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  1. Thank you to everyone that showed up! We had a fun time! From the round where we had to find Bill: "This isn't even my final form." Perfect moment with someone's IGN: superdragonballt
  2. I mean, teambuilding is a factor in winning, so... And you completely missed my point. There's a reason why Pilo has low usage and high winrate.
  3. Are you going to provide any useful info? Are you an actual NU player or are you just on the hype train, here?
  4. Unfortunately... That's not my point, here... Yes, Pilo has a low usage rate, but the winrate means something when you're comparing the numbers. Rotom has a higher percentage in winrate compared to Roserade. We're talking about who the big threat in NU is, right? What about Rhyperior? What about Spiritomb? I mean, generally, if you (anyone in general, not you personally) view Roserade as a threat, having a spinner/defogger would be necessary and is an option in countering Roserade. I still go with mons like Charizard & Golbat, especially in the event you have one like mine that uses Extrasensory. With Charizard being weak to rocks, it would make sense to have a spinner/defogger on your team. I feel that looking at it in a broader perspective, as it's clear there are multiple ways you can deal with a Roserade, is important. There are multiple calcs shown as it is. I feel that the situation with Roserade doesn't even compare to the one where people actually had troubles countering Garchomp in OU. Like, I'm even considering a Pilo, ya feel?
  5. I'd also like to point out that I'm the one who came up with those Roserade calcs, as my build & set are different, dependent on the team I have and what I can counter & face. Mine was meant to be a Tentacruel killer before they came out with separate matchmaking tiers and it was just a thought in providing thoughts/ideas outside of the box.
  6. Kanto Scavenger Hunt! Work together with your teammate to solve the riddles! An event for the Meme Kings & Queens, the PokeMMO OG's and of course, the Nerds. Date: 09/30/2020 Time: 2pm UTC Time Converter Location: Kanto Ch. 5 Duration: TBD Hosts: Khasyotic, Kupokun Rewards: 20k per team mate/40k if SOLO Details: The event will be hosted on both Discord in a dedicated channel & on PokeMMO You must have Kanto 100% completed Registration is open immediately; react to this post or the post in Discord if you plan to join us! On the day of the event, everyone wanting to be teamed up will be formed into teams of 2 If you choose to be solo, that is fine! It is advised that you link up with your team mate/whisper/DM to discuss riddles if you're teamed up Work together/alone to find the location/NPC mentioned in each riddle & rack up money! You must be at the EXACT location & at least a couple squares away if the riddle implies an NPC. You and your team mate (unless you are solo) must be present TOGETHER at an implied location/NPC to earn the reward. 20k per team mate /40k to a solo player for whoever finds us, first! Totals 40k given out per round. Please note: Repels, HMs, escape ropes etc. are your responsibility! This event is for ENIX members and friends.
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