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  1. Hi, it's less that it was removed and more that it was never added. Sinnoh was released with features likc pickup, underground, battle frontier, etc. not implemented so that players could play in the region, which was the main demand. They probably just haven't gotten around to adding Pickup to Sinnoh yet due to other priorities. Hope this clarifies.
  2. If your appeal was reviewed, what I'm telling you is that someone _did_ look into it, and the decision that you were botting was upheld. Shortly this thread will be locked by the staff, so again my advice is to just move on. If you've had your appeal, you don't get other chances. Even if you succeed in convincing me or others in the community, it won't change the outcome.
  3. If you are not botting then you don't have anything to worry about. Staff don't ban people for grinding. Many players say they weren't cheating because they think it'll help them get their account back, even when the evidence against them is irrefutable. It's not usually shared with players or publically because it would help cheaters circumvent the capture methods that the staff employ. However as I mentioned, each appeal is independently reviewed for correctness so there can be little doubt. If your appeal is rejected then the investigation has concluded that the evidence supporting your ban for the stated reason is irrefutable. It's not me or even the community you need to appeal to, so posting here isn't going to change anything. I suggest you accept this outcome and move on.
  4. The appeal process is your chance; the evidence collected against you will be independently reviewed and verified. Many players object publically in the way you have, but this doesn't change the outcome. If your appeal has been rejected, you should probably just start a new account if you want to keep playing.
  5. Hi, you're correct that Belly Drum has no effect on Snore but in the past it would have done. In Generation 4, the Physical/Special split was introduced to the mainline games. This made most ranged attacks Special attacks (whose damage is affected by the SpAtk stat), and most melee attacks into Physical attacks (whose damage is determined by Attack). Prior to this change, whether a move was Physical or Special was determined by its type. In Gen 3 and earlier, all Normal type moves (such as Snore) were physical and would thus be affected by buffs to Attack like from Belly Drum. This also meant moves like Fire Punch counted as Special attacks. However, after the change, whether a move is affected by Atk or SpAtk was determined by whether it's a melee or ranged attack. Since Snore is a ranged attack, it became Special in gen 4, and its damage is now calculated based on the user's SpAtk. Since PokeMMO uses the most recent mechanics it can, it incorporates this change, and thus in PokeMMO, Snore will be unaffected by the buff from Belly Drum. Other physical Normal-type attacks such as Body Slam will still be buffed by Belly Drum's Atk boost. I hope this clarifies the situation for you 🙂
  6. Hi, if your appeal ticket is rejected then the decision is final and the ban won't be lifted. There's no way to appeal again. Unless you have been told otherwise, if you want to keep playing, you can make a new account. However, you should be careful not to repeat your mistakes as the punishment may be even more severe next time.
  7. The shiny warning is a QOL feature, not essential. The devs are probably lumping the fix into an upcoming balance fix for the event, which is what normally happens during events. If you're a normal player who pays attention while playing this is unlikely to affect you. I'm sure if you were running a bot that relied on the check, this would be very annoying, though 🙂
  8. Hi, The probability of succeeding a random event with probability p exactly x times given n trials is given by the following formula: In your case: - n=25000 - p=1/24,300 - x=1 This gives: P(x) = 25000C1 * (1/24300)^1 * (1-1/24300)^(25000-1) Simplifying: P(x) = 25000 * (1/24300) * (0.9999588)^24999 P(x) = (25000/24300) * 0.357 P(x) = 0.3677 Or approximately 37% chance to have found a shiny given the number of trials and conditions you specified (note that this is the chance for exactly one, the chance for at least one is a bit higher than this). I believe your original question was: The chance to succeed on any given trial (p above) does not change if you change the number of trials (n above). You can clearly see that they have different values in the formula, so changing one doesn't influence the other. If however you change the value of n, the value of P(x) will change. That is, as you do more trials, the chance that you succeed once will increase. This is the part most people get confused about - they mix up the chance to succeed on a particular trial (p) with the chance to succeed after some number of trials (P(x)). The incorrect belief that increasing the number of trials influences the chance of success on a particular trial where the events are statistically independent is known as The Gambler's Fallacy. I hope this clarifies.
