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  1. Welcome and good luck to everyone participating in Optic's Safari Week! Hosted by @DaSpadee & @Requi Date: June 22nd - June 30th Time: 12am UTC Location: Any Safari Zone Rules: All pokemon must be caught within the event period for submissions to be valid please include ot and caught date Please screenshot the encounter in case the pokemon flees Must be part of the team Optic to participate Pokemon must be the player's OT Prizes: 2m for a caught Safari Shiny 1m for a seen safari shiny that flees +350k for a caught Secret Shiny +100k for a clip of the safari encounter caught or failed Bonus Days: +1m for any shiny seen or caught during these bonus days (all days go by UTC Timezone) Johto Safari - June 23rd Kanto Safari - June 25th Hoenn Safari - June 28th Sinnoh Safari - June 29th Best of luck everyone!!
  2. Date: June 20th Time: 5pm UTC | 1pm EST Location: Anywhere Duration: 1 hour for catching and 10 min to submit entry Pokemon accepted: Any Ghost or Dark Type Pokemon! Species Bonus: +8 +5 Nature Bonus: Brave +3 Relaxed +3 Rules: Top 3 prizes is determined by total ivs + any bonus that applies 4th place prize is given to the lowest iv caught (Bonuses Included) You may submit 2 entries one for highest ivs and one for lowest ivs All Pokemon must have been caught within the event time. You will have one hour to catch your entry. Pokemon must be the player's OT. You must link your entry to a participating staff member via whisper to submit your entry. In the event of a tie, the winner will be determined through the earliest catch time. Must be part of the team or Optic Discord to participate. 1st Place Prize 1.25m + Alpha Spiritomb 2nd Place Prize 1m 3rd Place Prize 750k 4th Place Prize (Lowest ivs) 500k Host: Aeziel
  3. 986 encounters after a 32k shiny Fearow phase at Yanma spot
  4. Hope everyone is excited for Optic's Most Wanted! This will be an always ongoing event that is posted at the start of each month. Unique bounties are posted and can be claimed by any member of Team Optic! Date: June 1st - June 30th Time: Starts and ends at 12 AM UTC | 2 AM CEST | 8 PM EDT Duration: During the Month of June Bounty Board: Claimed Bounties: @m4lso Claimed theBounty! Rules: - Any Pokemon from an evolution line will count (Ex. Shiny Cleffa will count for a Clefairy bounty) - Unless otherwise stated a bounty may only be claimed once - In the situation where an egg shiny is hatched we will operate on good faith as it is unrealistic to always have a recording ready - For a bounty claim to be valid the OT and Catch Date must both be verified - Bounties for the current month will expire at the end of the month and new ones will be posted for the following month on the same forum post - Bounty targets are usually selected by a rng system with majority being new living dex entries - Bounty targets will try to be balanced so there are a variety of easy and hard shunts each month
  5. IGN: Requi PVP experience: Experience playing OU on ladder and started briefly learning NU a while back Preferred Tiers: All tiers
  6. very communicative, fast and affordable. 10/10 work we both love it ❤️
  7. all my old sig/userbar links are down due to being hosted on discord and I guess the images expiring. I will be reuploading everything through imgur from now on so if anyone needs the new link can dm me or take from my shop page
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