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  1. Incredible event with VERY generous prize pool, im in. IGN: Patrouski
  2. yo great thread! The most important rules of this run are no trading, no gtl, all self sufficient, no donator status or shiny charm, you must announce your attempting the run or have SOMETHING on screen indicating as such like a timer with splits and the most IMPORTANT rule is that it has to be done in 1 session, UNSEGEMENTED like a normal speedrun, for example my first attempt of this i streamed 10 hours straight, didnt get the shiny, so next attempt i had to start a new account from scratch again. Hope this covers everything, lemme know if you have any questions, i have the full stream vods of attempt #1 and #2 here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IAPuWJFli6Q & https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kkr7fkvFUbI
  3. Worked extremely hard on this. Feedback appreciated. Almost posted this in work in progress guides in the guide tavern but idk if video guides are allowed. Anyways, i hope this is helpful to someone and at least entertaining for some ❤️
  4. IGN: Patrouski “I DONT KNOW WHAT TO WRITE '' I scream out in frustration. shuckle pats me on the shoulder and hands me a juice. “thanks buddy” i say as my frustration eases and a slight smile forms on my face. “I’m just having some bad writers block” I mutter... “you cant have writers block if you've never written anything before” says my smug meowth in the corner. i turn at him with a glare on my face but ultimately chuckle for a split second because i know he’s got a point. “I’m thinking of something cool! With legendary pokemon! Maybe zapdos and moltres OR cool dragons like giratina or rayquaza!” i exclaim “You can't catch any of those pokemon in this world so no one will know what your talking about” Meowth reminds me annoyingly “Ye well i think thats dumb and one day im gonna change that…” i cry *goes to complain on forums* “Maybe you should just learn to appreciate the legendary system in place for what it is in this world, honestly it makes balancing easier, competitive play more enjoyable on top of creating a unique king of the hill style mini game for a token trophy” Meowth wisely explains “NOOOOOOOOOOOO i want to be able to keeeeep my mewtwoooo just like in the normal games, i earned itttttt” i cry “-_-” - meowth Shuckle hands me another juice and smiles at me concerned All of my worries fade away and I put my pen back to my paper and write on...
  5. Guide for newer or returning players, different than my usual style. its very short and information dense. Would love feedback.
  6. This is Episode 2 of my "Loot From 1k Pokemon" series. I catch 1000 of a pokemon and then cover the loot, total pokeyen made, pokeyen/hr, time spent and hours played, etc. etc. Hope you enjoy or can learn somethin ?
  7. it wouldnt pass before i deleted all the moves, thts why i deleted all the moves to prioritize healing wish :) went thru every option i thought possible before coming to the forums.
  8. it says its an egg move in the mr. mime dex entry tho? maybe tht doesnt matter tho? i appreciate the idea at the very least! just trying to find the solution!
  9. im trying to pass the move healing wish to mr. mime which appears as an egg move in his pokedex entry, but i cant get it to pass. i assume im doing something wrong, any ideas?
  10. shiny shuckle after 105 rock smash encounters in hoenn safari zone
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