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  1. only if your content is chatting, cause everything else sorry but its just not true, in fact a lot of stuff isnt even implemented
  2. I've played some to a very high degree of min maxing and I can assure you they are not, not speaking of old mmos tho
  3. If it was a decent dev team from a company with some reputation or maybe a decent indie company, yes, here? nah, you play on their accord and thats all you'll ever do, dont want to play, then dont
  4. obscure or nicher sets showcase he isnt healthy,
  5. I suggest you learn the definiton of sarcasm
  6. honestly no entry cost for pvp actually sounds nice if you think about it, but would kill economy completely
  7. I think you are half correct in the sense that he is just one of many. The game can sustain itself if we all left rn cause the chinese community alone probably spends tens, if not hundreds of thousands per month. Sure they need money to keep it going and also to be incentivized to bring up more content, but at the same time if you really look at how detached devs are from the community, youll start looking at it differently.
  8. They did reveal long ago that shiny locks exist, then someone hid the post from kyu but Im pretty sure there are still screens of it
  9. He's funding Desu's new sports car, its ok
  10. Gengar rn is a lot stronger than it was as cursed body is another layer of RNG which can define a match late game. So no levitate existing wouldnt make him better by any means. Levitate was removed cause mmo follows the latest generation changes, and in gen8+ there is no levitate gengar, its that simple. So no, it wont return, and its not needed at all, gengar is frail by default if you look at his defensive stats and typing.
  11. People leave cause the game lacks an end game, its literally this simple. Shiny hunting is boring and if you say otherwise, please seek professional help. And comp wise you can find a better environment elsewhere where there is a functional TC and environment. Other than that you just chat technically, and you can do that elsewhere too
  12. It will never happen.
  13. They'll never add fanmade stuff, much less something that isnt even relevant to any storyline. Great game tho, people.should play it!
  14. I like that he straight assumes its false bans
  15. rough, havent logged in a few months/maybe a year aside from a few short 2 min logins, I was joking mostly but we can talk on discord if you want, same name I had previously, redspawn
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