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  1. The problem is that the original games were way to easy and kinda dumb.The fact that you had the option of shift where it tells you what the next pokemon is going to be sent and if you want to have a free turn to switch shows that point very well. Pokemon that are evolved while being less level than its possible is super rare and not even a pokemmo thing as it was the same in original games.Like hydreigon lvl54 ghetsis. Pokemmo made almost all trainers have good moves and have held items.It was kind of dumb in original games were alot of trainers would just use useless weak moves like leer tackle even that higher level like 20 30s. The game is still too easy as they have given better moves and held items to random trainers but there is one important thing missing.Trainers like rockets which is a important class in firered they have pokemons like zubats rattata at like 30s levels.They should give latest possible form as long as level is right. And while npc trainers have advantages so does the player.You can buy and trade from players to get alot of stuff right from the start.Need 4 badges from 1st region to use gtl but literally your first second of gameplay 0 badge you can get items from players manually.
  2. Sorry for late reply because i did not get a notification that you posted here because you did not quote or put my forums name in your post. When i took those screenshots the areas with darkness in unova were bugged.Sometimes it had darkness and you had to use flash and sometimes it was bugged and there was no darkness.They have fixed such bug so areas that are suppose to have darkness will always have it and you will have to use flash which will not reveal 100% of the screen.
  3. theres no grass in either bw1 or bw2 for nuvema town. yes as i said in earlier post. bw2 nuvema town has a zinc (Southwest of Hilbert/Hilda's house (hidden)) bw1 which pokemmo is using has nothing.
  4. Hidden items do not exist from npc.Theres no hidden item in nuvema in bw1 its in bw2. The problem is alot of hidden items were removed in the game.For example this item was removed fully and dowsing machine says nothing is there. https://gyazo.com/12a84e229909d784f941d9a86f97e6be Another problem is some hidden items are bugged and you cant pick it up.For example this item cant be picked but dowsing machine says something is there. https://gyazo.com/e97fe3b08a2afc7f1bb7f65ace88ffb2 Other items cant be collected because the area is not available on pokemmo.Dowsing has a sound but you cant pass the guy. https://gyazo.com/7b21c1760da7e037ada8731334bc8776 You can look at my story guide for all hidden items in the game.In the hidden items post page it has all hidden items in pokemmo with blue link and the missing hidden items in orange link.The orange links are not a complete list of all missing hidden items from original game.Some of them i did not take a picture from the original game because the area is not available so i did not bother.Like for example trick house.I have written a memo in the missing items section about areas where there is at least 1 item and i will add pictures of such hidden items if the area becomes available and the item is removed.
  5. most guides did not talk much about the mechanics.some did but im not sure if they tested in detail as i have or they are just outdated.My guide tested that stuff as much as i could with personal experience.Even assuming those guides were not outdated at the time it did not seem it was tested in personal detail so i decided to make this guide to help players with berries for water timing or when to collect berries timing mechanics.Pokemmo also can change stuff at anytime so i also added a time for last time tested.That system has been pretty much the same for years.
  6. indeed my guide has all your 5 questions with answers.Read it and send me message if you dont understand something or have question.
  7. in pokemmo they are far more rare than the original game.In the original game any area that could have them would spawn a pheno very often on any tile in the area. In pokemmo only a few tiles in the whole region of unova can have a pheno spawn. 2pheno always spawn somewere and each lasts exactly 10 minutes based on testings that i did and managed to figure out those exact numbers. Once they vanish they have a cooldown of around 5-15 minutes to appear again.I could not get exact number with that from testing so it looks like its random 5-15 minutes cooldowns. So at any time in the game there could be 2 pheno active or 1 pheno active or 0 pheno active. You can look at my guide which so far has 177 known tile where a pheno can appear. Also its important to know that there is a video bug for phenomenon that was never fixed for years now.sometimes the pheno will be active but you wont see it but you will get it if you go on exact tile. So if someone says there is a pheno in route 2 you have to go in that area and relog pokemmo to fix bug. So for example you are farming in route 5 and someone says there is a pheno route 2.You go to route 2 and relog pokemmo while in route 2 and it will fix the video bug. Its not always bugged but alot of times it is.Also dust pheno does not seem to be bugged as i have never seen the bug for those.
  8. that is true. What can be done is not being able to invite someone to a link while in battle and not being allowed to be invited while in battle. That way if you win a gym in 2 minutes you wont be able to just use alt to login right before you win invite to link and then logoff. While you can still have alt go offline while you take the time to get in position near another gym leader but it wont be worth it if a well balanced bonus number is made. For example lets say its only 2 players and 1 player gets 5% bonus while the other is just used to login logoff while you get in position. Riches 75% when its cheap is usually around 40k on gtl to be used on the alt that will go on and off.Takes about 1minute 30 seconds to beat a gym if you ko in 3 turns. in 1hour you can beat 40 gyms in theory.Riches 100% on main would give 18720 for a gym like sootopolis and that bonus would be 936 if 5%. Assuming you beat 40x gyms with the reward of sootopolis type gyms.Thats 37440 while you had to buy riches for 40000. So if we could have like 2% per player give bonus theres no abuse that can be done. For elite4 what can be done is you cant invite to a link or be invited to a link as soon as you enter the elite4 which has channel0. That way you cant just login from alt to give bonus right before last battle.
