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  1. Love this artwork, great job @Zephy. Thanks for organizing @Parke & may the best team win
  2. What a crazy month June 2024 has been (and not just because I personally found TWO whole shinys) for the team. Right off the bat, looking at this bulletin, it's obvious we didn't even have space for all the rares this month, and on top of that, we had a crazy Team Safari event that lasted a week and had a 70m+ prize pool. Major congratulations to everyone who found a wonderful new shiny this month hopefully the coming months keep going this way too. Thank you to @cloo (clooh) and @Servor5555 (xXFongusXx) for putting together this month's bulletin! Team Mr June 2024 OT Shiny Bulletin:
  3. Team [Mr]'s 1st Official Safari Week Event: A Shiny Expedition has concluded! Thank you everyone who participated in this exciting event, we had a really fun week exploring each safari zone, and we had several shinys, some of which fled, and some of which were captured. As a team, we encountered 12 total shinys in the safari zone this week (and surprisingly, quite a few rares hatched/encountered outside of the safari zone this week too), and there were some big point changes in the final 24hrs. This was a crazy week, and I hope we can do something similar next year. Congratulations to our winners: 1st Place Prize: $25,000,000 + A custom drawing by @Zephy 1st Place Winner: Vexuh - 10 points 2nd Place Prize: $18,000,000 2nd Place Winner: tints - 10 points 3rd Place Prize: $14,000,000 3rd Place Winner: WILDfredo - 6 points 4th Place Prize: $8,000,000 4th Place Winner: JerichoBR - 5 points 5h Place Prize: $5,000,000 5th Place Winner: hardertb - 5 points Event Spreadsheet Link Shinys Found this week in the safari / Event Scoreboard: Format: Player IGN - Shiny Found (Caught/fled, +Points increased) - Total Score 1. JerichoBR - Poliwag (Caught, +5 points) - 5 points total 2. Vexuh - Ekans (Caught, +5 points) - 5 points total 3. Hardertb - Chansey (Fled, +5 points) - 5 points total 4. porkmas - Poliwag (Caught, +5 points) - 5 points total 5. Hell - Magikarp (Caught, +5 points) - 5 points total 6. CNuz - Girafarig (Fled, +5 points) - 5 points total 7. WildRizzlyBear - Bidoof (Caught, +5 points) -5 points total 8. WILDfredo - Ekans (Johto Bonus Day, +6 points) - 6 points total 9. NoStrategy - Poliwag (Fled, +5 points) - 5 points total 10. Tints - Pinsir (Caught, +5 points) - 5 points total 11. Tints - Nidorina (Caught, +5 points) - 10 points total 12. Vexuh - Rhyhorn (Fled, +5 points) - 10 points total See you next year, Safari Week!
  4. Team [Mr]'s 1st Official Safari Week Event: A Shiny Expedition (This event is for in-game [Mr] members only and is NOT open to the general public) (Picture Credit: @Zephy aka FishermanZephy) Hello Team! In order to celebrate safari week, we are going to be hosting an official Team [Mr] 1-week long shiny-finding event, exclusively held in the safari zones across PokeMMO. This event will be an all out brawl - every player for themselves, completing against everyone else participating. Any shiny encountered within any of the safari zones during the event time-frame will score the shiny finding player points, and at the end of the week, the players with the most points will win prizes. There will be bonus point days for each individual safari zone (based on chronological order of regions). There will also be extra bonus points for any caught shiny safari species that are not yet in team Mr's shiny Pokédex (Qualifying species are Exeggcute/Exeggutor, Castform & Carnivine). No sign-up for this event is required - as long as you are in team [Mr] in-game and encounter (not necessarily catch) a shiny within the event time-frame, you will be automatically be entered into the event, and your points will be tracked. May the best safari hunter win! Event Start Time: Saturday, June 22nd, 2024 @ 1:00:00 PM EDT Time Zone Converter Event End Time: Saturday, June 29th, 2024 @ 1:00:00 PM EDT Point System: 5 points - Any shiny encountered within any of the Safari Zones during the event time-frame (regardless if the shiny flees or is caught) +2 extra points - For any CAUGHT species who's species line has not yet been entered into the Team [Mr] Shiny Dex (Qualifying Species: Exeggcute OR Exeggutor / Castform / Carnivine) +1 extra point - If the player encounters (doesn't need to catch) a shiny in the correct regional Safari Zone on the correct bonus point date (below) Bonus Point Days: Monday, June 24th (12:00 AM - 11:59:59 PM EDT) - Kanto Safari Zone Day - Any shiny encountered within the Kanto safari zone will gain +1 bonus point Tuesday, June 25th (12:00 AM - 11:59:59 PM EDT) - Johto Safari Zone Day - Any shiny encountered within the Johto safari zone will gain +1 bonus point Thursday, June 27th (12:00 AM - 11:59:59 PM EDT) - Hoenn Safari Zone Day - Any shiny encountered within the Hoenn safari zone will gain +1 bonus point Friday, June 28th (12:00 AM - 11:59:59 PM EDT) - Sinnoh's Great Marsh Day - Any shiny encountered within the Great Marsh of Sinnoh will gain +1 bonus point Event Rules: - Only shinys encountered within the event time-frame will count as points. Shinys encountered in the safari zone before the event begins or after the event ends do not count. - In the event of a tie, the winner will be determined based on which player encountered their first shiny of the week earlier. - You do not need to formally sign-up for this event, as long as you are in team [Mr] in-game, and encounter a shiny within the event time-frame, you will be automatically entered. - Only in-game team [Mr] members may enter this event, this event is NOT open to the general public. - If team [Mr] if not your main account's team (if you have an alt with us), you cannot participate in this event. - Donations from current members are