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  1. I am just going to throw it out there... this is completely hideous - I mean this in the most respectful criticizing artistic way possible. I think the idea of making a theme out of a GTAV car sounds like an interesting and cool idea, but in this instance, it was just poorly executed. There is so much left on the table with creativity and pure lack of effort/design put into this. I challenge you to do better. Take the time... take the effort... and make it something beautiful. Not mashup of images placed everywhere with off putting color accents and choices that completely unbalance the theme. *I will say one positive thing for this theme, the GTA text really fits well and I quite like it. But for reasons mentioned above, man... it really falls short ?
  2. If you are going to state red flag(s) in the .exe or the entire program .zip, please provide the link next time so all can see what you were referring too. I have added the link below from virustotal.com. https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/522a2ed02db95dbd3d8522cb3e45ade922ab3bad1358d217030bbf0dd5e8c9c9/detection To add to this, I truly believe these are just false positives. Especially considering @Gilan had to go through the painful process of having his program dissected to ensure it does not contain any malicious software and that it worked. If you take a look closely, majority of the BIG anti-virus software names do not flag anything within the program files indicating any type of risk for malicious software. I can safely say at this point that this more likely a false positive within the few anti-viruses flagging this. And lets be real... "riskware".. ? lol. That is the literally the most ridiculous term I have ever heard. Any software ever used will always be considered riskware. Period.
  3. The point that was made from @nurver9 original recent comment in this thread, this is and as far as we can tell will only ever truly be concept art. I did in fact create a GUI based on the concept images in this original thread. I removed it due to the theme becoming outdated and I did not want a broken build available in this thread. This community needs to keep a close eye on the customization area as "we" are about to release something very interesting.
  4. No, it is more manipulation within the restrictions of XML that we have pushed what "could" be possible. A lot of trial and error with this and that... essentially adding in additional or new lines of XML syntax/strings to achieve what we want, on top of custom backgrounds and overlays go a long way. Unless they update the engine with the GUI capabilities, we are still very restricted on what can be done unfortunately. But, I think the community will be very pleased with where the collaboration has taken us ? In terms of GUI theme creation, I would not be shocked if most themes are based on this v2 that will be coming out soon - It is that significant of a change.
  5. You think it is beautiful now.. you have no idea how much more we have pushed this Concept theme that will be coming out in this soon update... ?
  6. It is literally a massive changelog list at this point. Think of it this way, v1 was to bring the GUI theme to life. v1.1 and v1.2 were to fix bug problems. Now... v2 will look to perfect the entire Concept theme to completion ? I will look to add the massive changelog before post the new release.
  7. The soon update will definitely be coming soon. This community is going to love this version! ?
  8. You know my stance on this. lol. I am happy to do DM's on the PokeMMO (Which we can do 3 way conversations as well), as I like to keep this type of customization on here and I also do not use Discord nor have any desire. Since this was a personal edit by Jared, there could be an incompatibility issue with your language which is causing it to crash. It was mentioned some bugs were known, so this could be the potential problem.
  9. Actually, just fixed the 1 pixel issue on the attack buttons to match the fight/bag/poke/run buttons ? Yeah, that is the entire goal of this redesign concept theme brought to life, to keep it original and as close to what was posted. There are many changes that I want to make, but I have to put aside my personal feel and go with what the concept theme calls for. Really love the trainer card edit as well!
  10. Ohhhh! I quite like that pokeball background. Really like. So yeah... I found the area where the buttons are referenced in battle which correspond with the text as well. Basically, you have to create 4 individual definitions in the init.xml to keep it from using all of the "shared" areas and then change the referenced theme in battle.xml to one of the 4 you just created in the init.xml. I then created an "overlay" image on each one in the init.xml definitions and below is the outcome of this. I am quite pleased with it ? (The icons are just used for referenced to display the example of what is now possible) Now, just need to combine this with what you have done ? I am sure I could easily remove the additional text below like you have done, I just don't feel like doing at the moment. lol.
  11. I works for me just fine @Janzelft. Not sure what you are doing when adding the theme. Unfortunately no, there are no specifics on the .png itself. I think it is in the battle .xml file. What you would probably have to do is create an "overlay" onto the buttons themselves. Now, what I am not sure of is if each of those buttons have there own line for Fight/Run/Bag/Pokemon. I can take a look... and if it does, it is achievable. Extremely nice! Yes, several issues that I did address in v1.2 that would help with the theme. One thing I did notice was the transparent aspect in some areas. I have thought about going to a slight transparent version as that is what the original concept called for. We will see if it is worth going this route. Overall, nice personal edit! ?
  12. Are you sure about that? I distribute software quite a lot at the company I work for and machine paths are and can be a nightmare because its different on each machine of course. But, I thought Windows handles this quite nicely. For example, I have my original path that is sitting in the PokeMMO Mod folder and it works with the shortcut path at the root level as originally described. All good. I then move the folder to my documents instead of under my C Drive where the PokeMMO directory sits and I click on the shortcut and it just works. Once I close the utility, I take a look at the path in the properties and it has automatically changed the paths for me. I think this only works because the shortcut is sitting above the entire other directory paths and it knows where to look even though the location as been moved and the shortcut technically should be invalid - but it is not. Honestly, the best way to test this is to put your encounter counter into an odd location and make the shortcut at the root level and then send just the shortcut over to me via mediafire. I will then thrown it into my directory and see what the outcome is. This will for sure let us know.
  13. Good to know! I will keep you posted on any errors I receive as well. Btw, pretty awesome seeing that Redesign Concept theme being daily driven ? lol. Unless you made changes to theme yourself, it looks like you have not downloaded the latest version. Anyways... I have a suggestion to make things user friendly. Why not put a shortcut into the root level of the directory instead of the users having to go find the .exe to run? (That is if they did not watch your beta video ?) My screenshot example with the shortcut: I also have a few ideas about making the encounter counter utility more integrated feeling with the Redesign Concept Theme, but that is not a major priority at this point to be honest.
  14. I would be interested in the changes you have made to the Redesign Concept Theme! Let's be real, I was exhausted from bringing the theme to life in the first place. lol. So, would definitely love to see the changes you have made.. Would you be willing to share a link here or through a Personal Message? I was taking a look a this and I am pretty sure it is possible... with the mod change you have made, adding the battle icons to the left of the text similar to the battle concept on the original thread post would be amazing and really give the feel of pushing the GUI theme to the next level.
  15. This screenshot is the true definition of what the UI Redesign Concept was wanting to achieve within the game itself. But due to massive limitations from the GUI side of being able to edit and manipulate, it is not possible and more likely never possible unless the developers give us more freedom over the GUI theme creation side. Below is what I have done to get close to the look and feel, while staying within the limitations. Trust me, I experimented a lot and I just hit wall after wall trying to achieve what the original concept wanted to do. *Btw, my battle background is turned off in the the settings.
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