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  1. did u use leftover or some items like that have some particles? or some moves like recover
  2. 读一下下面的内容就行了,有针对你的显卡的运行链接
  3. how did you find these numbers? could u tell me? @nurver9 and these
  4. @Nikolhehi,could u add my discord?

    that's "hidden"

    could i discuss with u on there?


    1. Thekingofglory
    2. Nikolhe


      Sent the request, I'm Inbetween#1498

  5. btw, the theme is very cute, love that ❤️ and i think change the fonts into black will be much better
  6. hmmm there is no need i think the android theme only can be used for rooting phones, but the game will give a ban
  7. not twl or java go to check example.mod in PokeMMO\data\mods read things there, hope u can get sth from it
  8. settings - tool - trainer sprites & battle sprites
  9. im sure this isnt ips this an another ROM patcher
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