  9. Theoretically yes; I haven't confirmed this but I would hope that it indicates land/water for Suicune and the birds and just Land for the other two dogs It should be player-dependent; IIRC it updates in the dex when you catch that month's legendary It doesn't belong to a route; players select locations like Five Isle Meadow and Johto route 45 due to the presence of desirable lure shinies which one can passively hunt for while trying to encounter the legendary. The legendary encounter just has a chance to replace a normal encounter. All we know is it's somewhere between 1/1000 and 1/8000. I would expect hordes can only drop 1 orb just like you only get one item via Pickup for hordes. No-one knows the drop rate; you can do some farming and collect some data and if you get enough I'm happy to include it in the guide and credit you 🙂
  10. By way of clarification, I am a software industry professional with a degree in computing and software systems from a world leading university. Patterns of unlikely statistically independent events are exactly what one would expect from a random system. Humans are notoriously bad at distinguishing (effectively) truly random behaviour from patterned or distributed behaviour. For example, consider the following two images: Which image do you think represents a random distribution of dots, and which represents an ordered pattern being generated? The image on the left is randomly generated; the image on the right is not random. Notice that the left image contains clusters of dots together. If we are to imagine that a dot represents a shiny encounter, if the system being used is effectively truly random (i.e. provably psuedorandom by definition), we would expect clusters of shiny encounters close together, and long runs in between shinies, which is what you're describing. If you encountered a shiny exactly every 30,000 encounters, this would not be random at all, in fact it would be extremely ordered. In practice it is effectively impossible for a computer system (which is deterministic by nature) to be truly random, and there is some debate as to whether "true" randomness even exists in the universe. For most applications however, true randomness is unnecessary. It is usually sufficient, as it is in this case, that an attacker cannot analyse the output of a pseudorandom system and determine the input with any accuracy better than a guess. This is the case for the randomness in use in PokeMMO as evidenced by the link provided by Seth above (thanks Seth, I remembered Desu mentioning this but couldn't find it 🙂 ). I'm sorry that you did not encounter a shiny in the amount of time that you expected, and that another player was very lucky and found many in the same day, but this does not demonstrate a "broken" system. As I mentioned, this is exactly what one would expect from a random system, and "pseudorandomness" is not any kind of knock against PokeMMO or its implementation of random monster generation.
  11. Hi, development information about the game such as client/server code is proprietary and the devs will not share it with players. They also don't take new applicants to the development team in general. What is the intention of your question? As the article you link advises, it's effectively impossible to use "true" randomness in most computing applications, and thus secure pseudorandom generators are broadly accepted for use. Even if you knew the pseudorandom number generator method and the seed, it'd still be effectively impossible to use it to predict anything about the game unless you knew every other player's actions as well and could predict them in real-time.
  12. Hi, if you use any autoclicking or macro software on your phone, it may run in the background even when you're not using it. If PokeMMO detects such software, you'll see the message you mention, and if you continue to run PokeMMO with this software, your account may be subject to punishment for prohibited third-party software (botting). I would strongly recommend that you completely uninstall any such autoclicking or macro software if you want to continue playing PokeMMO on this device.
  13. Hello, It is very likely that you are misremembering the username of the account your character belongs to. Remember that the username and the character name are different. If you don't know what your account name would be, please raise a support ticket and staff will help you recover your old account: https://support.pokemmo.com/ Also, remember that you must include an English translation of your messages. It is a requirement of using the forums. _____ Hola, Es muy probable que estés recordando mal el nombre de usuario de la cuenta a la que pertenece tu personaje. Recuerda que el nombre de usuario y el nombre del personaje son diferentes. Si no sabe cuál sería el nombre de su cuenta, envíe un ticket de soporte y el personal lo ayudará a recuperar su cuenta anterior: https://support.pokemmo.com/ Además, recuerda que debes incluir una traducción al inglés de tus mensajes. Es un requisito para utilizar los foros.
  14. Items like higher-tier potions, repels, pokeballs, and TMs are gated behind storyline progression. Some players will pay a premium for better items, either because they donated and sold some RP and are now flush with cash for their story, or because they're running an alt and it's more convenient than logging back into their main. It's not any kind of scam usually.
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