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  1. I Feel like what I said about watching the end credits on youtube applies here if you really want to hear the end credit ost then you can easily find it on Youtube. I don’t have large coding knowledge so maybe i’m wrong but I assume they would have to code the end credit song to play once you beat the game. Since it would normally play in the end cutscene only.
  2. Acknowledging that it's a such a minor thing can also be used as a reason to not add this. why would devs waste time on feature that most likely 95% of the players wont even realize is missing. You also bring up player experience to which this would not even be worth working on when so many better long term features can help the player experience in more meaningful ways. If the end credits is something that you feel is necessary to see once you finish a region in PokeMMO you could go on youtube and look up the respective end credits and pretend like its your playthrough.
  3. Strings are only half of what make people berry farm fast. Having a low ping is important too which unfortunately restricts a lot of players from berry farming at high speeds.
  4. This is the wrong game to try and roleplay in lmao
  5. 17,874 enc cant remember the last time I got a shiny under odds xd
  6. 82.7k Encounters Forgot to screenshot encounter but so fkn hyped will def be breeding to female
  7. If u don't mind could u pm me the strings you currently use
  8. Haven't seem much on this topic yet but so far i've seen sources suggesting that the devs removed the advantage strings gave to players. If this was intentional I need to ask why not just make strings a default option if it's about fairness. There is nothing more annoying to the player experience than spending 3 minutes slowly clicking through text bubbles on each berry plot while planting or being forced to sit through long text when trying to breed eggs on a charm. This will 100% kill the berry farming market (unless your a chinese bot xd) and peoples motivation to do difficult egg shunts. If devs really did plan to do this in the update I would expect some clarity on what's happening.
  9. The GOAT 🐐πŸ’ͺ
  10. Love this idea im suprised this hasn't already been added as iirc in the original games if you have a shiny you can view the variant on the pokedex.
  11. Welcome Back! Ignoring my opinion on spending $800 xD, If you need anything feel free to reach out πŸ˜ƒ
  12. Welcome! If you need help with anything feel free to ask. Also very nice name πŸ”₯
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