not required in order to participate in this event, however, any player who joins the in-game team between this event being announced (by this post on forums) and the event ending will need to donate at least $500,000 pokeyen towards the prize pool in order to participate. - Any shiny encountered in any of the safari zones (including great marsh) within the time-frame will count as points, you do not need to capture the shiny to earn points. - For missing Team [Mr] shiny Pokédex species, players must capture the pokemon for the +2 point bonus (7 points total if caught, 5 points if fled). - Missing shiny Pokédex species bonus points may only be claimed once per evolution line (for example: Either exeggcute OR exeggutor would claim the bonus - if player A catches a shiny exeggcute in the safari, and then player B later catches a shiny exeggutor in the safari, only player A gets the +2 point bonus). - Qualifying missing shiny Pokédex are as follows: Exeggcute, Exeggutor, Castform & Carnivine. - To receive the +1 point bonus from the bonus point days, players must encounter a shiny Pokemon in the safari zone corresponding to that bonus day (for example, encounter a shiny Scyther in the Kanto safari zone on the Kanto Safari zone bonus day, June 24th). - Bonus point days start at 12:00 AM and last until 11:59:59 PM and are based on the EDT time zone. - For shinys that flee, the shiny encountering player must post video or screenshot evidence of the encounter in Team Mr's discord, or they may DM/mail me a screenshot in-game or via discord. - Some time after the event ends, winners will be sent their in-game prizes, based on the entirety of the donation pool. Score / Points Spreadsheet: Created by @WestTurtle Spreadsheet Link To Donate (Voluntary): Send mail to me in game (IGN: awkways) with the title "Event Donation" and it will be added to the prize pool. Donations will be accepted from now (this post going up) and the end of the event. *Note: Please try to only send cash (pokeyen) as it is easiest to evenly distribute* Prizes: Prizes are subject to change (increase) up until the end of the event depending on any additional donations. 1st Place Prize: $25,000,000 + A custom drawing by @Zephy 2nd Place Prize: $18,000,000 3rd Place Prize: $14,000,000 4th Place Prize: $8,000,000 5th Place Prize: $5,000,000 Donations So Far: $10,000,000 - patrouski $5,000,000 - awkways $5,000,000 - SumertimeGladnes $5,000,000 - xMedjed $5,000,000 - Goofty $5,000,000 - SZRRP $4,500,000 - Worvik $4,500,000 - porkmas $2,500,000 - clooh $2,000,000 - wobushiren $2,000,000 - XRDZIIN $2,000,000 - Hell $2,000,000 - Zaakkosaurus $1,500,000 - JWTree $1,500,000 - Parke $1,250,000 - DannyWithSixYs $1,000,000 - Qiyist $1,000,000 - Pecaeme $1,000,000 - FishermanZephy $1,000,000 - tints $1,000,000 - Untotes $1,000,000 - abenbag $1,000,000 - SamuelJackson $750,000 - PDaF $500,000 - luiofficial $500,000 - Shinycarp $500,000 - Elebuzz $500,000 - TheoPembo $500,000 - NobleChieef $500,000 - FlappinShad $500,000 - BossHogg Total Prize Pool so far: $70,000,000
  5. May has been a really great month for the team - we collectively got 99 total shinys, 4 secret shinys, 10 egg shinys and +3 new shiny dex entries (Anorith, Sawk and Tropius). We also saw Untotes get a shiny gulpin during a swarm in the SAFARI, Stolen get a single encounter Hitmontop, and a few safari tragedies (Ejays Lapras and Oseas' Riolu fled). This will be a hard month to beat, but as we roll into summer, I have a feeling more OP Mr Rares are on the way. Thanks as always to @cloo (Clooh) and @Servor5555 (xXFongusXx) for making this bulletin! Team Mr May 2024 OT Shiny Bulletin:
  6. Dear players: Please stop trying to use how much money you spend on the game's gift shop as any kind of leverage with the devs because: 1. It doesn't work at all, devs don't care if you personally quit 2. You have no idea the % breakdown of how much you spend -> their profit / pay rate Vs. the server costs, Xolla fees and "other services" 3. You look silly doing this, because if you don't know what percentage of the money you spend goes into their pay vs. other costs, then you can't use the money aspect to justify anything else. If you want to argue the game deserves more updates, do so without bringing up anecdotal evidence about you or other people spending IRL money. The foundation for this type of argument is lacking
  7. Wow how crazy, i was EXACTLY right, not even 1 PHASE off. Congrats on the dexxy shiny!
  8. This is the last phase. Sawk next. I'm calling it (I may or may not be calling it for the 5th time in a row). U got this, you have my utmost confidence.
  9. April 2024 has been a rather special month - continuing the trend from last month, we saw a lot of safari shunters taking on big gambas, some were won and some lost. We also saw Fongus randomly go on a rampant shiny unown catching spree one day, and a few people popped off with mysterious balls. As usual, thank you to @cloo (Clooh) and @Servor5555 (xXFongusXx) for making this bulletin. Keep up the good work, team! Team Mr April 2024 OT Shiny Bulletin:
  10. Couldn't agree more - bring back the 2016/2017 north pole event, make xmas great again
  11. Another month on the books - March 2024 - the month of the Rares. Although overall we got slightly less shinys than last month, the quality of shinys went up. We saw an explosion of hunters in the safari, thanks to @DannyWith6Ys posting the daily rotations, and poor @WoomyNation even lost an RNG gamble in safari with a fleeing Riolu encounter (he will reclaim though, trust 🙏). Congrats to everyone who killed it this month, and keep up the good work, team! Also as usual, thank you @cloo (Clooh) for making the bulletin with the help of @Servor5555 (xXFongusXx)! Team Mr March 2024 OT Shiny Bulletin:
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