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  1. Do you think if I had read it I would make the post ?, with the millions of posts on the forum, I won't go through one by one, but thanks anyway for quoting.
  2. I think the hidden ability of this evolutionary line could be added for PVE and a clause could be created to prohibit it for PVP (until they deem it appropriate to release it for this game mode).Just like they did with garchomp's sword dance.
  3. Hello, I have the 12 zodiac tablets, what to do with them now ?
  4. Hello everyone, I ask and if you like the idea vote: the non tradeable items that we find in the adventure Example : rare candy, potions, revive etc could be sent to all characters of the same account or different accounts but with the same I:P of PC: * they would still be non-tradeable to other players. *it would not be an abuse because it requires the effort to make another story mode with a different character. *there are already items in the rewards store that can be passed to other characters if you see any reason that I overlooked and didn't take into account when writing this, feel free to express it. Thanks for reading.
  5. Day 22, not even the smell of entei, I'm disappointed, I still think you should be able to get legendaries more easily.
  6. I have been suggesting it for a long time in this media, but there are people who insist on justifying the unjustifiable, it seems to me that there are better ways to implement it than spending hours, hours and more hours from left to right in a grassy area.
  7. hello, i would like to know if shaymin will be back this chinese new year.
  8. thanks but i won't wait until next christmas. if that happens i will consider the game not worth it and abandon it before then.
  9. We have a life and it is not called pokemmo, we have work, friends, obligations, family, we cannot spend 20 hours a day looking for a legendary bird that with a rock trap will lower half of its life.
  10. hello everybody, I think that the rate of appearance of Articuno, taking into account that this will not be released until next Christmas and there are only a few days left to get it, since the players who want it in our team, we are missing out on participating in the event by looking for it, I have more than 10 hours and nothing, more than 20 legendary decoys, not counting the others and it does not appear, I would at least like to experience the other mechanics of the event. Vote if you would like to see more of Articuno.
  11. Doubt, what is the purpose of making Articuno take so long to come out if we only have a few days to get him and until next Christmas ? doesn't it generate advantages to the players who have him with those who couldn't get him ? Also, if it takes so long you can't take advantage of the event, you just waste your time. as for the legendary lures, yes, I used many and nothing.
  12. Articuno o alpha delibird ?????
  13. Entei came out after 40 minutes, the first raikou on the second day, this 7 days almost 8 and still nothing.
  14. The question is whether raikou's appearance rate has been lowered.
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