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  1. I love the spring clip vanity but they made it seasonal. πŸ’€
  2. One I'm pretty sure is the score you get from getting all the pokemon per wave avialable, and recruiting one of the legendary dogs, last year was Raikou idk if they changed it this year.
  3. More like competing with thousands of bots & automation, not to mention my insane teammates. I'm glad some of them got some of the insane listings, one got like 13 shinies with 3-5 31 IVs. Some got tons of cheap comps and limited vanities.
  4. Good for you my 300 ping server Speedwagon can't even buy a freaking $100 leppa.
  5. Either the player quitted or his account got hacked or he's just giving away free money or those things got mentioned above. Who knows you can ask him directly, most pokemon has an OT of Redwolfs.
  6. I always use Starmie in my alt runs, you should too. It's one of the best sweepers in the game. If you have no access to starmie you could use focus sash & shell smash Cloyster with the ability skill link to sweep, would also recommend using moxie mons like Krookodile, Scrafty or Salamence & Honchrow if you have access to HA.
  7. Can you provide different time zones. Thank you!
  8. All best-combined suggestions in one thread. Upvoted!
  9. Well there could be another event place with the upcoming region so let's just hope for that.
  10. Best xmas I've had so far, even though I didn't made it to the leaderboards. Vanities are so much better than the previous years, dungeon mechanics, particle mons, little presents, and hidden abilities made the game so much better. Thanks for spoiling us with new content @devs. ❀️ Now we wait for lunar new year or johto. πŸ‘€
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