentages I have been encountering pokemon it seems more like a common/uncommon given the area and day. Any answers would be great so I can effectively hunt skorupi! Thanks!
  5. which team can get their members to do the most votes speedrun
  6. in before shiny gyarados prices start dropping
  7. The changes you suggested are mostly not wanted in Pokemmo. We as a community love the shiny odds as they are, changing them would devalue time players have spent and the price. Also, in terms of adding "wide open areas with grass patches", it is not a bad idea really. I have made a suggestion similar to this in the past. It's important to remember what makes pokemmo pokemmo and IMO that is the base regions and no gimmicky fake mons or regions. Same with dynamax, Alphas are implemented already and pretty similar but I hope will be updated upon at a later date. From what I gather you are a relatively new player so if you don't like pokemmo then don't play! Have a good one
  8. Yeah i hope they never add megas or any of that gimmick stuff
  9. Donator only chat tab would also be cool.
  10. I think this would be cool but I also think no one would wonder trade anything good. Still a cool idea though!
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