  9. bump please allow stacks to work.Nothing stacks despite that it has the word ''stack''. Right now your choice only 10% total if someone in your link has used riches charm and you dont have active amulet coin or riches charm yourself. only 50% if you have used amulet coin only 75% if you have used riches charm 75% only 100% if you have used riches charm 100% the 10% is pretty much useless and waste of time when you can just use amuletcoin 50% for 15000pokeyen.
  10. every year is different but its around somewere in january or february. This link has the exact day for each year to come. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chinese_New_Year feb1 2022 tiger is next
  11. ya all casino coins in all regions given from npc are bugged sometimes.Sometimes they give it and sometimes they dont as i have noticed from past runs.Not sure why they dont give sometimes. I know kanto sometimes they even tell you that you alredy have coin and only give you when your around 0. I just removed all npc free coins from guide as its cheap amount anyway and they give sometimes and dont give sometimes anyway.thanks for reply.
  12. My guide does not have all the pheno locations.It has all the pheno that i have collected so far with the amazing help of alot of players that shared their findings. Admins said there was around 150 pheno but 177 have been found so far.So no one realy knows how many there realy is as they never gave us the exact number. Route 7 does not have any regular tall grass it only has long grass which does not let you use bike.In pokemmo only regular tall grass + non-dark grass should have a pheno. I have never seen or heard of a pheno in dark grass(the grass where 2poke appear sometimes) or long grass(the grass that u you cant use your bike). Route 7 pokedex has always said there was audino there but it seems its a text mistake that was never fixed.Pokedex used to say relic castle had a water pheno which is clearly a text mistake that was fixed because there is not even any water there.Pokedex also says excadrill in trial chamber which is area that is closed in pokemmo.There is also a pheno inside chargestone cave that shows its a shadow but in reality its actualy a dust pheno since you get drilbur from it.Pokedex also says only dust for drilbur.Clearly another video mistake as my guide clearly has picture of shadow.Shadow pheno should not be found in a cave as there is no other examples. You also have to remember shadow water grass are all pheno that can be bugged.Its a video bug that makes a pheno active but you will not see it or hear it but its there and you will get it if you go on exact tile.To fix this bug you need to relog in the area to fix and it will show.You have to relog each time you enter a new area to fix bug.Again i have never seen or heard anyone that has ever seen a pheno on those kind of grass and mistakes in pokedex clearly happened in past so i can 99% assume there is no grass pheno in route 7.I did edit my guide after your post to clarify its all phenomenon found and shared so far.
  13. not sure what you mean there is something wrong.My guide says to talk to wallace then go to rayquaza. I guess you only looked at the green highlight area which i did not write sotopolis route 127 128 129 130 131 in green each time. But if you read text its all there.Guess i could edit i usually put area in green when there is items otherwise i mostly just kept writing walkthrough. ROUTE 126 Dive in the water and go south to pick a hidden bigpearl in a hole.Dive out of the water. Go south west all the way while avoiding the swimmers. Fight the 2 trainers and dive in the water south west.Go south and pick a hidden blueshard.Go north and dive out of the water. Go north west all the way and dive in the water.Go north and pick a hidden heartscale in a hole.Dive out of the water. Surf all the way south west.Dive in the water.Pick a hidden yellowshard in a hole.Pick a hidden pearl in a hole. Pick a hidden iron in a hole.Dive out of the water and surf north east. Dive in the water.Go south a few steps and dive out of the water near the grass. Surf north east a few steps and dive in the water.Pick a hidden greenshard in a hole. Dive out of the water.Surf north east and fight only the girl. Go south and dive in the water.Pick a hidden stardust in a hole.Go south all the way and enter the cave.Dive out of the water. Surf north west and talk to steven.Inside the cave go north and enter the door. Go north and go down the stairs.Go south and talk to wallace. Say sky pillar.Exit the cave and fly to mossdeep city.Surf south to route 127.Surf south to route 128.Surf south to route 129. Surf south and avoid the first swimmer.Surf west to route 130 while avoiding all the trainers. Surf west to route 131 while avoiding all the trainers.Go west until you see a guy on top swimming up and down and a girl swimming up and down. Fight only the girl trainer.Go west to pacifidlog town while avoiding all the trainers. PACIFIDLOG TOWN Go in the pokecenter and talk to the guy with the yellow hair.Say yes to get a TM-Explosion.Exit the house. If you go in the house south east of the pokecenter you can trade your bagon for a horsea by talking to the guy. Surf north all the way and go east to route 131.Surf east until you see a male trainer swimming and go north west. Enter the cave.Go north and enter the door.Go north and enter the building. Go north and go up the stairs.Go west and go up the stairs.Go up the stairs north east. Go down in the western most hole.Go up the stairs.Go up the stairs west.Go up the stairs north east.Go north all the way. After the pokemon has left you need to fly to sootopolis city.
  14. 1. with those 72 holes ratio.you will have the 16 hour berries harvest as in using harvest tool to get seeds.That will give you enouth seeds to plant the next 72 holes. Plant the new 16hour berries and 20hour leppas.While selling ur leppas u just got.Thats called recycle because u dont need to buy anymore ever from gtl.(with some very small exception maybe on other berries but i dont think for this leppa strategy. 2.some berries u need to buy sometimes a small thing not sure with leppa shoulda be enouth. 3.recycle means u dont buy from gtl anymore all ur farming gets ur stuff back to replant and sell extra. 4.you gotta read my guide again.you have about 1hour in the red 0 circles glowing.about 7 hours after plants ready to pick?read all those details in guide. give me specific times just as i have done with the examples if you have a question then i can give specific math.
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