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  1. I know that a fair amount of people only have Kanto completed, so the Slaking location in this region is over in Viridian Forest. Thank you @Elizn for putting this thread together.
  2. Good question, a wonderful man by the name of @YIBU gave me the information on a notepad and I put it into Guide Form (information on said notepad is a bit dated since this was back in 2020). I do update the guide when there are Update Changelogs that highlight certain learnset changes or any other changes that @Kyu compiles very neatly. Nowadays you can dump all the information by going to "Settings" -> "Utilities" -> "Dump Moddable Resources" -> "PokeDex Data" I hope this helps.
  3. Pokemon Egg Group Index (PokeMMO Version) Good day everyone, I hope you are doing well. Since the removal of a central Egg Group List on Bulbapedia, I decided to replicate it to the best of my abilities. Thus the goal of this guide is to have one page contain all the Egg Group Listings as well as the Pokemon within that Egg Group. For easy locating, I made sure to make the Egg Groups colored and the Pokemon have their respective in game sprite beside their names. If you are looking for a Guide on Egg Moves, then feel free to check this Guide out. Also if you are looking for places to hunt certain Egg Groups, then feel free to check out this video that I made with @Kole and @Kellybug (and feel free to check out my Hoppip and Skiploom strategy). Hopefully, you find this guide helpful. Guide Color Key Monster Bug Flying Plant Field Fairy Humanoid Mineral Chaos Dragon Water A Water B Water C Genderless Ditto Cannot Breed
  4. Good evening graysocean, I hope you are doing alright. The issue with Teddiursa learning Pay Day is that Teddi cannot learn it in the base games. As a result, Teddi is not likely to have this added to its movepool (unless the base games decide to add Pay Day into Teddi's Learnset). As for Munchlax, Snorlax can learn Pay Day in the base games (Let's Go Pikachu). For now, feel free to carry both Teddiursa and Muchlax in your PvE Team (that is a tactic I do).
  5. I have some good news for you, they still exist (checked Route 110's Tree on my PokemonStadium account).
  6. Thank you for calling this to my attention. It took me a bit to roll on the Morimoto 1 Set, but I double checked Machamp's movepool to see what was replaced. Turns out the only move that was replaced on Machamp was Brick Break. Brick Break was replaced with Drain Punch, however the ability and item were the exact same. Old Set: New Set:
  7. Bestfriends RNG hurts me, but helps others that are in shiny links with me. So I am glad that it helped Daryl earlier.
  8. I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year! Also, best of luck catching Zapdos... Still trying to hunt for my oversized Tweety Bird.
  9. I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year! As 2023 is coming to a close, there is a new year to conquer. Personally, I am looking forward to what 2024 has to offer for us here on PokeMMO as the future looks very bright. All the best with your journey here on PokeMMO!
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