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  1. not sure what you mean.Here it says to dive right before you enter sootopolis for the first time and talk to steven. ROUTE 126 Dive in the water and go south to pick a hidden bigpearl in a hole.Dive out of the water. Go south west all the way while avoiding the swimmers. Fight the 2 trainers and dive in the water south west.Go south and pick a hidden blueshard.Go north and dive out of the water. Go north west all the way and dive in the water.Go north and pick a hidden heartscale in a hole.Dive out of the water. Surf all the way south west.Dive in the water.Pick a hidden yellowshard in a hole.Pick a hidden pearl in a hole. Pick a hidden iron in a hole.Dive out of the water and surf north east. Dive in the water.Go south a few steps and dive out of the water near the grass. Surf north east a few steps and dive in the water.Pick a hidden greenshard in a hole. Dive out of the water.Surf north east and fight only the girl. Go south and dive in the water.Pick a hidden stardust in a hole.Go south all the way and enter the cave.Dive out of the water. Surf north west and talk to steven.Inside the cave go north and enter the door. Go north and go down the stairs.Go south and talk to wallace. Say sky pillar.Exit the cave and fly to mossdeep city.Surf south to route 127.Surf south to route 128.Surf south to route 129. Surf south and avoid the first swimmer.Surf west to route 130 while avoiding all the trainers. Surf west to route 131 while avoiding all the trainers.Go west until you see a guy on top swimming up and down and a girl swimming up and down. Fight only the girl trainer.Go west to pacifidlog town while avoiding all the trainers.
  2. wrote in guide that its the spearow gift you will lose.unless they changed that since my last test.
  3. sorry for the late reply as i did not get notification since you did not put my name or quote me. This guide will keep getting updated as new pheno are found by someone. Thank you very much for this report.Having the picture with the pheno in it also saves me alot of time to test and get a picture myself. Added picture to guide.If you find more not in guide even with no picture please report. Chinese community in channel 5 used to be very active in hunting for pheno and report in global chat. Dont know if they are still active in that.English global dont realy hunt like that.Some will sometime report when they find something in global.
  4. Did you use the spearow gift pokemon to complete the quest?I think he only keeps that pokemon. Was it the apricorn BLKapricorn?If its that item it was said to be picked at the start of the guide.
  5. ya has to be first for johto but not other games.In any case for all 3 games i wrote to have shaymin in party and as lead. i got items from all 3 games but not all characters worked for me.
  6. thanks for report.Item was nintendo event only in the original games.Was also not available in pokemmo as mythical pokemon.At the time writing the guide did not think such item was ever possible so was never added on items list as missing items. Added gracidea item in johto unova sinnoh story.Also added text that it might be bugged sometimes.I was able to get item for some characters but other characters i could not.
  7. added porygon gift in guide. all ingame trade , gift and stuff like that were added as optional for the guide.After i added everything from that i stopped verification on that stuff.I do recall some in sinnoh were changed or removed.Thanks for report.
  8. for pure fast story i dont think there is such a guide. I like to use lvl20 starmie icebolt thunderbolt psychic surf modest during story. Krookodile lvl55 earthquake crunch moxie (only used during elite starting with johto lvl55 cap so u can use in all 5 games e4) Sawk lvl100 thunderpunch icepunch earthquake doublekick (post e4 fast clear) hope that info can help with a way to clear fast.
  9. yes its a video bug that has been around for years now.Read the following guide section for more information.It has info and video about bug and tips to work around it. ADVICE AND INFORMATION TO COMPLETE ORIGINAL TRAINER PHENOMENON POKEDEX
  10. Go north west and go up the waterfall.Go north and enter the room.Pick a hidden stoneplate in a rock. Pick the adamantorb and pick a lustrousorb.Exit the room.Go south east and enter the room. this?All items in mt coronet are not picked up right away.Some items you found might be written later in the guide. Guide is mostly written to save time.Some areas are not fully explored right away.
  11. Go in the house south west of the city to get a charcoal from the ace trainer. I say to go in the house that is in the south west area of nacrene city.In that house talk to the girl with the blue hair.
  12. all 5 games data verified.Unova and Hoenn each had 1 item that was changed to something else. Fisher in Unova Village Bridge is now implemented as well.You will get x2 diveball for completing the quest. Winter only items in unova also need to be verified when season changes.
  13. changed the text for you.Just enter and exit the house.Item cant be seen. Tell me in game name i can show you in game if you still cant get the item. Go a few steps south east until you see the house with a blue roof. Enter the house and exit the house.Walk 4 steps south.Walk 4 steps west. Walk 12 steps north.Walk 1 step west.Walk 4 steps north.Look west and click to get the potion.
  14. thanks.updated to mankey seem they changed since test server. You can put the grassmail on any pokemon and show for quest.I think you only lose that spearow but you wont lose any other pokemon. Did not check but its more than likely 15iv gift.
  15. thanks.ya i still need to do story runs on other games.been 1 year since last data verification.
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