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  1. If you have nothing to contribute, you could just like, not write. I agree with what Frags say, you are literally playing the lottery to try and scout for his set
  2. people usually have a loooot of reasons due to the way you express yourself with the competitive community, from contributing nothing, to side tracking, to pretty much copying other people comments, but hey, no reasons
  3. just remove xatu, if you want a bouncer, espeon is the superior one, with that said, for a team like yours that is very weak to scizor, neither is the solution.
  4. You can't use this anymore, I'm revoking your access to SRIF
  5. If you are tired of breeding, buy them.
  6. Doesnt mean anything, kanto was released without being completed, and so did others, unova still isnt complete nor sinnoh. But yeah ETAs and them dont work and idk the hype either way given you guys wont be able to capture any new pokemon, and even if they release new HAs, they are just holding content at best
  7. Can we pleeeeeeease have the clown reaction back? Please please please
  8. mandibuzz sp.def walls it completely, going with your spread: 116 Atk Infernape Close Combat vs. 248 HP / 8 Def Mandibuzz: 75-88 (34.7 - 40.7%) -- 56.5% chance to 3HKO after Leftovers recovery 136 SpA Infernape Overheat vs. 248 HP / 252+ SpD Mandibuzz: 69-82 (31.9 - 37.9%) -- 0.8% chance to 3HKO after Leftovers recovery
  9. throwback to hotarubi crying about this Gallade is fun and it's not the deal breaker for OU, it's likely just part of the problem, OU has had a pretty nasty meta for the last months and nothing much has been done about it. I'd like them to provide gallade with a fair testing period, 2 weeks is probably too little to have tournaments inputs aswell, 1-2 months, maybe?
  10. This is something I don't get it, why push big update batches instead of smaller ones and have effectively more time to work on problems? This is good to know, and I'd love to know if it's ok to actually PM you regarding this and chime in on some suggestions I could provide you with to not flood this thread My main concern is that I'm not looking at one feature but multiple, while this thread is tailored to the PC problems, we got old bugs back on android, such as android type bar having been removed once again, making us blind guess what we're typing (with no option to correct since no type bar), between others. I understand you guys might want to focus on specific areas like in this case, pushing Johto, and you're not a huge team, but at the same time, why force so much in so little time? If Johto was the main concern, wouldn't it have been best to just go with it first and postpone this 1-2 months after Johto release/patches/etc?
  11. Sorry but no, it's not, you can defend them however you want, I work in the same area as them, not a junior on it either, and its also not on a fan made game, on actual products, if I accepted to end deliver a product like this, I'd have to answer a lot of people about it.
  12. You can use it every turn and it cancels itself, its something that has a niche in doubles, and maybe a very almost non existent niche in singles
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