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  1. Par crainte de tout casser, j’ai préféré ne pas aller plus loin. Je suis repassé sur les customs strings en Anglais car j’en ai trouvé une version mise à jour récemment. Autre détail lié à ce choix, le nom des objets en fr m’a perdu 😅
  2. Merci pour ta réactivité ainsi que toutes ces infos ! Je vais jeter un œil là-dessus et si j'ai des difficultés (n'y connaissant pas grand chose c'est fort probable) je reviendrai vers toi. On peut passer par discord effectivement. Si tu souhaites m'ajouter : https://discord.com/users/408261961009201152 "A noter que si tu modifie les fichiers de dialogues de base du jeu ils seront réinitialisé a chaque mise a jour de PokeMMO." Justement, j'aimerais éviter de trop bidouiller pour éviter ça si possible... 😄 [edit] Je me dis que les dialogues de dresseurs que je souhaite retirer peuvent améliorer l'expérience de tout le monde, autant que l'on fasse cela ensemble, qu'en dis-tu ? Merci à toi !
  3. E4 Johto : reste juste le dialogue d'après combat à supprimer, sinon c'est nickel ! Le dialogue de gains de Points de combat pourrait éventuellement être écourté aussi
  4. Suggestion : suppression du dialogue du PNJ qui donne l'accès au conseil des 4 de Johto
  5. Je commençais à m'arracher les cheveux en voulant modif moi-même les strings anglais que j'utilisais... Et c'était justement pour retirer le dialogue de l'E4 Johto. MERCI !!! je vais tester ça immédiatement 😄 Excellente idée de traduire les noms fr / en Ça va simplifier la communication et la gymnastique mentale pour parler des natures ou des villes :') Petite question, j'aurais souhaité retirer le dialogue lorsque l'on se soigne aux sources chaudes du Mont Braise [edit] + les dialogues de plusieurs dresseurs Pourrais-tu m'indiquer comment faire stp ? Tout petit détail il y a une faute de frappe sur la traduction de Oliville. Encore merci pour le taf énorme que tu as fourni ! Et si à l'avenir tu as besoin de testeurs iOS, ce serait un plaisir de t'aider.
  6. I’m going to adjust my Teddiursa as you suggest, it makes much more sense ! Many thanks for the update. Was just thinking about one benefit that Golduck/Seaking hordes may have. They give Special Attack and Attack EV’s so they could be nice for EV training Meowths, without having to bother changing spots (except for the last 4hp which don’t really matter), along with the highest EXP outcome of the game. And when EV’s are done just go back to Poliwhirls or Donphans/Dodrios 🙂
  7. I used to breed Pachirisus just for fun and sell, but i'm thinking to make my own now for those Golduck/Seaking hordes. However, i'm still wondering if these hordes are really worth because of the path to get to them, needing repels. Without repels I feel like the loss of time due to random encounters may negate the extra 2K experience (compared to Poliwhirls).
  8. This is a great encounter counter, i bet it probably will soon be THE reference ! (Unless some kind of counter would be integrated directly by the devs into the client, in a far future who knows…) Thanks for all your work @AnonymousPoke and @realmadrid1809, and any other people that helped or inspired you and also thanks for being such responsive towards any concerns from the users 🫡
  9. No worries my first comment wasn’t very clear. I think you used EQ for your calculation, that makes sense. It’s an honor to be credited in such a great guide 🙏🏼 Thank you again for all your work !
  10. Hi again 🙂 Had to write this twice, dang. So i need to make it short (but spoil i didnt succeed) Thank you for your detailed answer ! To be honest, besides thanking you for the guide and sharing my little experience, my main point was not to argue with Mild nature being optimal rather than anything else. It was just to highlight the sentence about Parasect hordes, which is wrong, because he always OHKO them even with neutral nature + silk scarf. When i read this i was afraid at first, since i wanted to shunt Parasect while pickuping 😱 I don’t say my Teddi is optimal with a neutral nature, i know its not the best. But it’s a very viable option since he can OHKO many hordes including the main used for XP (tentacruel and rapidash) No problems in Cerulean cave, or even with Camerupts (sometimes if one survives Hypervoice i would catch it and often get nice IVs, but still have EQ and Bulldoze to deal with them). The only hordes he can’t OHKO are Mantines and Dewgongs if i remember correctly, from my strictly personal experience of a few months playing with him obviously. I don’t know all hordes that exist in the game and clearly i trust you on all your calcs, i don’t argue with anything related to it (except Parasect 😉) The money aspect was just a detail in my comment and, as you say, i agree, one must wisely spend money and perfect utility mons should not be the priority in early game. However since you highlighted it, i’m happy to share a bit more of my point of view. Personally i enjoy so much breeding and trying to build nice utility teams with pokemons i like, and find synergies between them. Played this way since i started PokeMMO in January. And i may have burnt most of my money to breed utility mons, or kind of. I tried making profit by selling some. I just enjoyed the game this way and it was my motivation to grind back the money. To show you how small my experience is, Teddiursa was my first ever 6x31 five months ago. I remember i spent all my money in this. I gambled the nature so i had to accept Quirky, and today i wouldnt change it (besides for an Alpha 😛 and i’ll manage to get Mild for this one !)
  11. Hi ! Thank you so much for this guide @DragoTamer it’s so helpfull, i’ve been referring to it many times since I started PokeMMO ❤️ I’ve tested some of the main pickup options : - Meowth (shiny of course) for daily usage - Linoone in situational occasions - Munchlax which i didnt like because he’s too slow, the others can do his job better imo and are way cheaper to breed - Teddiursa, he is my favorite, especially for EVing, he’s so versatile + saves a whole team spot by being the only pickup user learning SS) - Pachirisu for fun (he OHKO Pelippers as soon as he learns Discharge lvl 41, and Mantines a few lvls later iirc) About Teddiursa’s nature, you say : The above explanations have explained why Mild nature over another nature such as Rash is optimal. I have also run damage calculations for every high-level horde listed in one of the EV guides below. Teddiursa will OHKO all other hordes commonly used for Horde farming. A horde that Teddiursa cannot OHKO is Parasect in Cerulean Cave. If you were to choose a special attack boosted nature that reduces speed such as Quiet, you will have to allocate more EVs towards speed to outspeed Rapidash and less towards attack. This makes it difficult to take out Wobbuffet/Lickitung Hordes in Cerulean Cave. You might be asking, “why would I battle Cerulean Cave hordes?” The answer is that my goal is to create the Optimal pickup Teddiursa that can take out all commonly battled hordes and additional high-leveled hordes. Once again, the high-leveled hordes I tested against are listed in the EV guides down below. My Teddiursa is Quirky (no stat changes) and has no prob with Parasect hordes, using Hypervoice with 31 IV / 252 EV special attack both silk scarf and choice spec work Really I think, as you highlighted it, that the only hordes dealing problem are Mantines which are better to skip for Pelippers right next to them (very nice loot for pick up / EXP) if one really wants to shunt Mantine he can use Pachirisu 😛 As a consequence i’d recommand, as secondary and very viable options, any neutral nature as well for Teddiursa. It gives more options that may reduce its breeding cost ! Thanks again for ur amazing work 🙏🏼
  12. Hey, i’ve just created an account here only to tell you that THIS WEBSITE IS AWESOME !!! i was already using Pokemmo-Prices but all the new features you added are wonderful. Congrats and tysm for all your work 🙏🏼
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