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  1. IGN: razimove Tiers: any but doubles prob, wouldn't mind trying tho Competitive Accolades: literally only ever played 2 LC tours before years ago Discord: redspawn#5126 Fluff: bought an entire LC box, 1 week before they discontinued support for it.
  2. nothing is wrong, learn to use the search bar top right and you can find answers to all this. Some complex nerfs/bans were made for a healthier competitive scenario, while some should be tested today, that's something to be discussed on the competitive area.
  3. Insults aside, dugtrio shouldn't even be OU to start with, it is problematic, even if it has low usage. Pokemmo usage is completely biased by copycats, like those 2 chinese teams (3 dragons scizor/mamoswine starmie) and stuff like malthuz rain etc, so in my opinion it shouldn't be the only factor that should go into if a mon is healthy to the meta or not (tournament usage for this would be better accurate but likely would require more tournaments for each tier) I struggle to see this as a problem, its a mmo instead of buying it today, farm 2 more days or something, it being limited should be more of a problem, but as of today there's plenty on GTL so it's more of a problem in the future. (yay for terrible implementations) I legit can't understand the reason why scrafty is even considered towards NU, sharpedo is already iffy in my opinion due to how extensive his moveset can be, but scrafty seems like it could pose a problem? And I don't think golbat is a great answer at all: +1 252+ Atk Scrafty Ice Punch vs. 248 HP / 252+ Def Eviolite Golbat: 68-80 (37.5 - 44.1%) -- guaranteed 2HKO after Stealth Rock (no point checking zen headbutt) and assuming he can run Coba Berry which was a common item for DD set in the past, you can't even threaten him that much.
  4. I like that seeing people everywhere means 2k for you
  5. Can we please stop the time gating of competitive stuff under random pve events that happen once per year? That would already be a major improvement. Regarding shaymin and it dropping, can you guys discuss this publicly since TC hasnt worked properly ever and our current metagame, if it can even be called that, is a complete jungle?
  6. It's more scary for the top100 than to you, don't worry, even if he wins vs you, he gets like 0.000000000000000(..)1 elo, while if he loses his family disowns him.
  7. uh no, this is 100% irrelevant, especially for competitive since it literally adds nothing. You're free to leave/take a break, and this also dodges the important stuff discussed here. We never had a 100% loyal metagame vs handhelds, no legendaries, access to abilities, stats, movepools and items we shouldn't be allowed to, so not really relevant either, even in gen3 we had access to band items after a while. The problem here is that it doens't seem they placed any thought behind this nerf (pls don't say it ruined pve when you literally complete all pve with a starmie and a pinsir/scyther and is not relevant the least), this nerf didn't change 1 hour matches, but served as a nerf to a lot of playstyles, it literally didn't add anything good, but removed a lot as a whole, and I say this as a very offensive player, you'll rarely if ever see me run stall. Effectively speaking this hurts more balance and bulky offense than stall as a whole, especially after the introduction of a new regen mon, aswell as some HA like toxic heal gliscor. We don't even have access to heavy duty boots or something to remove/lessen the burden on some walls etc, that now struggle pretty hard with limited healing pp, nothing, straight nerf.
  8. met another bug, already bug reported,is what my gracidea plants turned out to be: but this
  9. This one can't be used to boost IVs, and seems to be on the wrong section of the bag aswell:
  10. may I ask, is the min-max harvest amount something you can disclosure? I planted a few myself, but got me curious
  11. How to obtain the plants for IVs and nature?
  12. you can buy the alphas from GTL to then spawn it?
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