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  1. Medi prolly doesnt even need to run jolly on life orb sets cos the speedtier doesnt matter as much with chicken and venusaur leaving so ada prolly should be considered more in those calcs
  2. take killua sannuo heichicoda smadagos tehkharma
  3. Take 500k if ur doing more than 1 take
  4. Raikou will drop to UUBL or UU eventually we g
  5. Currently max 3 mins are given to a player to make a move in a game with increment of few seconds after a move is made. An option to edit the maximum time to 2 or 1 minutes for example in duel challenge request would help to play some faster games if needed, similar to blitz or bullet in chess. Also can lead to gameplay focused on less dependency on using damage calculators and more of intuition
  6. More than enough resources for anyone to improve on LC even if its not a currently available tier in game. Unlimited resources available online about standard LC gameplay and related stuff, and also there are publicly available test servers where you can test teams with friends. All of the games from this year's LCPL were recorded so more than enough games to watch and learn from, along with some games from previous LCPLs as well Also to mention the weekly tours which are conducted by pouf and some other hosts as well to help gain some experience in a less casual environment. I myself started to properly learn LC towards the end of last year, and i went 6-2 in this year's LCPL with my team winning it, so if i can do it within that time, anyone who is willing to put the effort in can do it, so dont complain unnecessarily and see how you can improve yourself
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